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‘Indie Game: The Movie’ Soundtrack Now Available

As we reported two weeks ago, the official soundtrack for the hugely revered Indie Game: The Movie was available for pre-order through Bandcamp. Fast-forward to today and you’ll find that the soundtrack has now been given its full public release.

Those who didn’t pre-order the soundtrack may be pleased to know that all the pre-order bonuses, including t-shirts bedecked in the film’s official logo and a double LP version of the soundtrack, complete with some delightful cover artwork from Cory Schmitz, are still available to customers who bite on the offer right now. Of course, the standard digital version of the soundtrack, chock full of Jim Guthrie’s splendid melodies, is still available for $5.


‘Lone Survivor’ Codename: Red Now Available On Steam, 20% Discount

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor has now been released on Steam and this version of the survival horror has been updated with some tweaks to make the experience even better.

Just hours after we spotted it, Lone Survivor has been release on Steam and with what is being called “CODENAME: RED” version. That basically just means it’s a v1.1 update on top of the original game – a bunch of tweaks and minor additions. Nothing too drastic. If you purchased the game before this, you’ll have to wait until Jasper is able to get around to emailing everyone with the update; he is talking with Steam about giving Steam keys to all of his previous customers. What’s more, rather than being priced at $9.99 / £6.99 on Steam, there’s a 20% launch discount until April 30th, so if you’re going to get it, do so now!

We really loved Lone Survivor, in fact, we’re pretty sure that everyone did – you can read our review of the game right here. It’s a sidescrolling survival horror with some very weird scenarios and lots of creepy atmosphere to keep you entertained and spooked. Many people are saying it’s the best Silent Hill game in years, so you can get a gist of the game if you know that series – or at least what it used to be.

You can purchase Lone Survivor on Steam or on the official website – we’ve listed all of the changes to the game below for whoever is interested.

In this “CODENAME: RED” update of the game on Steam, you’ll encounter the following updates:

  • Allows ESC to quit from the title screen or game over screen
  • Hunger increases 10% slower
  • Stealth movement 10% faster
  • Thinman patrol pause shortened
  • Red ending ‘officially’ added (although will be extended in LS:YELLOW later in the year)
  • Red ending requirements changed
  • Blue / red path ranks made more difficult
  • A few more contributing factors added
  • A new logo and icon
  • Tweaked art in the basement / ground floor to remove pure black pixels
  • Removed glitchy pixels from the side of the ammo store
  • Tin of pickles now has a description
  • Elevator upstairs gives message if powered
  • Save game is cleaned up: all traces of the old system removed
  • Save game no longer creates a Flash Shared Object except for volume settings
  • Numerous typos corrected
  • ??? won’t trade unless you’ve met him
  • ???’s name only appears once you’ve met him
  • Map hints disabled if not carrying the correct map
  • Some small, secret mechanic changes, mostly fixes
  • Some re-balancing to mental health-dependent descriptions
  • Can opener room door made a tiny bit clearer
  • The cat works


  • Mac black screen issue no longer an issue
  • Panic attacks disabled in the boss sequence (which could rarely cause a corrupted save)
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to re-trigger the elevator sequence
  • Fixed bug with text boxes not reverting to interactive mode on game completion
  • Fundamental engine changes in cutscene / dialogue handling:
  • All world and object descriptions now have the player non-interactive
  • Last-resort freeze check & correct for scripts that don’t return control
  • Tweaks to the way sprites allow player interaction when simulating hotspots (solves the freezes related to positioning)
  • Cat / doll / stove / Gamejoy / bucket / hospital door freezes fixed by the above methods
  • Rare slowdown issue fixed (related to AIR system chrome setting, now disabled)

You can find out more information on Lone Survivor on the game’s official website.


Yaarrrggghhhh: ‘Revenge Of Roger Rouge’ Now On Desura

Revenge of Roger Rouge

Trazzy Entertainment have released their shoot’em and loot’em pirate ship action adventure title, Revenge of Roger Rouge, for download on your PC and Windows Phone 7.

Bringing back the old school with a modern touch like a good number of indie developers attempt these days, Trazzy’s Revenge of Roger of Rouge is a sea salty affair with the life of a pirate…yaaarrrgghhhh. It’s a story driven tale with plenty of twists and turns much like the rockin’ or yer boat. Gameplay-wise you’ll be happy to know that the controls are kept simple but the results are deadly – steer your ship and blast the cannons to take out your foes, that’s the pirate way!

It won’t be just one great blue you’ll be blasting your way across either. No, there are in fact 12 seas in need to a kick in the booty, ranging from “the azure Caribbean waves to harsh northern waters, from the Asian thunderstorms to deceptive calm of the Sargasso Sea.” With three big old bosses to take on and plenty of smaller foe to cannon down, Revenge of Roger Rouge should be fit for the taking, cap’n.

You can purchase Revenge of Roger Rouge over on Desura where there is also a free demo to give a go.

More information on Revenge of Roger Rouge is available on the official website.


