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Vox Off: ‘Voxatron’ Update Brings New Monsters

Voxatron 0.2.0

Lexaloffle has released a 0.2.0 update for their voxel-based shooter, Voxatron, which brings with it many fixes, some new features and more monsters to battle.

It’s likely that many of you have a copy of Voxatron lying around somewhere as its alpha was initially released its very own Humble Bundle. In which case, you’ll be glad to hear that Lexaloffle has updated the game to version 0.2.0 which gives you a reason to go back and give it a bash. Why? Well because we have new features of course!

First up there are new enemies: spiky weed, barrel of doom, hound, roach and the header picture shows the trioc. Alongside that there’s new base weapons, the Sword of Eternity & a peagun, to be precise. The rest of the update is not so obvious but includes new types of doors that may or may not let you go back through them, F6 is now your screenshot button, oh and there’s some help tips for items now. Other than that it’s mainly bug fixes and minor details you’ll unlikely to spot.

If you haven’t got yourself a copy of Voxatron yet then you may consider reading our first impressions of it then you can purchase it on the official website If you already bought the game and need a link to play the game then either search through your emails or request a new link.

More information on Voxatron can be found on the game’s official website.


A Mini Adventure: ‘MicroTale’ Trailer


Jenito has released the official trailer for their creative sandbox adventure we all know as MicroTale as the game’s development starts to reach an end and a final release approaches.

We hope you have your creative juices flowing as MicroTale is gearing up for release. If you didn’t catch our preview then you’ll need to know that this is a “sandboxing, questing, and traditional RPG elements”, with random map generation and the ability to make airships of all things. Jenito revealed that the game recently got rejected by Steam but it will see a release on Desura but a release date has not been arranged yet, though May is the target.

You can play MicroTale in its beta stage right now for free by visiting this page.

You can find out more information on MicroTale over on the developer’s official website.


By The Beards, Is That A ‘Hairy Tales’ Trailer?

Hairy Tales

Arges Systems have released a hair-raising (okay it’s not) gameplay trailer for their upcoming puzzle/strategy game, Hairy Tales, which is intended for release on PC, Mac and iOS.

If you’re on the prowl for something to make you think and strategize then Hairy Tales is swinging its humongous beard at you. Can feel the bristles? Ares Systems’ puzzle/strategy game is based on a hexagon tile board, on which you’re only able to rotate and place the different tiles. The idea of the game is to help the Hairys navigate the board, avoiding the evil ooze that plagues their world and helping them defeat the various monsters.

There are boss fights to encounter and plenty of variation to make sure the game doesn’t become stale, according to Arges. The thing that caught our eye the most was the chirpy animations, especially when a Hairy runs into some spikes – it’s worth a giggle. You can expect to see Hairy Tales released soon on PC, Mac and iOS.

More information on Hairy Tales can be found on the developer’s official website.


Keep This On Your Radar: ‘Fulmination’ Gameplay


Eight Days In Convoke developer, Swanactive Studios, are working on their next PC title intended for a release this year – Fulmination is a Cold War era inspired real time strategy and the first gameplay has just been released.

If you were around during the Cold War era, playing games in the 70s and/or 80s in particular, then Fulmination will make a bit more sense to you. The game has you in charge of the defenses of a Soviet island which has become victim to number of incoming US missiles. The most interesting aspect of the game is the interface which rips out an old 80s style computer with basically just radar capabilities.

You’ll see the missiles incoming, at which point you’ll want to move your mouse to find out the co-ordinates for your anti-ballistic missiles and dummies to defend from the attack. To actually make any commands you’ll have to type them into the monitor which is what you’ll see the developer doing in the gameplay in the bottom left corner. It’s a simple premise with a simple story to fit, but the gameplay itself harks back a few decades to provide a challenge and something that will probably will quite retro-fresh.

Fulmination is still early in development but the developer is confident that it will be released this year for PC.

You can keep yourself updated on Fulmination by checking out its IndieDB page.


Bombs Away! ‘Dynamite Jack’ Announced With A Trailer

Dynamite Jack

Phil Hassey has released a trailer for his upcoming 2D, alien blow-up-a-thon, Dynamite Jack – apparently, guns don’t kill aliens, bombs do. Aye aye sir!

It’s funny how things work out isn’t it? I remember a time when developers/publishers would boast having “glorious 3D” in their games, keen to run away from the ‘restrictions’ of 2D games. Now, the trailer for Dynamite Jack boasts that the game comes in “glorious 2D”. This is such a strange industry. Anyway, creator of many a 2D “awesomeness”, Phil Hassey is bringing an explosion-filled experience to out PC and Macs in May with Dynamite Jack.

Upon watching the trailer you may initially think, “oh my, another space marine game?” – but wait you fool, said marine is captured, chucked in jail and then you don’t join until he is escaping. So, forget the usual space marine antics and instead think Bomberman. Yes, Bomberman – you’ll be navigating the mines of this facility armed with just bombs and laying them around the place so as to kill your pursuers…and aliens of course.

Don’t believe it? Well, just check out the trailer then:

More information on Dynamite Jack can be found on the game’s official website.


Consider Yourself Introduced To ‘A Virus Named TOM’

A Virus Named TOM

Misfits Attic are having a little celebration after having released their action-puzzler, A Virus Named TOM, on to Desura this week in beta state, so they’ve released the game’s intro video and it’s rather cool. It is.

