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New ‘Under The Ocean’ Developer Log Released

Under The Ocean

Paul Greasley’s Under The Ocean is shaping up to be one of the stand-out prospects on the indie gaming scene, but we’re now just a little more excited about it than we were before.

The survival adventure title, following up from the well-received freeware romp Under The Garden, has been the subject of another development log video, this time focusing on how construction and survival are going to be handled in the game.


Big Robot Unveils ‘Sir, You Are Being Hunted’

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Big Robot (Jim Rossignol’s development foray) have revealed a brand new project, the fourth to be exact, it’s called Sir, You Are Being Hunted and it looks jolly marvellous.

Big Robot made it clear that Sir, Your Are Being Hunted is actually more of a side project from Project Lodestone. It’s an experiment, sprouting from the ideas they had when thinking about what to do with a procedurally generated world. A tangent, but not one that should be taken lightly, we feel.

So basically, the game is set in a quaint British landscape – hunting, gentlemen, tea drinking and all of those other stereotypes exist, but are blown out of proportion in a sci-fi imagniarium. The gentlemen may have their manners, but they are actually aristocratic robots out on the hunt for you, or as Big Robot put it: “Robots that ape tea-drinking, poachers that lurk in reed-beds, and red-eyed hounds that patrol the moors”. They’re all out to get you and you have to survive – how is something we don’t know yet but there will be more details in the near future.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

A term that was used to describe the game is a “British indie S.T.A.L.K.E.R.”, so we’re certainly going to be rooting for that as an idea. Oh and it’s Big Robot so who isn’t going to assume it’s going to be interesting.

You can find out more information on Sir, You Are Being Hunted over on the developer’s official website.


Surviving The Great Blue In ‘Under The Ocean’ With Paul Greasley

Attending to survival gameplay in a very unique way, Under The Garden became a notorious freeware gem when it was released back in 2010. Chopping down trees, shooting bears and making shelter kept this player occupied in a delightfully delivered effort from Paul Greasley. If you never got around to playing Under The Garden, then make sure you do – you can download Under The Garden for free from this link.There were plenty of bugs to flatten out and a few other slights that Paul had to sort out upon the release of Under The Garden and so he learned many things during the process. He’s now in development of the sequel to Under The Garden which takes on a completely new location which comes with new challenges. Under The Ocean also marks a shift into 3D for Paul, no doubt bringing a whole load of other issues as well as making the game look very crisp.We spoke with Paul about Under The Ocean now that it is available to pre-order to find out why you should be interested in this brilliant looking title.IGM: What are the lessons you learned from developing Under The Garden which you will be taking over to Under The Ocean?PG: Honestly I try to think more in terms of where the game feels like it needs to go as a whole, rather than trying to dissect what worked and what didn’t.

This Article was originally posted on our sister site, The Indie Game Magazine written by Chris Priestman.


Freeware Game Pick – I Shall Remain: Prologue

Via press release we receive word that the first part of John Way’s top-down zombie survival RPG I Shall Remain is now available to download for free. The prologue is available for all on IndieDB, weighing in at just under a gig. Originally a Kickstarter effort that fell short of its goal, the lack of funding didn’t deter the Way’s team from going forward with the project, and now we have the first of those fruits with supposedly more in the works. Good on them I say.


Project Zomboid Gears Up For A Major New Release

It would seem that the bad times are firmly behind The Indie Stone now. In a major development blog update, they’ve confirmed a content-lock on a variety of significant upgrades to the game. They’ve just got some balancing, bug-fixing and tuning to do before delivering the next playable build – the first in months – into the hands of would-be zombiepocalyptic survivalists worldwide.


