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‘Solar Struggle’ Swoops On To PC On March 29th

Solar Struggle

Arcade space shooter, Solar Struggle, is making the shift from XBLIG to PC this coming March 29th – there’s new screenshots and a trailer to pique your curiousity.

Z Software announced that they were working on a PC version of their arcade space shooter, Solar Struggle, back in December of last year but now they bring forth the news that the release of said version will be released this coming week – March 29th, in fact.

Originally released back in 2010 on XBLIG, Solar Struggle was met with mixed reviews – being praised for its visuals but criticized for the awkward controls. Let’s be fair, it’s a tale we hear time and again.

Can Z Software make any improvements with this PC version of the game though? By the look of the new trailer, the PC version still looks fairly good but the most important thing is nailing those controls. Fingers crossed!

Solar Struggle will be released on Little Indie on March 29th for Windows only and is available to pre-order now for 6.95€. The Xbox 360 version can be purchased on the >Xbox Live Marketplace for 400MSP.

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More information on Solar Struggle can be found on the game’s official website.


Test Your Powers Of Perception With This New ‘INIT’ Demo


Narrow Monolith have released the first playable demo of their estranged environmental puzzler, INIT, will you see past misconception?

Just in case you thought there weren’t enough abstract, first person experiences flying around at the moment, up pops Narrow Monolith. These are a three man team from jolly old England and the original founders, it has to be pointed out, have the best names ever – Dante Knoxx and Zakk Altair. Now, they’re probably fake but they are amazing names.

Anyway, on to the game then! Their debut title, INIT, is an abstract, minimalistic, first person puzzler, essentially. Though the team prefer words like, “immersive”, “illusion” and “exploration”. Those are the kinds of things you’ll be doing. You may as well go and find out for yourself really – it’s a free demo after all.

The full game will feature over 55 unique environments to muddle through as well as co-op challenge missions. Should be an interesting venture at least. We’ve supplied you with some footage of the game but please bear in mind this is very old and early footage – just grab the demo already.

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You can download the demo and find out more information on INIT over on the game’s official website.


First Person Slashing In ‘Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’ GDC Trailer

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Torn Banner Studios have prised the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare GDC trailer away from PC Gamer, who had it exclusive for a while, and have unleashed it so everyone can share it. So, here we are, sharing it. Double decaptitations and everything.

Coming third place in IndieDB’s “Best Upcoming Indie Games” award last year, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is no stranger to arousing the bloodthirsty. It’s a multiplayer first-person medieval combat game, which, with the help of Mount & Blade and War of the Roses, is probably going to be the next big thing. Brutal melee and ranged combat ensues with swords, battle axes, longbows, flails and warhammers. Huge medieval arenas with lush, atmospheric scenes and gore flying everywhere.

If this sounds like the kind of thing that you’d be interested in, then trust us, you’ll love this trailer. The GDC trailer showcases the first good look at the first-person view in Chivalry, so we can finally get a feel for the game. Do bear in mind that this is all alpha footage though, not like that will stop you from getting rather moist, we don’t doubt.

More information on Chivalry: Medieval Combat can be found over on the game’s official website.


By The Power Of Gravity! ‘Gravity Fleet’ Trailer

Gravity Fleet

Planet-eating monsters are coming to destroy you and everything you know in Gravity Fleet – good job you’re rather excellent at shooting things using physics then, right?

The game itself not out on the App Store quite yet – we’re told it will be in the next couple of days – but Gravity Fleet‘s trailer is most certainly out and my word it’s sporadically marvellous chaps. Slap some humor in, spread a load of explosions over the top and sprinkle a dash of zesty physics-based gameplay and we have a rather sumptuous sandwich.

As you might guess with such a name, Gravity Fleet is all about bending the gravity of the planets in space in order to line up your projectiles at the incoming monsters. Add in some worm holes, stars and black holes and you have some risky maneuvers at hand.

With 80 levels, a crazy arsenal of weapons, glamorous planet-saving assistants with their own abilities and lots of space monster slaying, we’re pretty excited for Gravity Fleet. Just watch the trailer already!

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More information on Gravity Fleet can be found on the game’s official website.


‘Instafight’ Aims To Be A MiniCraft MMO, Essentially


Ever wanted to play Notch’s Minecraft spinoff, Minicraft, with lots of people at the same time? Well, Instafight may just be the answer to your wishes.

Ham Studios are developing Instafight which is, we dare say, Minicraft in all but name. Well, not quite yet it isn’t. Instafight is a retro-styled RPG which features a randomly generated world, quests, combat, coin collecting and yes you guessed it, crafting!

The developers are currently looking for funding over on 8-Bit Funding so they can continue to make Instafight bigger and better, with the aim of adding mulitplayer support as well as other features.

Instafight is available to buy in its alpha stage right now for $8.99 and is playable on Windows and Mac, or you can always give the free trial a go – head to the store page for both options.

More information on Instafight is available on the game’s official website.


