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Mmmm…: ‘Minion Master’ May Alpha Update Released

One of my many quirks is that I find the word “minion” to be about as orally satisfying an utterance as there ever could be. I’m also a sucker for a slice of alliteration too, so suffice it to say that I’d now be grateful for the number of the nearest underwear retailer. Thanks, Minion Master.

But onto the game itself. Minion Master is a board game in digital form, which, according to developers BitFlip Games, combines the spontaneity and instant gratification of a collectible card game with the long-term strategic edge of miniature wargaming. Adapted from a real-life board game, it’s more or less a sophisticated tabletop RPG that functions as a video game, one that’s picked up a fairly respectable cult following during its ongoing Alpha stage.


Excuse Me? ‘EA Indie Bundle’ Registered On Steam

EA Indie Bundle

An EA Indie Bundle has been registered on Steam. We gasped at the idea before deciding to share the news. Can EA have an indie bundle? The lineup suggests that it’s JUST about plausible.

Something might be wrong in the world today. The fact that I am writing “EA” and “indie” in the same sentence might be one of the signs of the apocalypse. I’ve already had to vandalise the EA picture at the top because it scared me so – I thought a pink rendition of the word “indie” would help. It didn’t. Okay, I’ll take a breather and just report this fairly and squarely…or at least try.

EA, Electronic Arts (the monsters!), have an indie bundle on the way – we found it recently registered on Steam. This consists of six games which they have had some fondling connection with. It’s tenuous at best that these games are “indie”, amongst the others that ride the line of definition. Alas, they’re indie and so we’re just going to roll with this.

There’s no idea given of a release or pricing for this bundle of course, but we can tell you what’s in it. So here goes:

We’ll keep an eye out for this when it does release on Steam whenever that may be – probably this week or the beginning of next week if you ask us. But damn, EA Indie Bundle…that is something.


Pre-Order ‘Indie Game: The Movie’ Soundtrack Now; Bonuses Available

It may be looking to storm the big screen in the next few weeks, but Indie Game: The Movie might just be taking over the airwaves too. That’s because the film’s soundtrack, composed by the multi-talented Jim Guthrie, is now available for pre-order through Bandcamp in anticipation for its May 15th release.

While the standard digital version of the album will set you back $5 CAD, there are a few other tempting offers for enthusiastic fans of the movie. First up is a special $19.99 CAD package that combines the standard digital soundtrack with one of three t-shirts, each with the film’s logo proudly emblazoned on them. Buyers can choose between blue, poppy or silver, which, according to its marketing pitch, is “cooler than white.”  Alternatively, $32 CAD is all it takes to receive both the album in its digital form and, as an extra treat, on the beloved LP format, decked out with some fantastic cover artwork courtesy of Cory Schmitz.

Those who pre-order the album will also be granted immediate access to four of the soundtrack’s 24 tracks, available in .mp3, .FLAC or almost any other popular audio format.

Indie Game: The Movie is a unique inside look at the behind-the-scenes struggles of an independent development studio. Featuring such indie classics as Super Meat Boy, Fez, and Jonathan Blow’s The Witness, it’s been met with a hugely enthusiastic critical reaction upon its initial showings in front of key media personnel. If you don’t feel like taking my word on that, give Mike Gnade’s PAX East review a read.

Look for Indie Game: The Movie to premiere in US cinemas on May 18th. An official release date outside the United States has yet to be revealed, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that some news will emerge very soon.


Freebie: ‘Switch’


Binary Girl (Howie Venton) has released their free, tricky action-puzzle title, switch, on to Kongregate which has made us curse, bite our tongues and call the nearest cat an “idiot”.

Things are boring when you exist in just one dimension/world – you’ll know this if you’ve played a game that uses alterworlds and other crazy ideas. Also Fez. But we’re not here to talk about those games now, this moment of our one world existence is all about switch, which just happens to be a rather neat puzzle game. But damn it’s tricky!

Binary Girl got in touch with us with a link to their new game and innocently we clicked through to the screen of a thousand tortures. Blinded we were – blinded to what was to come. But first, a Java update. After that, onwards through the game’s sufficient tutorial in which we discovered the meaning of the game’s title. See that over-sized button on your keyboard? Yes, the space bar – meet your switch, for with this tool of elongated quadrilateral appearance you shall enter….ANOTHER WORLD! *cue appropriate music and the people making weird spooky-like sounds*

Now with our world switcher primed and ready to fire at a mere press, we entered the game that the deities do call switch. Not before a quick bathroom break though, all of that dimension-switching training certainly weakens one’s bladder. Alas, we were back and ready to go into this puzzle game the developer teased us as being “hard”. Do they not know the mountains we have climbed?! Hard? Pfft, please – don’t kid yourself.

Ten minutes later…


Another ten minutes later…

Okay, we can breathe again, have stopped bleeding and even retuned the keys clumsily back into their pre-determined places in the keyboard. So switch – a game in which you are a weak little yellow square that must traverse from A to B. In this case, from Home to the Exit. The two planes of existence you can switch to have different level layouts and you’ll need to transfer between them to just get around the level because of solid walls for example. On top of that, you’ll need to collect keys and coins, dodge enemies and time tricky maneuvers. It’s a pretty great game and as it’s free you should certainly go play it – here’s the link.

