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‘Zeno Clash 2′ Spikes The Punch In This E3 Debut Trailer

ACE Team really set themselves a challenge when they picked out that name, but so far they’ve managed to live up to it. The tiny Chilean studio have so far produced a pair of impressively polished and frighteningly creative games; surrealistic punk-fantasy first-person brawler Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages, the world’s first art-history-themed combat bowling simulation. It looks like they’re going back for a second round of pugilistic weirdness next, and have just released a fancy debut trailer for Zeno Clash 2.

As is the trend for trailers released at E3 this year, there’s little to no actual gameplay on show yet, just some scene-setting and plot-hooks. Given the quality of the first game I’m just glad to know that there’s a sequel in production,  especially given just how wide open the ending of the first game was. There’s clearly a lot of strange new adventures to be seen in the twisted world of Zenozoik, and it’s fairly safe to assume that Ghat’s new quest to rescue the strange being known as Father-Mother will involve meeting many strange new people and repeatedly punching them in the face.

There’s no official website up for Zeno Clash 2 yet, but the trailer does say that it’s coming to PS3 (via PSN) and 360 (via XBLA), so expect a lot more press on this game in the coming months. Multiplatform releases are fairly big news, after all. Let’s just assume that there’s a PC version in the works too – it’d be strange it there wasn’t, as the game looks to be using the Valve’s venerable Source engine yet again.

Update: ACE Team are shooting for a 2013 release on this one, so it won’t be out for quite some time. PC, PS3 and 360 versions confirmed. The official site for the sequel will eventually appear over at, but at the moment it just forwards to the original games’ site.


Pounding, Soulful Hearts Afire and Alight – Indie Royale Returns for Valentines

It seems that so long as people keep buying them, then indie bundles are going to keep coming. Indie Royale is back again with a bundle of five games, a couple of them being former XBLIG exclusives, and once again, there’s very little to grumble about in terms of content and value. As usual, it’s ‘pay what you want, above a minimum’, and especially generous purchases push that base figure down for everyone else. Hit the break for some gameplay trailers and a few thoughts on each game.


The Deluge Continues: Steam Indie Deals, Day 2

As some of you might have noticed, it’s Thanksgiving! At least, it is in America. I’m fairly sure it’s ‘mooch off of American holiday sales season’ for the rest of the world, and mooch we will! As of about five minutes ago, it’s Day 2 of the Steam Autumn/Thanksgiving sale, and there’s another set of 24-hour indie essentials to grab. Move fast – they probably won’t be this cheap again for… ooh, at least another month, when the inevitable massive Christmas/Winter/New Year sale rolls round. Indie choices of the day and some short thoughts on them after the break.


Zeno Clash is $3.75 Until Monday, 75% Off

zeno clashThe community driven site YAWMA is offering ACE Team’s Zeno Clash for 75% off until Monday, November 8th.

That pegs the game at a mere $3.75 until Monday, and thereafter the game will rise to only 50% off and finally back to the full price of $15 on November 22nd.

To jump in on the sale, you can head to Zeno Clash’s page on YAWMA. If you buy the game, you’ll receive a Game Key which you can actually just punch into Steam in order to download the product.

It’s a great deal and definitely a unique first person title that shouldn’t be passed up.


Zeno Clash Dev ACE Team Reveals ‘Rock of Ages’

Rock_of_AgesACE Team–developer of the hit first-person brawler Zeno Clash–have rolled back the curtain on their new game, an artistic multiplayer strategy title by the name of Rock of Ages. The title appears to be a bit of a departure from what we saw in ZC, described by publisher Atlus as “a game of fast-paced strategy, high art… and gigantic boulders of doom.”

In the game, you construct defenses and summon armies to protect their castle from a gigantic rampaging moon-faced boulder–which your opponent gets to control, smashing along a course towards your citadel. Multiplayer will be on offer, with support for both local and online play.

The game is currently slated for a spring 2011 digital download release. No pricing or platforms have been mentioned yet but one would guess it’ll make it to PC and expecting it on Xbox 360 via XBLA certainly isn’t a stretch either.