Project Zomboid Gets Emotional, Intelligent And Human

The poor gits over at The Indie Stone haven’t really caught any big breaks lately, but despite an almost cartoonish level of bad luck compounded by quite stunning hostility from their own audience, they’re still kicking. Or at least shambling grimly forward, as any self-respecting brainmuncher would. While a new public alpha version of their horror-survival RPG sandbox Project Zomboid isn’t available quite yet, the team have put up a couple of videos detailing the finer points of survivor AI and their upcoming conversation system – it’s really clever stuff. We’ve seen a lot of zombie games this year, but nothing like this.


Bagfull Of Cheer – Celebrate Squidmas With Free Games

Tis’ the season to be bundled. This one is a bit different, though – to celebrate this most icy and expensive of seasons, lovely game-making-type chap Rob Fearon has put all his games up as a single combined free download with the option (if you feel so inclined) to donate a bit of money afterwards, if you feel you’ve got a karmic balance to work out. If you like your shooters arena’y, bright and loud, you should probably grab it now.


Free Is The Magic Number: Realm Of The Mad God, an Indie MMO Shooter

Will you rise to the challenge of Oryx?

Will you rise to the challenge of Oryx?

This may have been covered sometime in the past, but it’s well worth revisiting, due to how much the game has grown. A long time ago, on another, much less handsome indie site, a strange and unique game-development competition was held. Group A produces random game art assets, and Group B makes games using them. Of the many interesting an exciting results, Realm of The Mad God was probably the most ambitious. An MMO, of all things, and it worked! It was very bare-bones at first release, but has grown into a great way to waste an hour or two from time to time.


Minecraft Starter Guide and Extra Survival Tips [Walkthrough]

MinecraftLogoWelcome to the DIYGamer Minecraft Beginner’s Guide! Minecraft is a huge and most wonderful game, but starting off can be a little overwhelming if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing.

This guide will talk you through a good way to begin your Minecraft adventure, and survive your first day/night. We’ll talk about gathering resources, crafting tools, creating your first shelter and exploring the depths of your world.

Note that there are plenty of different ways to get going, and the below method is just one method of starting your life. Once you’ve tried our way, feel free to start a new world and try doing things a little differently.

Without further ado, let’s crack on with our first day and night of Minecraft!


After your world spawns, take a quick look around and get your bearings. Search in the distance but mountain areas in particular – that’s where we’ll be headed soon.


The first thing you’ll need is wood, and plenty of it. Walk up to the nearest tree and simply hold down the mouse button to cut it down with your hands. Grab the wood that falls from the tree, and keep cutting down trees until you have collected around 25 blocks of the stuff.


Now let’s find a decent place to set up out first shelter. The main block types you’ll need to begin with are stone and, more importantly, coal. Head towards the nearest mountain range and look for black lines on the rocks.


As you can see in the above screenshot, there are black cracks in the middle of this mountain – those are coal pieces. Building your shelter near some coal is a good idea, so I’m going to set up camp here.


Now that I’ve chosen where to stay, it’s time to get some crafting done. Pressing the I key will make the inventory menu pop up, along with your crafting tools. Items at the very bottom are those which are active and you can use in the world by pressing keys 1-9. The 3×9 grid above that is your inventory, and you can store anything you find here.

Just above that is your armour (which you don’t have any of at the moment) and your crafting tools. Placing blocks and items into here lets you create other blocks and items. The first thing we need is some planks of wood for building other items.


Place all your wood into one space in the crafting section (as shown above), and you’ll see planks appear on the right. Keep clicking on the planks until you have built 64, then place them in your inventory below. Do this over and over until all your wood has been used to make planks.

Now that we’ve done this, we can do some real crafting. The crafting section in your inventory is very limited, in that it is only a 2×2 space. We can create much better items if we build a crafting bench.


Put at least 1 panel into each of the 4 spaces, and you’ll see the crafting bench appear on the right. Click it, and place it in your active items at the bottom.


Now that we’ve got our bench, let’s find a good space to put it into. Choose where you want your shelter to be – the side of a rock face is usually a good place – and start digging. It will take a little while to dig rocks with your hands, but don’t worry – you only need to dig out a little space for now, then we’ll craft tools to speed up the process.


