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Teaser: ‘Garden Of Enders’ Is A Multi-Genre Adventure

Garden of Enders

New indie studio, Parallel//Worlds, have announced their multi-genre debut title, Garden of Enders, with a teaser trailer. Oh, and space farmers!

Garden of Enders is the debut title from Parallel//Worlds and even though it’s a tower defense game at it’s core, there is a whole lot more going on in this title that ensures it’s not just “another tower defense game”. Playing as a futuristic space farmer or “Ender” as they’re known by the colonists, your task is to plant seeds and ensure the plants grow to their most full so you can sell them. There are little aliens who will attack your crops though so you’ll need to set up defensive perimeters too.

This is where Garden of Enders leaves tower defense behind though and journeys into different genres entirely. The little aliens that attack your plants can actually be captured and trained to fight in monster arena battles, aka Pokemon. Then in another turn, Garden of Enders also features character specific quests with dialogue which requires the players to make many decisions that will affect events and the story, during this there are even point and click adventure style parts.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to Garden of Enders than just a tower defense game. We’d love to be able to share more about the game but the developers have only just announced it with the teaser trailer below. Enjoy!

Garden of Enders will be released on PC some time during the summer of 2012, more information on the game can be found on the official website.


Announcement: ‘Orcs Must Die 2′ Has More Of Everything!

Orcs Must Die 2

Robot Entertainment have announced Orcs Must Die 2, which is of course the sequel to their rather stellar title of the same name…minus the 2.

Tower defense titles are not really something we’re lacking at the moment but exceptions can be made, perhaps, for Robot Entertainment who have just announced their latest project, Orcs Must Die 2. The original Orcs Must Die was a game that came with a high approval from us, as read in our review, so we find ourselves wondering how the developers aim to improve upon that experience. For the uninitiated, Orcs Must Die is an action strategy title which combines classic and challenging tower defense with a third person shooter – the result is a gory, action-packed romp.

Robot Entertainment’s plan of action, like many sequels, is to just make Orcs Must Die 2 consists of more of just about everything. The game is set just days after the first with the War Mage thrust into battle with the orc armies once again. This time, however, he is joined by a powerful Sorceress who is responsible for the destruction of the Order.

As you may have guessed, this new companion means that Orcs Must Die 2 comes in single player and co-op servings; the lack of co-op in the first being the biggest complaint. Alongside that there are more enemies, more traps and a whole new upgrade system, but it’s still the same highly enjoyable gameplay. Orcs Must Die 2 is expected to release as a “digital download” this summer. The game will also be on show at PAX East this coming weekend (April 6-8th) at Booth 1172.

More information on Orcs Must Die 2 can be found on the game’s official website.


Chilling: New ‘STASIS’ Teaser


A new teaser trailer for sci-fi horror adventure game, STASIS, has been released that is sure to give you some chills.

The development team led by Chris Bischoff who are currently working hard on a little game called STASIS, proudly present a brand new teaser trailer. There’s no real gameplay shown in this one as there has been previously, but that is certainly made up by the tension contained within that gave us goosebumps.

STASIS is an isometric horror, adventure game set within the dark confines of an abandoned research facility. You play as John Maracheck and your mission is to find your family, though these kinds of things are never that simple. STASIS is intended as a “classic” adventure game with those good old mechanics we know and love; there’ll be plenty of puzzles to solve, lots of exploration to be had and many items to be found and used.

Ultimately, STASIS asks the question “trapped in a place where humanity’s horrors come out to play, how far would you go to protect your family?”

More information on STASIS can be fond on the official website.


From Paper To ‘Pid’: The Evolution Of A Puzzle Platformer


Might & Delight have released a new video that showcases the development process of their upcoming puzzle platformer, Pid, from paper cut outs to the final look.

If you cast your mind back a few months ago you might remember that a rather spiffing puzzle platformer was announced by the name of Pid. Developed by new indie studio, Might & Magic, Pid looked very interesting and certainly held a sheen about it. It’s main attraction was it’s manipulative gravity mechanics and co-op gameplay, which, when combined with the game’s rather stunning presentation, made it quite the trouser arousal.

As is often the case with out-of-the-blue announcements, nothing was heard about Pid for quite a while…until now. Might & Magic have returned once again in video form to show us all how they developed Pid, starting out with paper cut-outs and working through the various stages until the last gloss was added. It’s only a short video so you definitely have time to watch it and you’ll be glad to have been reminded of how brilliant this game is looking.

Pid is due for release on “digital platforms” at an undisclosed date this year – look our for more information over on the official website.


‘AirMech’ Gets A Teaser, Will Be Shown At PAX East


Carbon Games have released a teaser trailer for AirMech and have announced that they will be flaunting the game over at PAX East.

The Herzog Zwei similar AirMech was revealed at PAX Prime last year while in its very early stages and so Carbon Games feel that is would be fitting to really flaunt the game again at PAX East this year. Fortunately the developers have advanced the game on significantly, even so far as having a private alpha stage in which you could play the game via Google Chrome. Carbon say that there will be plenty of exclusives coming from them at PAX over at booth 772, so make sure you go and check it out if you’re heading on over from April 6-8th.

AirMech is an action-strategy title in which you control the battlefield as you would do in a typical RTS, but you can also whiz around the map with your mech which can transform into a number of useful and often destructive forms. The game has a mulitplayer focus supporting up to 3v3 matches in which co-operation will be essential to winning. There’s also a Survival mode in which up to you and three friends can face off against waves of enemies. Carbon say that they are still working on lots of the core features despite fans exclaiming, ‘how can you still call this alpha?’

