Even more amazing NES games with advanced graphics

If you are feeling nostalgic about retro games and especially the ones played on the NES platform, this article will remind you of many titles of the games featured by pretty advanced graphics. Many of them can still be played, so do not miss your chance to enjoy them.


The way Konami developed the games that lived on forever, this masterpiece is the prime evidence among others.

Contra was released first in 1987. This game was developed in the time of action-packed movies and stuff during the time of limelight and glory and absolute party. This game gave the players the unique experience that rare other games could come close to. Versatile gameplay, landscapes, power ups, boss fights – this game just wins it all. To spice things up, you could also play it with your friends since this is a multiplayer game.

Megaman 6

The Megaman franchise was developed by the then gaming giant such as Capcom. For our purpose to look at the advanced graphical content, we want to check out Megaman 6. Megaman 6 was released in 1993. This game was featured with a fantastic storyline, gameplay, characters, enemies. All in all, this is a very engaging game and of course have an absolutely amazing soundtrack.

Ninja Gaiden III: The Ship of doom

There is something about this game that still sends you chill to the bone. It is not one of the most talked action games, yet somehow one fourth of the gamers will always mention this game when it comes down to NES games.

Ninja Gaiden is side-scrolling hack and slash game developed by Tecmo and Atari and released in 1991. The total gameplay, storyline, graphical elements like characters, creatures, power ups are magnificent!

Sword Master

Sword Master was released in 1990 by the developer Athena. This game was only launched for NES an was good enough for those who has or had one NES in the house. The game plot, graphics, soundtrack and gameplay are quite rich. This game was highly invested game of the time. The graphic was almost DOS like on the gaming console.  This game is so engaging so you could watch someone playing this game in awe.

Gremlins 2 : The new Batch

Gremlins 2: The new Batch came out at the time of Gremlins film was shaking the film industry. This magnificent game was developed by Sunsoft and Toposoft. This game incorporates multiple mode like shooting, platform game, puzzle etc.

Chip and Dale: Rescue rangers

This is one of the absolute must play game for any retro gamer! The rich cartoon graphics and mind boggling funny gameplay can really give you the thrill.

These are the must play games if you have NES or want to play NES games with visually rich graphic.