Graphically advanced NES games

A generation of youths who grew up with the home gaming consoles of the time used Nintendo Entertainment System. This gaming console brought forth the total joyride for anyone who grew up with one. Those early NTSC/PAL TV, the smell of cartridge, gaming console, soundtracks, gameplay is filled with sheer nostalgia. Not everyone had the luxury to get all the games that were ever out there on NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

Today we are going to deep dive into the games that were insanely cool and a way ahead of their time. Whether you have played them or not, if you still possess a NES you can still get your hands onto one of these games. A little hunting is required, but you certainly can find these ones.

Batman: Return of the Joker

Batman return of the Joker was released in 1991 by the developer Sunsoft. This is a single player game. This is a side scrolling beat’em up game. This game was released for NES, Game boy, Sega Genesis. Batman return of the Joker has insanely fantastic graphics and gameplay. This game was the closest thing to a 16-bit game. There were even stages when you would have a feeling of absolute 3D platform although it was still 2D.

Castlevania III : The Dracula’s curse

Castlevania III the Dracula’s curse was released in 1989. This game had rich graphics despite the time it was born. All the Castlevania series was already capturing a wide range of gamers of the time. This fantastic franchise was developed by the top-notch game developer of the time Konami. Konami is one of the leading game developers that dominated the gaming industry. This series of Castlevania on NES is worth every bucks and time!

Kirby’s adventure

Kirby’s adventure on NES was released in 1993 as a platform game. The game itself was developed by Nintendo. This is a fun game where Kirby, the protagonist, develops and gains power by eating or swallowing his enemies on the go. The plot starts as the Kirby gets into a mission of saving and repairing the dreamland which is damaged by the King Dedede. The graphics of the game is so cartoonish and is featured with engaging gameplay. This game can surprise you all through the gameplay.


Battletoads was one of the games that almost everyone had. This game was released in 1991 by the developers – Dlala Studios, Rare, Ultimate play the game, Mindscape, Arc system works. This game was released for platforms like Microsoft windows, Xbox one, NES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear and Amiga. This game had various modes of scenarios and stages, which were enough to snap you out of the monotony of one way side scrolling game.