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What’s Your Price For Flight?: ‘Windhaven’ Coming Soon To Xbox Live Indie Games

We’ve seen an ample number of aircraft simulators in our time, but we’ve been somewhat short-changed when it comes to games dealing with the flying dervishes of the animal kingdom. Hoping to change that trend is Bitphase Entertainment, developers of Windhaven.

The game gives players control of one of eight avian creatures, each with their own magical abilities required to fend off what’s being described as a “monstrous invasion” of the island of Windhaven. Taking to the skies in team of four, you’ll be able to play through sixteen story missions in Windhaven‘s fully-voiced campaign.

Windhaven also appears to contain a handful of side-shows, including racing, shooting and “Free Flight Mode,” in which one can attempt to locate a series of hidden golden nests. Although the game is currently planned as a strictly single-player affair, the developers have noted on the game’s Youtube page that multiplayer could well make its way into Windhaven as a free update at some point after its release.

Windhaven is set for release through the Xbox Live Indie Games service during the latter half of the summer period. It’s also being entered into IndieCade and DreamBuildPlay later this year.