Now that we’ve got our small space, place down the crafting bench by selecting it and right-clicking. Finally we can do some proper crafting!


Right click the crafting bench, and you’ll open up a crafting menu that contains a 3×3 grid for crafting. Now the magic can happen.


First off, we need some sticks. Whenever you craft an item, it usually works by roughly creating that shape with your inventory blocks. For example, for creating sticks, we put two planks one on top of the other. It doesn’t matter when you put them in the crafting square, as long as it is in that shape.

Sticks will appear on the right. Grab a good number of them – say, around 50. Now that we have sticks, we can produce some mining tools.


Let’s make a pickaxe! Place stick in the middle and middle-bottom slot, and planks in all the top slots (as shown above). As you can see, we’ve created the shape of a pickaxe, and in return a pickaxe appears on the right. Create a couple of them for now, and place them in your active items.


You may also want to create an axe for chopping down trees more quickly – this can be done by using the formation of sticks and planks shown above. This isn’t essential at the moment though, as we have more than enough wood to be dealing with.


It’s time to do some real mining! Select your pickaxe and start hacking out a decent-sized cave for hiding in later when night-time comes. Note the green bar under your pickaxe – that shows the condition of your tool, and when it reaches red, it will break and you’ll lose the tool. By the time you’ve dug out a good cave, your tools will probably be broken. Time to make some new, more sturdy ones.


Go back to your crafting bench, and create a pickaxe again, but this time use the stone you’ve collected instead of planks. Now we have a good, stone pickaxe to use which will last far longer.


With our cave dug out, let’s get cracking with that coal. Find where your coal is on the mountain side, then climb up to it. If you need to, dig a way up with your trusty pickaxe.


Starting mining the coal. I got pretty lucky here and found plenty of coal, but even just a small amount is good enough for now. Coal is essential for keeping the baddies away and allowing your to explore deep underground, as we’ll find out soon.


By now it should be getting a little dark, so we need to hurry. Head back to your crafting bench, and open up the crafting menu. Place coal on top of sticks (as above), and create around 50 torches. Place these in your active inventory.


Select your torches, and place a couple on the walls of your cave by right-clicking against the walls. Your cave should now be lit up pretty well. Of course, we still have a big, gaping opening to the outside world, and night-time is descending! Time to enclose ourselves in.


I’ve decided to make a wall out of stone, but you can choose to build it out of any material you’ve picked up. Simply put them in your active inventory, select the block type you want, then right-click anywhere to place. Build your wall so that there are no gaps except for a suspiciously door-shaped 1×2 space. Can you guess what’s going to happen here?


That’s right, we’re making a door! Place plank blocks in a 2×3 formation on your crafting bench (as shown above) and then drag the door into your active inventory.


Placing the door can be a little tricky. Select the door, then walk up to your opening, and look at the floor. Check the above screenshot for whereabouts you should be aiming. Now right-click.


Voila! A door! Doors are very useful, as they stop monsters getting in, but also allow you through. Simply click on a door to open or close it.

Now that we’re safe, it’s time to prepare for some digging action. Let’s first create somewhere to store everything we find. Go to the crafting bench.


Make a square of planks (as shown above), and you’ll create a wooden chest for keeping your prizes possessions in. Place the chest down anywhere you want, as you did with the crafting bench, then right-click on it. You’ll now see plenty of space for putting items, just in case you run out of space in your personal inventory.


While we’re at it, we might as well create a furnace too. Furnaces are used for melting certain blocks down and creating more useful items – e.g. melting iron ore will make iron, while melting sand will create glass, just in case you want to add some windows to your place!

Create a square of stone (as shown above) then grab the furnace and place it anywhere. Right-click on the furnace.


In the furnace menu, you’ll see two spaces separated by an empty fire symbol. Place coal in the bottom space, then whatever you’d like heated up in the top space. Not everything can be used, so experiment with different blocks and items to see what happens.


