Tiga game awards 2021 – creativity and heritage in games

The judges of Tiga have already chosen the best games of this year! Learn more about the categories considered by Tiga and specifically about the rewards given for creativity and heritage.

What are the particular categories of awards are given by Tiga?

Actually, Tiga has two major groups of awards. The first one goes to games while the awards of the second group are earmarked for the members of Tiga organisation. For the first group, this year, the company has given awards for social games, casual games, role-playing games, puzzle games, arcade games and VR/AR games. Action and adventure games are checked by the same category. There is also a category for serious games, games with simulation and educational purposes.

Of course, there is also a variety of awards given to the game with outstanding elements of design. Thus, there is an award for visual design, audio effect and creativity. In addition to it, there are awards for heritage and diversity.

The most creative game of 2021 by Tiga

Tiga also has a special award for creativity in game design which has very specific requirements. On the one hand it is about a particularly original game with impressive creativity, yet, it is also important for such a game to be able to present the creativity of the British designers or reflect the British culture and heritage. So, as you can see, this award is quite specific.

The shortlist of the games in 2021

The games assessed under this category by Tega this year were Ubisoft/Future Games of London: Hungry Shark World, Brave at Night: Mind Scanners, State of Play: South of the Circle, Feral Cat Den: Genesis Noir, Sony Interactive Entertainment/Insomniac Games: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Follow the Feathers: Weaving Tides, Sony Interactive Entertainment/Insomniac Games: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Sony Interactive Entertainment: Returnal. By the way, the latter one was chosen as the game with the best visual design this year.

The most creative game according to Tega this year was State of Play: South of the Circle.

The Tiga Heritage in games special award

There is another specific award given by Tiga which is also connected to British culture. This award is earmarked for games reflecting such aspects of British culture as the heritage and creativity. There were seven games on the list of Tiga this year assessed by the requirements for the category. The games were Sumo Newcastle: Hood: Outlaws & Legends, 3-Fold Games: Before I Forget, State of Play: South of the Circle, D’Avekki Studios: Dark Nights with Poe and Munro, Rebellion: Evil Genius 2: World Domination, Dovetail Games: Trains Sim World 2 and Inkle Ltd: Overboard!.

The award was given to Dovetail Games: Trains Sim World 2.

The Tiga Diversity Award

One more interesting award offered by Tiga is for the diversity in games. It might not be so obvious what exactly the meaning of the reward is.

First of all, the diversity is checked for the characters of the game. This includes the diversity of age, gender, disability, socio-economic background, their religion and ethnicity. Moreover, the diversity is checked not only on the level of the game itself, but it is also checked for the developers working on a project. A great advantage also have game development companies which promote such diversity. In addition to it, the way the development teams are paying attention to the diversity among the players of their games counts. For example, this means making their games suitable for different players.

The games assessed under this category

As you can imagine, this is a quite challenging aspect of gaming. The games chosen by Tiga for assessment were Supermassive Games: The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, Amiqus: Putting the G into Gaming, Sony Interactive Entertainment: Returnal, Dovetail Games: Trains Sim World 2 & Fishing Sim World, Sony Interactive Entertainment/XDev: Destruction AllStars, Outplay Entertainment: Mystery Match Village and Payload Studios: Tentacle Zone Incubator. The best game under this category chosen by Tiga was Payload Studios: Tentacle Zone Incubator.

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