Neo Geo Pocket Color and other consoles from the 90s

1990’s was a really exciting year for all the kids growing in the 90s. Technology was advancing topping over one breakthrough with another one. There was sheer market dominance of the tech giants. Are you ready to feel nostalgic about the amazing gaming equipment from the past? Read this article and recall the great times of the history of gaming!

The market of new technologies in the 90s

Among the tech industries of the 90s, there was one industry which was equivalently remarkable at what they were doing and made insane historical movements that marks down their name forever. This industry was undeniably the gaming industry. All of those top notch tech giants of the time like Sony, Sega, Nintendo, Neo Geo were competing with each other to leave their share of reputation in that ever evolving tech industry.

The popular game consoles of the 90s

Kids were crazy about gaming consoles. Unlike now, when the Android or other handheld devices serving multiple purpose in all-in-one platforms have evolved. Things were not the same back then. Gamers had to buy separate gaming consoles and look for respective games based on their preferred platforms. The competition was high among all of the manufactures of both games and gaming platforms to captivate their audience and market.

There were popular gaming consoles out there which almost every kid wanted, including me. Among them were Sony’s PlayStation, Sega DreamCast, Nintendo 64, the Neo Geo Arcade consoles. These were pretty dominant inside the house. Still kids wanted more and wanted to take things out of their house demanding portability for their devices, and with this in mind there started the production of handheld devices. Among those handheld devices were Nintendo Gameboy, 3ds and Neo Geo Pocket.

Meet Neo Geo Pocket Color

Today we won’t dive much into all of those prominent handheld gaming consoles at once. We will pick one of those handheld consoles, and it will be Neo Geo Pocket Color.

Neo Geo Pocket Color was something some kids dreamed of having one. Neo Geo Pocket Color is a successor of its predecessor Neo Geo Pocket, which was in black and white. Neo Geo Pocket Color was 16-bit handheld gaming console. It was basically the representation of the Neo Geo Arcade in a portable device. The idea of making the Neo Geo Arcade machine portable was really a great leap towards the Neo Geo future fans.

Even though Neo Geo Pocket Color did not have a long career on the market, it was quite popular for some time being one of the few portable devices supporting colour schemes. The reason it is still loved by the real fans of old-school gaming is the fact this game console has a fantastic collection of games which included Dark Arms: Beast buster, Snk Vs Capcom: The match of the millennium, Fatal Fury, King of fighters R-2 and Metal Slug.