Indie Weekend Sales: The Mother Load

Indie-SalesIt’s an unusually fantastic weekend for indie sales, what’s unusual for us is that it all comes from one outlet. Yes, Steam is having one of its semi-annual blowout sales that sees the vast majority of games in the digital distributor’s catalog discounted somewhere between nice and blatantly absurd, including over 60 indie offerings. Let’s highlight some of the biggest and best, as well as some of the other sites (yes, there are other sales going on this weekend.) Another thing to note about the Steam sales, these go through the 4th of July, but there are also ridiculously cheap daily deals that we’ll have to miss here, though I must mention Galcon Fusion for $2.50 until tomorrow morning!

Out of the many offerings available, Sacraboar at 90% off would seem to take the cake, the well received $20 tile is now $2. Altitude is 66% off at $3.40, AI War carries the same 66% discount as does its expansionChains is 75% off at just $1.24, Invent4′s Bad Rats: the Rats Revenge is $0.95 down from $5. Puzzle game Quantz is $2.50 down from $10, Super Laser Racer is $1.25, the list goes on.

Looking to save a bundle on a bundle? Steam’s offering several at big discounts including:

Introversion Complete Pack for $5 (87% off) – Packs Darwinia, Multiwinia, Uplink and Defcon.

Action Indie Pack for $6.24 (75% off) – Packs Larva Mortus, Penguins Arena: Sedna’s World, RIP – Trilogy, Space Trader: Merchant Marine and Tank Universal.

Puzzle Indie Pack for $3.74 (75% off) – Packs Chains, Gumboy – Crazy Adventures, Obulis and Vigil: Blood Bitterness.

Northern Lights Indies for $20 (64% off) – Packs Blueberry Garden, Bob Came in Pieces, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Plain Sight and Saira. That’s a quality bundle of games right there.

Summer Indie Action Pack for $20 (60% off) – Packs Aaaah! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, Gridrunner Revolution, Metal Drift, Starscape and Zombie Driver.

Maybe most importantly Steam also offers 50% off on almost every big indie title you can think of over the past couple of years with titles including (just to name a few): Machinarium, Zeno Clash, Trine, Cogs, Eufloria, Gratuitous Space Battles, Time Gentleman/Ben There, Dan That and much more. If you were waiting for any of the various titles we mention on this site to go down in price its more than worth your time to browse through the list and pick up some wonderful games at amazing prices.

Impulse carries a lone independent sale with Zoetrope Interactive’s Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage for $18 instead of its standard $30, a 40% discount.

Direct2Drive also gets in the mix with Kerberos Productions Fort Zombie for 75% off, bringing the title down to $2.50.


Zeno Clash Soundtrack Now Available

Zeno_Clash_SteamI meant to write on this a while ago but never got around to it, but anything that has to do with a game on our Best of 2009 list should be discussed, right? Right.

ACE Team has announced the release of the original soundtrack for their first-person brawler Zeno Clash. The 18-track album contains re-mixes of the game’s songs by its original composer Patricio Meneses, all of them remastered for the new release.

The CD can be downloaded on iTunes (or alternatively picked up on CDBaby) for $9.99. Additionally, three of the tracks, including the game’s main theme, are available for free download via the game’s site to whet the appetite. On a related note, Zeno Clash is available for 50% off on Steam. Bless them holiday sales.


Zeno Clash 66% Off on Steam

Zeno_Clash []Today’s Midweek Madness sale on Steam has been revealed as ACE Team’s original action brawler Zeno Clash has been slashed by 66% off the standard price. Set in a punk fantasy world, Clash presents itself to be a first-person fighter emphasizing brutal combat in close quarters.

The game saw a full release back in April of this year and has already received plenty of recognition boasting itself as an IGF Finalist and winning the ModDB Editor’s Choice Award for Best Upcoming Indie Game in 2008. The dev has announced that an ultimate edition of the game will see an Xbox Live Arcade release in March 2010 as well.

Zeno Clash runs $15 standard, but can be picked up for a dime over $5 through Thursday, December 3.


Zeno Clash Hitting Retail Courtesy of Tripwire, Arrives Oct 28?

Zeno_Clash []When mod team turned developer Tripwire Interactive wanted their survival shooter Killing Floor to hit retail and couldn’t find anyone else to do it, they did it themselves. Now the company is expanding further into the retail business while not forgetting its roots by handling the US retail release of ACE Team’s unique first person brawler Zeno Clash.

Previously available only through digital download on Steam–an Xbox Live Arcade version is also in the works–the title will be made available as a boxed retail game to stores in the US and Canada “soon” going by Tripwire’s release.