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Fly The Flag For ‘Best Of British Indie Bundle’

BoB bundle header

With the market getting more and more flooded with bundles it can be an impossible task to keep up with all of the great games they offer and today offers yet another bundle in this week’s midweek madness sale over on Steam dubbed Best Of British Indie Bundle.

It is true that Britain has been responsible for a lot of great indie games over these past few years and this bundle attempts to collect up all the greatest indie games Britain has offered and put them into one neat bundle at a very reasonable rate. The bundle includes seven titles which are as follows:

  • Defcon – A strategy title based on the classic film Wargames attempting to recapture the cold war era in game form but with actual use of nuclear warfare to eliminate your foes
  • Eufloria – A compelling ambient game of space exploration via plant growth throughout the galaxy
  • Frozen Synapse – A tactical turn based strategy game, taking a lot of influence from the early rainbow six tactical modes Frozen Synapse creates a highly skilled strategy
  • Gratuitous Space Battles – Allowing the player to play the role of an admiral to develop the perfect strategy to guide your fleet to victory in this Sci-Fi statergy
  • Revenge of the Titans – Taking a lot of influence from films of the 1950’s in this interesting approach to tower defence with a great deal more depth than most
  • Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! – Two Point and Click adventure games have never been this whimsical, full of tongue in cheek jokes interspersed with puzzles to keep you busy

revenge of the titans screenshot 01

Although the bundle distinctly leans towards the strategy end of the market the games included stand up entirely on their own with no weak link making this bundle a must for anyone who does not already have these games in their library. Best Of British Indie Bundle is available via steam currently at the sale price of $9.99 only available until Thursday 4pm (PST) so act now to scoop up a bargain.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Fly The Flag For ‘Best Of British Indie Bundle’


Indie Royale Returns With The Difficult 2nd Bundle

Ah, it seems like this whole ‘Indie Royale’ thing kicked off just two weeks ago. Probably because it did. Four indie gems in a pay-what-you want bundle with a twist; the minimum price slowly crept up with each bundle sold, and dropped when someone put more money down. Well, they’re back today with four more – Nightsky, Fate Of The World, Scoregasm, and the Time Gentlemen, Please double-pack. The initial price is around the $2 mark right now, and sure to rise. If you’re short on cash, get in quick!


Indie Deal of the Day: Time, Gentlemen Please for $1.25

Looking for a rip-roaring, hilarious, old school-styled, point & click adventure game that’s certainly, at the very least, worth it’s weight in laughs? Look no farther than Size 5 Games (formerly Zombie Cow) deal of the day on Steam today where you can acquire both Time, Gentlemen Please and Ben There, Dan That for a scant $1.25. The latter of which is available for free regardless.

For those unfamiliar with the games, I’ll just leave you with this official feature list:

  • Funny words that’ll actually probably make you laugh out loud!
  • Graphics AND sound effects!
  • Thousands of unique responses for almost every action you can think of!

If that last one doesn’t sell you on the games then, well, I just don’t know what will.

Deal lasts until 10:00 am tomorrow PT via Steam. Check it out now!



Adventure Game Studio Engine Source Code Released

A solid development for game devs, programmers and their respective student followings who have adventure titles on the brain and an understanding of C++: The already free game creator Adventure Game Studio (the same one that spawned titles such as Time Gentlemen, Please! and Snakes of Avalon) has recently offered up its engine source code as well.

Those interested have been instructed to use Visual C++ Express 2008, a free download from Microsoft — as opposed to the 2010 version — and will also need the DirectX SDK from Microsoft installed. There are also a few caveats for those looking to poke around, which the author has outlined:

  • DO NOT use this source code as a learning resource or a guide on best practice.
  • The state of the source code is VERY BAD and should in fact be considered an example of BAD PRACTICE.
  • Unlike the AGS Editor code which is relatively modern and a generally good standard, the engine code dates back 12 years to 1999, and has a severe case of the another-bit-being-bolted-onto-the-side disease. It also retains compatibility with old versions which means that some of the old and particularly dire code paths cannot yet be removed.
  • So just to be clear, YES I KNOW that the code is in a bad state. You don’t need to tell me that.
  • I also know that AGS is used by thousands of games with thousands of combinations of game settings and script functions, and that any attempt to refactor the code into a better state is likely to inadvertently break something in someone’s game, which is why I haven’t attempted to do it yet.

Curious parties can obtain the files and full details over on the AGS forums.

[Source: IndieGames]


The Adventure Game Studio Award Winners

Adventure Game Studio Quite a few of the indie games released in 2009 were made with the help of a little program called Adventure Game Studio. The AGS awards for last year were voted on by members of the forum tied to the program, and the winners were announced last night.

Time Gentlemen, Please! was the big winner, taking the best game, gameplay, dialogue and npc awards. The Marionette and The McCarthy Chronicles also won four awards each. Shai-la of the Sith won for the best non-adventure game, and forum members thought Shifters’s Box – Outside In had the best puzzles.

The ceremony was hosted by forum member Bicilotti and broadcast on IRC. You can read the transcript here. For a list of winners, visit the award’s Wiki.

[via The AGS Blog]


Time Gentlemen, Please 50% Off

Time_Gentlemen_PleaseIndie dev Zombie Cow Studios is apparently getting a little impatient waiting for the release of the potential ‘game of the universe’ title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  So they saw it fit to offer up a great (and not even slightly tongue-in-cheek) 50% off sale on their latest adventure game Time Gentlemen, Please! Just so you the gamer have something to pass the time with.

All you have to do is buy the title from the dev’s site and enter the code MW2AAAAGES to get a half-off discount. The well appreciated indie already went for cheap–running around $5.25 standard–and now quite frankly is a must buy for indie/adventure enthusiats at under $3.

The sale goes through Tuesday, November 10 the very day MW2 launches, of course.