Top must Android games to play with friends

The time has changed a lot since the hay day of gaming when the gaming was limited to only certain platforms and space. Space in terms of in-house games rather than portable gaming experience. There were of course handheld gaming devices like Gameboy, NeoGeo and later advanced gaming consoles like PSP, Nintendo Switch. While they all changed the game play and helped alleviate the whole portable gaming experience, nothing bring the rich gaming experience available to widest range of public possible due to Android gaming.

Android gaming

With the ever-evolving technologies being implemented to new devices coming out almost every year, hi-tech Android phones are becoming much more popular gaming platform for all ages of gamer than ever before.

The most convenient feature that we all find is the luxury of playing games outside, anywhere, any time with any challengers. This brings the whole gamers, from the friends, neighbourhood to global scale together, with oneness sharing the same common interest which is only can be comprehended by merging oneself into this gaming.

With these, let’s dive into the list of games that you must play with your friends or gangs and keep the oneness together in the zone.

eFootball PES 2021

This one goes for the all the loud football fans out there! If you boys dig in football, you should definitely check out eFootball PES 2021. This is hands down one of the best football game you can play. You can play this single with AI or with the team. This is also one of the best and toughest competitors in the football gaming for Android with extremely high-quality graphics as close as to the consoles and real time match.

To keep you engaged, the developers give you weekly updates about the overall stat. One of those downsides would be you may struggle with the whole controls and its layouts, the game may take a toll if your device is not ready to tackle such graphics intensive processing.

If you did not have any trouble with these cons, you will know why did you make the right decision to play this game. Also this is a free game.

Among us

Among us is one of the game that snatched the whole gaming throne and sat on the throne for consecutive weeks like no other. This is a social deduction game with constant thrill and racing heart keeping you and your team heavily engaged. One wrong prediction can cost your life here.

This kind of genre is also referred to as ‘trust and deception’ games.

The plot of this game is the following. You with your team or random online players start off to the space inside a spaceship. The catch of the game is that one of the teammates is what this game calls an ‘Impostor’ who will begin killing the crew members and loot. The hard thing to catch since you never know who that killer would be. Everyone will build a strong trust between the members and vote the suspected crew to kick off the space ship. This game can become intense over time, worth every minute spent here. This is a free game.

Garena AOV: Arena Of Valor

If you dig in MOBA games like DOTA or Leage of Legends, certainly you want to check out this game and bring the whole MOBA experience to your Android. Arena of Valor is a multiplayer, strategy game developed by MOBA Games Private Ltd.

The game is set in a fantasy world where you team up with either your recruits or random player and go forth for the rival teams base to destroy the base tower. On your way you upgrade power ups, fight against the rival teams, destroy rivals’ tower, defend your tower and base. Overall this 10-15 minutes of short gameplay can really give you a short boost of sheer entertainment. This is a free game.


For all the Fortnite fans out there who did not know about Fortnite for Android, you can get this rich game right into your Android device and have that awesome gameplay. For the people who haven’t played this game, it is a must play game. Although, the device compatibility is not as vast as PUBG still worth giving a shot and also this a free game.

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

This one deserves to be on the list! This is so much of a fun game to play that you definitely do not want to miss this out!

Bomberground has basically the same gameplay as of the classic Bomber man but here you play with other players online and you can bring your own discord group or team up on the platform. Most of the characters are some sort of teddies, cats and bunny-like stuff that goes around bombing you out of the zone. You have power ups, you can blow off boxes and other items to discover various of items. This game is free and also available on multi-platforms including Steam.

All of these games mentioned above can certainly make you feel “Worth it” and bring some memorable gameplay with your teams. Happy gaming!