Hungry For Games? The ‘Be Mine 2′ Bundle Has Launched

Be Mine 2

The Be Mine 2 Bundle has gone live if you didn’t already know – grab yourself a bargain of games, film, music even comic book and feed the hungry while you’re at it.

You know the drill by now: here’s another new bundle that has just launched, head over there with your monies and grab the goods, donate to charity and keep an eye out for more unlocked goods as time progresses. Simple. Of course you want details though, so here we go! First and foremost, the Be Mine 2 Bundle is available in conjunction with Feed Them With Music which means that every $2 spent on the bundle will be donated to the charity which will then give meals to the hungry – a very good cause.

Here’s the bit for you consumerist society floozies though. The Be Mine 2 Bundle comes with five games at the $4 minimum, a fifth on is added if you pay $10 though. Here’s the list of available games:

Non game-related, there are also two more bonuses for those who pay over $10, they are a special collection of music from hip-hop artist Eligh and a graphic novel by the name of Return To Wonderland.

Now, as is the trend with bundles, there are plenty of unlockables granting you even more items for your money. Some of which have already been unlocked at the time of writing, those being: the indie comic book Cyber Chicken #1 and the indie film The Red Skulls. After that there are 3 more tiers, one with more music and another with DLC for some of the games in the bundle and then a mystery unlock which will be revealed if it’s reached.

So, in order to grab yourself the bundle you’ll want to head on over to the official Be Mine 2 Bundle website, where all of the contents are displayed in a much more digestible and informative way.


‘Lone Survivor’ Official Soundtrack Outed

Amidst the fantastic critical reception it’s garnered over the past week, you’d think that Jasper Byrne might have taken a break from Lone Survivor-related announcements. You’d be wrong.

If you can’t get enough of the game’s awe-inspiring tension and pulsating atmosphere, you can now order the official Lone Survivor soundtrack at Bandcamp.

With 19 extended tracks from the game, it rocks in at $6.99 USD and is available in .mp3 and .FLAC formats.

For more information on the soundtrack, along with a heartfelt expression of gratitude on the part of Byrne, take a look at the official Superflat Games site.


Brace Yourselves: ‘Be Mine Bundle 2′ Announced, Guess The Contents

Be Mine 2

It’s back…again! The Be Mine Bundle 2 has been announced so it’s time to guess what games may be in this forthcoming indie game deal.

Hopefully we won’t have all of the hiccups that the first Be Mine Bundle caused with this sequel bundle. As was the same with the other one, a trailer has been released announcing it and what it will contain. It seems the Be Mine Bundle 2 will be linked with Feed Them With Music charity this time around, which is presumably getting a cut of the money from this and probably the supplying the music that will be given away when a certain amount of donations are received.

You’ll get six games with this one, initially at least, which all come with Steam keys. There’ll also be four bonus levels that, if it works like the original bundle, will be unlocked when certain donation targets are reached. The trailer is below and if you want to know what games are being teased as part of the bundle just scroll down a little further.

So, did you work out which games it was? Well, we have the list right here for your convenience:

Look out for more information on the Be Mine Bundle 2 over on the official website.


A Date With Death: ‘Lone Survivor’ Dated And Priced

Lone Survivor

Jasper Byrne of Superflat World has announced the release date and price oh his highly-anticipated side-scrolling survival horror Lone Survivor!

We’ve been waiting for ages but now the news has arrived at last! Lone Survivor will be released on March 27th 2012 for PC and Mac. There will be two editions up for grabs: the Standard Edition will cost $10 and will grant you the game and DRM-free updates for life.

While the First Aid Edition will cost $50 and will not only allow for Superflat World’s future games to remain as freeware, but will give you the Lone Survivor OST, an exclusive short game to be finished afterwards (LS3D – a side adventure to Lone Survivor) as well as a couple of mystery gifts, such as scans of designs and artwork from the game, to be decided. Below is a picture from LS3D (Lone Survivor 3D obviously):


Jasper says he would like to add some more endings to the game in the future to make replays worthwhile. He also adds that the first 1200 purchasers will receive the Soul Brother OST for free, which is priced at $5 otherwise.

You’ll be able to purchase Lone Survivor via its official website which isn’t live yet. There will also be a demo that you can play in your browser over there too. An official launch trailer is on the way but for now this one below will have to do.

More information on Lone Survivor can be found on the official Superflat World development blog.


‘Lone Survivor’ Will Arrive This Very Month

Lone Survivor

Jasper Byrne, or Superflat World as he is also known, has taken to Twitter and announced that Lone Survivor will be coming out this month, March 2012! Capital letters were used and everything.

I thought about holding out to share this news once something a little more definite has been announced such as a release date, but my excitement got the better of me and now look, I’ve wandered into garble territory! Well anyway, Mr. Byrne did promise that the release date, price and all that other chewy stuff will be known as soon as GDC is over.

Great – now we enter ‘that’ zone in which all developers refuse to release any news due to being overshadowed by GDC. What to do in the meantime….?

Hmmm. Oh look, let’s just watch this gameplay trailer of Lone Survivor and remind ourselves why we love survival horror games. Yes, that will suffice for now.

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You can find out more information on Lone Survivor by sifting through the development blog.