5 best multiplayer games for Android

Since the rise of the technological advancement such as smart phones, things have turned to a complete new direction especially for gamers. Before Android gaming became widely popular, all the gamer’s experience had been really confined within platform basis. Things are not same with the constantly developing hi-tech mobile phones coming on the market and for a lot of gamers mobile gaming such as Android is still something all hard core gamers indulge into.

When talking about the top-notch games for Android, there are countless games that are quite fantastic and impossible to leave out on this list. There are different genres of games available in PlayStore and you can have various single player campaign games which are mind-blowing and so capturing but what fun there is playing a game all by yourself all the time. This is where this list comes in play because it was easy for us to shorten the list to somewhere and picked by the devouring Android gamers. With this let’s jump right in and see some top level multiplayer Android game both paid and free versions.


Yes, you know this oh so well and guess this was not surprising that this ground breaking mobile game still makes it to the list like this. PUBG is one of the top-played game of all time with massive community from all over the globe. This game was so capturing that there are lot of country who banned PUBG due to excessive playtime of the young.

PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. This game was developed by KRAFTON and PUBG corporation. Since the launch of this game, it has gained popularity way more than any other game hit almost overnight. There are 100 players can play at the same time. This game still worth playing due to ever update with new things and gameplay. This is a free game.

Garena Free Fire

This game is you can say, a lightweight version of PUBG. This is also a Battle Royale game with the same notion of standing your ground till the last. This game is also lightweight in the sense of storage and technical aspect of the device, comparing to PUBG. This game demands a small storage and low technical requirement from your device. So, this game can easily be run on cheap Android phones. Another thing is if you have never played any Battle Royale Game and you find PUBG to be overwhelming, you can play this game and get a hang of the battle royal game and take this skill to PUBG, this trick can tremendously help you. This is a free game.

Clash Royale

This game is a descendant of the legendary Clash of Clans Android game that sparked a vibrant craze among the young chaps including the adults. Clash Roylae is a PVP strategy game that require your strategic thinking. This is also a card-based game in which you stand and fight against other real time players online. This has those cartoonish graphics and characters. This game also has a gigantic community mostly filled with kids and teens.

Do not let it fool you, this game can really be challenging for adults as well. Certainly, worth giving it a go for fun and it is completely free!

Call of duty

Call of duty is the legendary and world’s best-selling video game of all time, made it to the Android platform some 3 – 4 years ago. This classic first-person shooter game come in very advanced graphics, weapons, themes, skins and a lot more with various game modes.

There are game modes like Standard team death match, objective based mode like you have to dominate by capturing beacon like stuff and hard points. There are also a mode for heavy and serious gamers like tactical, dead and gone. No respawn mode like the seek and destroy mode also is featured in this game. Worth playing and it is free!

Asphalt 9: Legends

How can we not mention a racing game like Asphalt? Of course, we did not forget to tell you about such games as Asphalt and Asphalt 9: legends. They are undoubtedly some of the most intense games of Asphalt franchise. To spice things up, you can play live multiplayer mode with up to 8 players. Let’s not forget the previous thrills from the Asphalt 8 and how challenging it was. There is certainly something about Asphalt 9: legends.

There is more content being added, customisation, vehicles,  massive boosts and a way smoother gameplay than its predecessor had. The graphics will blow you off!

Also, there is a new feature added like a new steering option where you can swipe to control the car. While all of this sounds promising the only downside of this game is that it requires high-end mobile devices with good graphic processors. This marvellous game is absolutely free and of course comes in with in-app purchase to further upgrade your gaming experience.

These games certainly can give you a rich mobile gaming experience with friends and families or with your loved one!