The best puzzle games you can play for free on Android and iOS

Puzzle games for smartphones have saved many people from being bored to death while waiting in long ques. It is always great to have a couple of such apps on your device and use them when the length of the que becomes overwhelming.

In order not to pay anything for the possibilities of using such a weapon against boredom, you should check this article which will provide you with the best free games available for both the users of Android devices and the users of iOS smartphones.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is actually an entire series of games which was developed by ZeptoLab. The game is challenging and exciting while its visual part is extremely attractive to the audience of different ages including young children, so you can recommend Cut the Rope to your kid as well as a part of brain training exercises.

The main character of this puzzle game is a small dinosaur hunting for various sweet treats which are unfortunately not available right away and he has to solve tasks in order to have an opportunity to enjoy his favourite desserts. The exact task of the game is cutting the ropes which are connecting the objects available in the game. When they are cut, they can be moved and appropriate movements will release hidden treats such as candies and chocolates. By the way, the treats are supposed to fall down right into the mouth of the dinosaur in order to let him enjoy the whole sweetness.

As it has been mentioned above, Cut the Rope is a series of games and you can find more titles such as Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel.

Two Dots

In case you are looking for a quite simple puzzle game without extended and complicated rules which will allow you to play without any special preparation, you can try Two Dots.

Two Dots is an example of minimalistic games which really seems to be pretty plain, albeit it can absorb your attention really well. All you should during the gaming process is to connect the dotes which have the same colour. The challenging part of the game is the requirement to make a particular amount of steps and to manage to connect as many dotes of the same colour during the same step as possible.

Once you connect a couple of them with each other, they will disappear. The free space will be occupied with the elements resting on the higher levels on the screen which a typical feature of many classic puzzle games available for mobile devices.


Players who find solving various mathematical tasks exciting, will also enjoy playing the Math puzzle game.

Math comprises a large variety of tasks of different types, however, all of them have a similar feature which is a hidden pattern that has to be understood and utilised for finding the next element. The game is versatile and challenging including the tasks with numbers and geometrical shapes.


A particularly curious puzzle game which will attract the fans of Tetris as well as Sudoku enthusiasts is BlockuDoku.

The developers of this game have created an interesting and unique product which is, at the same time, similar to both of the games mentioned above. One the one hand, you will see the screen divided in squares just like it is made in typical Sudoku. The larger squares are also should be filled by a player, however, in the case of this game, there are no numbers. Instead of them, a person will have a set of shapes resembling the ones used in classic Tetris and change their positions in such a way as to fill the screen.

Just like it is in Tetris, the horizontal lines will disappear once they are completely filled with objects. Pay your attention to the fact, there are no time limits on this game.