One final thing before we go exploring – we may meet nasty things down there, so let’s kit ourselves out with a means of attack! Go to the crafting bench and put a stick under two stone blocks, as shown above. We now have a sword for cutting down evil creatures with.


Make yourself a few more stone pickaxes, and then let’s start digging! Remember to put torches up on the walls as you dig, so that you can see where you’re going and to stop evil things appearing. The majority of cool things to find are deep below the surface, so digging across and down is a good idea. NEVER dig straight down – you really don’t want to fall and kill yourself in an underground cavern!


You can see above that I’ve created a stairway, but I need to jump up each step. Let’s fix that. Go to your crafting bench again.


Create step with stone, as shown in the above screenshot. Grab a good number of steps and put them in your active inventory. Now talk to where your stairs are, select your stone steps and place them down with right-click. They may initially appear facing the wrong way, but simply keep putting them down in the correct places and hopefully they will rotate to face the right way.


And there we have it – stairs we can walk up easily! Continue to dig, creating your own rooms and finding more interesting materials and underground surprises. Eventually you’ll either run out of space in your inventory, or all your pickaxes will break, so let’s head back to the crafting bench.


Look at that – we were so busy digging, it turned day-time and we didn’t even realise! Let’s go outside and explore.


If you’re exploring and you want to find your way back home, simply put torches down on the ground along your path. That way, you’ll be able to follow them back – think of it as a sort of breadcrumb trail. Eventually you may find some very interesting areas to explore.


There are already lots of secret, underground passages all over your Minecraft world, and exploring them is a lot of fun. Make sure you take plenty of planks, pickaxes and torches with you on any adventure.


Now and again you’ll encounter baddies in daylight. Just let them walk out into the sun, and they slowly burn to death. You’ll then be able to grab whatever special items they were guarding!


Look out for iron ore on your travels – it looks like beige cracks all over rock. Iron ore can be put into the furnace to create iron, which can then in turn be used to create armour, helmets and shields to protect yourself.


Dig deep enough, and you may even find underground rivers and lava. They are plenty of cool things to find in these areas, so have a good hunt around. Just make sure to take care when you’re near lava, and don’t hit the blocks around it, otherwise it may just spread and touch you…


At which point, you’ll most likely set on fire and die. Dying in Minecraft is a bit of a pain – you’ll be taken all the way back to wherever you first spawned from, and have lost all your items. You can in fact walk back to where you died and simply pick all your fallen items up, but usually it will be far too long a trek to be bothering with.

And so ends our first hour with Minecraft. Hopefully this has inspired you to create your own path and go on a seriously epic quest. Here’s some ideas for what to do next:

Download a texture pack for the game, making the world look different

Read Geoff’s Minecraft Diaries. “The Minecraft Diaries” are an editorial series based on living in the Minecraft world. It is not a walkthrough, per say, it is merely one man’s adventures through this great universe.

Build an amazing house out of wood, then accidently burn it to the ground

Let us know what other tips you have for surviving in the Minecraft world in the comments!

[June 23rd, 2011 UPDATE: This is an older guide guys. Not everything is included in it. We are waiting until the 1.7 Adventure Update comes out before rewriting it. Until that time, please be sure to check out the official Minecraft Wiki for newer Minecraft recipes. Apologies for any inconvenience.]


Killing Floor Level Up DLC Hits Oct 22, Free Steam Weekend Announced

Killing_Floor_Screen_02 []Tripwire Interactive has announced the upcoming release of the new ‘Level Up’ content pack for their survival co-op shooter Killing Floor. The add-on will arrive as a free update on October 22, bringing new maps for those who own either the Steam or retail version of the game.

To celebrate the release, Tripwire invites new players to try Killing Floor for free, holding a free-to-play weekend for the game on Steam beginning with the new content’s arrival Thursday, October 22 and going through Sunday, October 25.

Full announcement after the break.