Check out the AirMech‘s new teaser trailer below and be sure to check out the game over at PAX East if you’ll be attending.

You can find out more information about AirMech over on the developer’s official website.


‘Zack Zero’ Demo Now Available On US PSN Store

Zack Zero

Crocodile Entertainment inform us that the US PSN Store now comes equipped with a demo for Zack Zero so players can try out the game before purchasing.

Zack Zero has been on PSN since January of this year, but have you bothered trying it out? No, of course not because you couldn’t before but now that has changed with the release of the demo on the American PSN Store. The demo allows players to play through the first two levels of Zack Zero, thus giving them ample opportunity to get a feel for the game and whether they want to purchase the full game.

Zack Zero is an action platformer that combines puzzle solving, combat and of course jumping to keep the adventure varied and exciting. The game didn’t fare so well in our review but since then, a HUGE update has been released that fixes many of the issues we brought up – we outline the bug list in this previous post.

Ultimately, you can find out if the update has made that much of a difference by download the demo now, can’t you? Yes quite.

More information on Zack Zero can be found on the game’s official website.


Step Inside: ‘Gateways’ PC Demo Awaits You


Smudged Cat Games have released a playable demo for their 2D puzzle platformer, Gateways. If you wanted to check the game out before you pre-order, now is your chance.

You may recall a game we talked about a little while ago called Gateways which caused a few brain ruptures and probably a few deaths – this was just the trailer! Gateways is lazily described as a 2D version of Portal, but it’s actually a whole lot more than that. The ‘gateways’ in this game don’t just transport you, they have other effects such as resizing you and even fiddling with time. It looks very complicated but has great potential as a puzzle game.

Gateways is due for release on June 22nd 2012 for PC and Xbox Live Indie Games and you can pre-order it right now. There’s two pre-order packages – the $10 download of the game or the $30 Deluxe Packaged which also comes with a Gateways mousemat, a signed A2 poster of the Gateways map and a Smudged Cat Games pen.

No doubt there are those of you out there who like to remain sceptical, to whom we present the Gateways Windows-only demo which was just released today. You can check out the beginning stages of the game and learn how the standard and re-sizing gateway guns work in the demo, so grab your download right here.

You can find out more information on Gateways over on the official website.


‘Nyan Cat Adventure’ Prances On To iOS

Nyan Cat Adventure iOS

21st Street Games have brought their meme-themed single button arcade title, Nyan Cat Adventures, to the App Store because it needed more rainbows clearly.

You might remember a little game called Nyan Cat Adventures which we decided wasn’t too bad if a little crazy. 21st Street’s psychedelic cat madness has burst its way of out the confines of the Xbox Live Marketplace now though as it hits the App Store.

It’s pretty much the same game for anyone wondering – Nyan Cat Adventures requires only one button to be played so it makes sense to bring it to touchscreen really. You travel across space as the famous cat dodging as many things as possible. On the odd occasion the odd effect is put in to vary it up a little bit too. There’s actually two versions on the App Store – the LITE version is free and lets you only play as Nyan Cat and play in Party Mode.

If you want to unlock the rest of the game it’s going to cost you $0.99 but for that you will get all 8 characters, 5 game modes, Game Center achievements and leaderboards and you’ll get to hear the entire soundtrack if you can bear it.

More information on Nyan Cat Adventures can be found on the game’s official website.


Dinosaurs, Digging And Danger: ‘Planet Explorers’

Planet Explorers

Pathea Games announced their next project at GDC with a trailer – Planet Explorers features dinosaurs, digging, building, combat and other RPG elements and is set on a distant planet.

Following their action platformer, Drains, Pathea are now developing an open world RPG experience which incorporates many of the features that come associated with the many voxel-based games of today’s gaming landscape. Planet Explorers is set in the year 2287 after one of the first colony ships crash lands on the planet Maria, killing many of the colonists. The ones who survive step out to find a would inhabited by dangerous creatures but they learn to use the planet’s resources to their advantage.

This is where you come in – you’ll create your own character and set off to survive Maria with the rest of the colonists that remain. You’ll be able to combine and create weapons, vehicles, and buildings to help you out across the many missions that will come your way in this otherwise typical RPG gameplay. Planet Explorers will be single player initially but the developers are looking to add co-op and other multiplayer modes before the final release.

The plan is to release the open beta in July – it will be Windows only but a Mac version may be available sometime in the future, in anticipation of a full release by late summer. Be sure to check out all of the information available on Planet Explorers with the many screenshots over on the official website.

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Snap Into Action With This ‘There And Back’ Trailer

There And Back

Every BIT Counts have released a trailer for their short student project, There And Back, which uses an interesting mechanic to identify itself in the crowded puzzle platformer space.

Students from the Vancouver Film School on the Game Design course have had 3 months to develop a game and the result that Team Every BIT Counts is boasting is looking pretty good. Though in many ways it’s just another puzzle platformer with a unique mechanic, There And Back certainly looks intriguing enough to warrant a playthrough.

The game is nearing release now and the students are showing off the main parts of the game – that being the three environments, snippets of the game’s puzzles and the “snap” mechanic. The latter seems to make a clone of the avatar which moves in an opposite direction from the player. The player can then snap to the position of the clone to solve puzzles and reach places they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

There’s no release date for There And Back quite yet but keep an eye on the game’s official blog for updates.

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