‘flOw’ And ‘Flower’ On Sale As ‘Journey’ Launches On PSN


European and Australian Playstation Network users were today greeted with the news that both flOw and Flower, the first two titles of thatgamecompany‘s publication agreement with Sony, have been put on sale for a week.

With Journey now available to all Playstation Network users, having been up a week early for Playstation Plus subscribers, thatgamecompany and Sony are celebrating by offering 50% reductions on each game, with a snazzy extra 10% for Playstation Plus subscribers.

So, as of today, Flower is available at £3.19/€3.99/$4.25AU, whilst flOw clocks in at a tantalising £1.99, €3.99/$6.95AU. These prices are expected to be valid for another week, making for a probable deadline of 21st March to take advantage.

Needless to say, that’s a pretty tempting offer, but, if you still need a little taster to get you in the mood for some thatgamecompany action, take a look at our Journey review.


More ‘Journey’! Why Not? “Accolades” Trailer


Another trailer has just been released for Journey, this time it’s called the “Accolades” trailer and features even more gameplay to get you pumped to play it as it releases in the US today.

In just a few hours time (as of writing) Journey will be ready for everyone in the US to purchase with the EU territories coming a day later and Japan a day after that. We’ve already bombarded you with Journey in the last few days but one more trailer won’t hurt, especially for such a gorgeous game.

This trailer features a little more gameplay than previous ones as well as boasts all of the high scoring reviews it has received. Speaking of which, we have our very own Journey review up on the site for you to read, so head over there and prepare for this experience!

You can find out more information about Journey over on the official website.

Via thatgamecompany


Tank Goodness: ‘Gratuitous Tank Battles’ Beta Released

Gratuitous Tank Battles

Positech Games have finally made Gratuitous Tank Battles available to play in its beta stage if you put your money forward and pre-order this futuristic RTS.

The game you all voted your most anticipated of 2012, Gratuitous Tank Battles, is now readily playable so you should be polishing those tank cannons and prepping the mechs, ready to charge forth into a bloody battle.

The sequel to the highly popular Gratuitous Space Battles, GTB takes the battle to the surface in a future which sees World War I still raging on. Tanks, mechs and other large chunks of metal battle it our with the infantry running amok somewhere in between. It’s dull in color but promises a thought-heavy RTS experience that we’ve been anticipating for some time now.

This beta release had us jumping up and down a bit, then we watched the trailer and repeated our effervescent actions. Watch said trailer below and once you’re ready to buy into the game and play the beta, head over to the official site to do so. Cliffski – the one man band behind the game – says that if you purchase the game now then you’ll get a download link that will last forever and a Steam key when it eventually gets its release on there.

You can find out more information on Gratuitous Tank Battles over on the official website.


The Pickford Bros Chalk Game Design For ‘Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint’

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

The Pickford Brothers have released a new video that details how they designed their BAFTA nominated iOS sports/puzzle game, Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint with just a piece of chalk and a chalkboard.

It’s rare to come across something as novel as game design with a blueprint and chalk, very rare in fact, but that is exactly how the Pickford Brothers designed their acclaimed iOS title. The story starts as the two brothers found a blueprint left by their great-great grandfather in 1888, which laid out the design of a mechanical, magnetic billiards machine. The two of them then set to work to adapt this design to a touchscreen device.

“When we started putting the game together, we wanted to quickly prototype how it would play”, said co-designer Ste Pickford, “so a piece of chalk and a child’s chalkboard – and a lot of rubbing out – seemed like the fastest way to bring the game mechanics to life in a way we could easily visualise.”

The brothers are sharing this because, well it’s quirky, but also because they’d love to encourage people to try experimenting not only with games, but also with how they conduct game design. If you can do that then surely it makes sense that your game will be something fairly different too, is the thinking presumably.

“We’ve released the video of our chalkboard prototype to give players an insight into the painstaking process of design and experimentaion that goes into creating a hit, original game like Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint“, continued co-designer John Pickford. “It was a lot of hard work to do before we even wrote a single line of code, but it seems to have paid off as the reaction we’re getting from players is just phenomenal.”

Well, it’s definitely worked on this occasion then, so why not try something quirky yourself. Make sure to send us pictures of your crazy game design procedures if you do – better yet, make a video! Speaking of which, you can watch the video of the Pickford Brothers’ chalky design below.

You can download Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint from the App Store for free, so go do so you crazy cat!

You can find out more information on Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint over on the official website.


‘Anna’ Gets A Spooky Trailer, First Gameplay Revealed


Dreampainters have released the first trailer for Anna – their spooky, multi-narrative horror adventure, there’s a good look at that gameplay we were getting excited about too.

At last! The first gameplay trailer from Anna has been released so we can get a feel for its horror adventure charm. The idea of Anna, as we previously discussed, is that there are three narrative threads that are depicted through the player’s choices. It’s a horror game primarily with some rather eye-catching graphics.

What makes Anna stand out a little more than most is its gameplay which merges point and click with first person mechanics, thus allowing you to interact with each of the detailed environments to a fuller extent than normal.

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More information on Anna is available over on the official blog.