The best serious, RPG, arcade and puzzle games of 2021 by Tiga

Tiga has already chosen the best games of this year! If you want to learn more about the way the best RPG, serious and puzzle games are chosen by Tiga as well as the winners of this year, you will find all of the information in this article.

The best arcade game

Arcade games should be challenging and exciting! These are the features the judges of Tiga were also looking for in the games in order to choose the best game of this genre. Certainly, creativity and innovation also count, while the visual design, the quality of sound effects and the development of game mechanics were considered as well.

The game shortlist and winner this year

Seven arcade games were on the list of Tiga this year including such titles as TIKIPOD Ltd: ASTRO AQUA KITTY, Lowtek Games: Flea Jump!, Team17 (publisher) and Studio Koba (developer): Narita Boy, Pinnical Studio: Tadpole Tales, Tactile Games Limited: Simon’s Cat – Story Time, Sony Interactive Entertainment: Astro’s Playroom and Space Ape Games: Beatstar: Touch Your Music. The best game among them was Team17 (publisher) and Studio Koba (developer): Narita Boy.

The best role-playing game

Of course, the best role-playing game according to Tiga is the most innovative, creative and absolutely exciting for playing. Technical characteristics also matter, so the visual design, sound effects and the game design itself is checked by the judges.

Which games were on the list this year and who is the winner?

All in all, there were six games under this category on the shortlist of Tiga this year. The games were Variable State: Last Stop, 9th Impact: Big Brother The Game, Team 17 (publisher) Heliocentric Studios (developer): Rogue Heroes, Lockwood Publishing: Avakin Life, Square Enix: NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… and Imperia Online JSC: Crush Them All.

The best role-playing game according to Tiga is Variable State: Last Stop.

The best puzzle game

Puzzle games were assessed by Tiga in the same way as RPGs. When it comes to the game itself, the most important features are innovation, creativity and the way a game engages its players. Certainly, the quality of sounds, graphics and game mechanics are also crucial.

The shortlist of game this year and the winner

There were seven games on the shortlist this year. They were WRP Studios: Lost Twins, Kwalee: TENS!, Team17 (publisher), NEXT Studios (developer): Crown Trick, Lykke Studios: Lumen, Snap Finger Click: Family Feud, Madowl Games: QB Planets and Out of the Blue Games: Call of the Sea. The latter one was chosen by Tiga as the winner of the reward.

The best game under the category of educational, simulation and serious games

This category of games is not thus straightforward as the previous ones discussed in the article. It is crucial for the games under this category to combine pleasure of playing with educational value. The category comprises charity games, educational games, advergames as well as the games with serious content. By the serious content the establishers of the award mean the games with training purposes, educational purposes as well as the purpose of raising awareness.

At the same time, it is crucial for the best game under the category to have excellent graphics, sound and visual design. Of course, the game should be engaging, innovative and be featured with high creativity.

Which games were assessed this year and who is the winner?

The shortlist for this category this year includes such games as Ululab: Math Makers, Avid Games: Cards, the Universe and Everything (CUE), Slug Disco Studios: Ecosystem, BBC Bitesize/Mobile Pie: BBC Bitesize History Detectives, Lozange Labs: Rip Them Off, Cinq-Mars Media: Copy Editor and Delve Interactive: CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience.

The best game chosen by the judges of Tiga this year is BBC Bitesize/Mobile Pie: BBC Bitesize History Detectives.