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Get to know about the different types of casino gamers

When you walk into a casino, you will come across many different types of casino players. You will also experience this when you are spending your time at an online casino. Since you are going to interact with them while playing some of the games, it is important to have a basic overall understanding about their traits. Along with that, you will be provided with the opportunity to get the most out of time that you are spending with the casino games as well.

Casino GamersBefore we deep dive and take a look at the different types of casino players, it is worthy to take a look at the factors, which are in a position to keep the players coming back for more. Some of the people lose all their money with casino games. They know that playing casino is a kind of a trap.

Even with that understanding, they tend to come and spend more time with the casino games. That’s because they have become addicts of casino. The casino games are highly addictive and it is important to make sure that you are aware of your limits at the time of spending time with them. Otherwise, there is a high possibility for you to end up with the negative consequences created by them.

What are the different types of casino players?

Now let’s get back into the main topic, where we are going to discuss more about the different types of casino gamers. When you are going through these different types of gamers, you will also figure out that there are many different gamer levels in casino as well. It all depends on the way how they are playing money.

Players who use the lowest rates (Chief fans)

The first type of gamers that you can find in casinos are the individuals who are using the lowest rates. They can be considered as chief fans of the game. This can be considered as the best type of players that you can discover in a casino. They have lost all the money, but they are still shouting out loud at the bets that are put forwards by the other players. In the meantime, they go ahead and congratulate the winners of the games warmly. After doing that, they request for few chips, so that they can wish the winners with good luck.

These players prefer playing extended casino games in most of the instances. In fact, you will often be able to see them playing poker. The players are placing small bets. While doing that, they are consuming a lot of free food and drinks as well. The big casino players prefer to avoid these chief fans as much as possible, due to the annoyance created by them. That’s why the big players always prefer to get into the VIP room and go ahead with their games.

If you are visiting a casino, you are encouraged to refrain from dealing with these types of casino players. That’s mainly because they don’t have a stable psyche. They are heavily influenced by alcohol. If you secure a big win, you will come across these players. They will even wait for you on the streets, and they will not think twice before asking you to share the gifts that you have earned. In case if you don’t share the gifts, they act offended.

Experienced and professional players

The second type of casino players that you will come across are the experienced and professional players. It is a common sight to see these players around the roulette tables. They are placing their bets quickly and in a professional manner. These players have the skill to handle the chips deftly. They are also playing with the chips at an average rate. In fact, they usually prefer to play one on one along with the casino dealer. While doing that, they prefer to give a lot of tasks to the dealer.

The experienced and professional players have a clear understanding about the names of all series. As a result, they find it as an easy task to proceed through the games in a smooth manner. In most of the instances, they prefer to play short games. Along with playing such short games, they are provided with the chance to show off the knowledge that they have got.

You cannot often find the experienced and professional players going into the VIP room. They make the decision only if they cannot find any free tables. That’s mainly because they tend to feel more professional with the spectators surrounding them. For most of the professional casino players, playing casino is the main source of income. They interact with the staff members at the casino politely. On top of everything, they are in a position to accept the losses that they go through politely.

Aggressive big players

Every casino has aggressive big players. They show a lot of aggression when moving forward with the games that they play. They have a different mindset when entering into the casino. In fact, they believe that they are spending their money on the casino games and they believe that the casino should treat them accordingly. The pit bosses often prefer to separate such aggressive big players from the average players. Therefore, you will often be able to see how these aggressive big players are directed into the VIP room. As a result of this, the other players will not be exposed to their rudeness.

These aggressive and big players don’t think twice before they take certain actions while playing in the casino. For example, you will be able to see those throwing chips or ashtrays against the waitresses and dealers. In addition to that, you can find them spitting drinks and swearing against the other people at the casino. In some of the instances, you will even be able to find these players spitting on the face of casino dealers.

These casino players are dealing with the delusions of grandeur. They are extremely aggressive with their behavior. For the amount of money that the aggressive big players lose in the casino games, they prefer to get elite delicacies and drinks. They are people with high self-esteem. The behavior shown by them is quite annoying to the employees who work at the casino as well.

Advanced novice players

Advanced novice players are mostly the individuals who are spending their second or third time in a casino. They have experience with the activities that take place in the gaming hall. However, they show a bit nervous behavior as well because they don’t have direct experiences of what’s taking place around them.

These advanced notice players are extremely polite. Staff at the casino don’t come across any issues when interacting them. However, it is possible to see them asking a lot of questions about the rules. They are not very familiar with the rules and they are living with the curiosity of understanding what is taking place around them at all times.

The advanced novice players in a casino usually prefer to spend their time along with blackjack or roulette games. Since the players have already been to the casino, they have a basic overall understanding about the rules that they have to deal with. In most of the instances, they must have won at the first time they came to the casino. It has tempted them to come again and see if they can win a game in the second time as well. However, they have just ended up with random victories because they didn’t play the games with a proper strategy at the very first instance.

They must have just placed the bets on numbers and the victory has come on their way. In fact, they have been lucky at the very first instance. They assume that they will be lucky on the next attempt as well. That’s why they have come again to the casino to spend their time. They are also living with the impression that playing casino games is not that bad and they will be able to end up with excellent victories in most of the instances.

Novice players

Last but not least, we can find novice players who are spending their time in the casinos for the very first time. It is quite easy to spot them as well. That’s because you can often find them wondering around with curiosity. Since this is the first time that they have come into a casino, they are curious to know what’s taking place all around them. That’s where they walk to every corner of the casino and see what’s happening, before moving into the next stage of playing a game.

These novice players sometimes come up with a lot of luck as well. They aren’t fully aware of the rules of casino games that they play. As a result, they don’t utilize a proper strategy to win the games as well. However, you will be able to see them winning the games that are being played. That’s because luck is following them into the casino.

You will often be able to find these players placing silly and illogical bets. However, these silly and illogical bets are in a position to provide them with the chance to end up with excellent victories at the end of the day. They continue to win with that as well.

The casinos often prefer to hunt for the novice players. That’s because if a novice player ends up with a victory, he is likely to go ahead and join one of the groups and become a part of the casino. That’s the initial step of casino addiction. The novice casino players are polite not only to the staff members, but also to the other people that they can find around them. The novice players will go ahead and play any game that they come across interesting as well. That’s because they don’t have an understanding about the gravity of the games. In most of the instances, they tend to spend time with the slot machines as the rules are quite easy to understand.

Common things among all these types of players

Now you are aware of 5 different types of casino players that you will come across in a casino. You will come across these types of players in any casino that you walk into. When you take a look at the traits of them, you will also be able to discover some common traits among them. For example, if a player selects a table and starts a game, he would get disconnected from the rest of the world. Along with that, they tend to pay more attention towards the roulette table, dealer, cards, chips and the ball. If you ever try to stop that kind of a player, you will be able to experience a lot of new things. In fact, you will be able to see him behaving in an aggressive manner. He will threaten you as well.

Desire for revenge is another common trait that you can find in all the above-mentioned casino players. You will not be able to see this trait in the big players at the beginning, but they will eventually show that behavior as well. In case if you see that a person is excited about an upcoming game, you can conclude that he is dealing with an addiction to casino. On the other hand, people who show strong emotions throughout the games are having serious problems with their addictions.

Final Words

Before you walk into a casino, you need to have a clear understanding about these types of players. You will also fall into one of these categories. By having that understanding, you should take control over your emotions and act with the other players. This can provide a variety of impressive benefits to you in the long run.