There, we have done our bit. Now leave us to heal. Please.

More information on switch can be found on Kongregate where it can also be played, so make with it already.


By The Power Of Gravity! ‘Gravity Fleet’ Trailer

Gravity Fleet

Planet-eating monsters are coming to destroy you and everything you know in Gravity Fleet – good job you’re rather excellent at shooting things using physics then, right?

The game itself not out on the App Store quite yet – we’re told it will be in the next couple of days – but Gravity Fleet‘s trailer is most certainly out and my word it’s sporadically marvellous chaps. Slap some humor in, spread a load of explosions over the top and sprinkle a dash of zesty physics-based gameplay and we have a rather sumptuous sandwich.

As you might guess with such a name, Gravity Fleet is all about bending the gravity of the planets in space in order to line up your projectiles at the incoming monsters. Add in some worm holes, stars and black holes and you have some risky maneuvers at hand.

With 80 levels, a crazy arsenal of weapons, glamorous planet-saving assistants with their own abilities and lots of space monster slaying, we’re pretty excited for Gravity Fleet. Just watch the trailer already!

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More information on Gravity Fleet can be found on the game’s official website.


‘Nubuwo Debut Bundle’ – An Eclectic Mix Of Great Indie Game Music

There is probably never going to be a greater collection of indie game music and for such a small price than the Nubuwo Debut Bundle – unless they strike again! If you care even the tiniest bit about game audio and music then you need to grab the bundle before the timer runs out. No questions.This is half a praise-heavy overview of the Nubuwo Debut Bundle, half a “stop wasting time reading this and go and throw your money at it!” First off though, before we snuggle up to the contents of the bundle, I would first like to say what lending your money to it means. It’s not only going to grab you this bargain deal but its also going to ensure that game music is given the exposure it needs and is being nurtured in the right hands.You should notice the word “Nubuwo” altering what this bundle is all about, but what or who is Nubuwo? It’s actually a website dedicated to everything game music and audio

This Article was originally posted on our sister site, The Indie Game Magazine written by Chris Priestman.


Feel The Creep In This ‘Thanatophobia’ Teaser Trailer

Death Knell have decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by releasing a teaser trailer for their upcoming survival horror Thanatophobia, which really gives you an insight into the game’s atmosphere and my word it is spine chillingly delicious.Ever since we first laid eyes upon the first batch of screenshots of Thanatophobia we fell in love with its look and its premise. Essentially, this is going to be an old school survival horror from the good old days. When we spoke to Death Knell they even confirmed to us that there are going to be static cameras…with a twist.What we still didn’t have yet though was any idea of the game’s atmosphere, despite Death Knell drilling us with the word during our interview. Finally, in this just released trailer, we see our first glimpse of gameplay along with the game’s beautifully bespoke soundtrack and ambient sounds provided by ShortRoundMusic.If you are fed up with the survival horror fakers of the modern age then Thanatophobia is staring you in the face – we’re kind of scared (in a good way) and are absolutely loving the feel of the game.Along with this teaser there are also some new screenshots flaunting a couple of the game’s new environments – city streets and creaky interiors. Check them out on the game’s IndieDB page.You can find out a load more information about Death Knell and Thanatophobia on the official website, don’t forget to check out our interview too!You may be interested in: Death Knell Games Announce ‘Thanatophobia’ ‘Thanatophobia’ Looks Like Old School Resident Evil Feel The Tension In The New Trailer For ‘STASIS’ Free First Person Survival Horror, ‘Black Seed’, Gets A Creepy Teaser They See Me Rollin’: ‘Ballform’ Teaser Trailer

Original Source: Feel The Creep In This ‘Thanatophobia’ Teaser Trailer

This Article was originally posted on our sister site, The Indie Game Magazine written by Chris Priestman.


‘Cloudberry Kingdom’ Is The Most Hyper-Hardcore Platformer You Will See

We’re connoisseurs of hardcore platformers but even we were shocked by how insane Cloudberry Kingdom looks on its hardest difficulty, luckily it looks like a huge amount of fun too!There’s something very appealing about Pwnee Studios – they seem like a right laugh and have a lot of energy. We’d happily have their babies. Fortunately that personality transcends into their work as well as can be seen in their words-can’t-describe platformer.

Cloudberry Kingdom scales to your level, so if you’re finding it too hard and are dying a lot then the game gets easier and vice versa. It really does get nuts though. Apart from the hyperactive screen-filling difficulty, Cloudberry Kingdom also supports up to 4 players and has multiple modes to fling yourselves around in, quite literally in the co-op bungee mode.The developers are striving to get the game on to Xbox Live Arcade rather than the XBLIG spot (who can blame them) and would love it for people to spread the word and help them out.

Original Source: ‘Cloudberry Kingdom’ Is The Most Hyper-Hardcore Platformer You Will See

This Article was originally posted on our sister site, The Indie Game Magazine written by Chris Priestman.