Co-op action-puzzle games are not something you come across too often and certainly not to the calibre that A Virus Named TOM is boasting. We’ve written about the game before, but to re-cap – A Virus Named TOM has you playing as a computer virus inside a mainframe. Your objective is to spread yourself around as much as possible, dodging all of the anti-virus measures as you go. You’ll need to get your thinking cap on for this one as well as train your mind and fingers to react fast. The game supports up to four players with any combination of controllers and keyboards you can think of and has both co-op and competitive game modes.

A Virus Named TOM will be released on Steam and OnLive as well as Desura where it is currently available at 50% off while it’s in its beta stage. You can also grab a pre-order from the developers themselves.

Now that A Virus Named TOM is available on Desura, Misfits Attic have released the game’s intro video in which we learn a bit about the back story. The video below is just that and it explains how the maniacal genius Doctor X became a pariah in the very city he helped engineer. Seeking vengeance, Doctor X creates a virus he calls TOM and sets it loose to destroy the infrastructure of the city that betrayed him.

More information on A Virus Named TOM can be found on the game’s official website.


The Space Race Goes Crazy In ‘Bearstronauts: Bear Astronauts’


Digital Bacon have announced their debut title, Bearstronauts: Bear Astronauts…no, seriously. They’re also looking for funding if you’re sold on the idea. Well it’s that or prepare for a mauling.

Oh internet, whatever next? Digital Bacon are a new development studio and they plan on making a game called Bearstronauts. What is this crazy game all about – you may ask. Well, quite simply, during the space race, the Russians not only sent dogs into space but also bears…according to the developers that is. Said bears are now back and they’re a little bit pissed and attempting to conquer the world by turning everyone into Bearstronauts. Don’t think about it, don’t question it, just accept it.

So, you’ll be playing as the only one immune to their ways – the only American Bearstronaut who goes by the name of John Hunt. Using guns, stealth and the bear necessities you’ll be going up against the space bears alone in a 2D sidescrolling action game intended for PC and Mac.

Alongside announcing the game, Digital Bacon have also launched an Indie GoGo project in order to fund Bearstronauts. As you might expect, if you cough up the cash then you’ll get yourself a copy of the game when it’s finished as well as a whole bunch of other goodies you can have a gander at.

More information on Bearstronauts can be found on the Indie GoGo campaign page.


By The Gods: ‘Cast of the Seven Godsends’ Teaser Trailer Outed

If first impressions are anything to go by, old could very well meet new in By the Gods: Cast of the Seven Godsends, the recently announced run-and-gun platformer from the Italian Raven Travel Studios.

The game’s first teaser trailer, embedded below, indicates that the game will adopt a fast-paced approach to running, jumping and good old scrapping as players pit their wits against demons, ghouls and a whole host of other fantastical odds and sods.

By the Gods is currently slated for release on PC and Xbox 360 later this year, with a more specific release window yet to be announced.


Take My Money, Take It All! Say Hello To ‘Salvation Prophecy’

Salvation Prophecy

Games are no stranger to epic space adventures but Salvation Prophecy, considering it’s the work of one man and various artists, looks absolutely stunning.

I’d happily gush a million over-excited words about Salvation Prophecy right now but I know not to. Why? Simply because the game is ludicrously ambitious. It’s the work of one man going by the name of Firedance Games, with a number of artists contributing from all over the globe. Salvation Prophecy is an epic space-based action-RPG and it reeks of ambition and quality too.

There’s four playable factions which offer different playstyles. There’s space battles aboard your very own upgradeable ships which you’ll have to navigate through wormholes and explore random galaxies. You can also land on planets and duke it out in terrestrial combat in something that resembles Battlefront-sized battles. We’re very excited about seeing this project continue and just hope that it’s as good as it looks – check out the trailer below!

More information on Salvation Prophecy can be found on the game’s official website.


Come Of Rage: Ex-Battlefield 2 Devs Tease ‘Ravaged’


2 Dawn have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming post-apocalyptic online multiplayer FPS, Ravaged. There are gyrocopters and that’s all that needs to be said.

Disappointed by RAGE? Or just by FPS’ in general? While Ravaged may not offer an alternative as such it certainly looks pretty fun and the developers behind it have the experience to deliver a strong title. 2 Dawn are a new studio which set-up back in 2009, since then they have been working on Ravaged. The team took the indie route after years working on AAA titles such as Desert Combat, Battlefield 2 and Frontlines. Now they’re hoping to bring a solid FPS online mulitplayer experience to players once again and to a concept of their own making.

Ravaged is set in a future in which the Earth has been devastated by a series of natural disasters. The result is a sandy landscape in which ‘Scavangers’ and the ‘Resistance’ battle it out territory, resources and survival in general. It is here that Ravaged places its experience, amidst this struggle, offering players a fast-paced FPS battle with each other on-foot and with vehicles. Speaking of which, there are buggies and cars to traverse the vast sandy lands, but the game also takes a cue from Mad Max 2 (obviously) and features gyrocopters too!

You can check it all out and more in the new teaser trailer for Ravaged below:

More information on Ravaged can be found on the game’s official website.