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‘Lone Survivor’ Codename: Red Now Available On Steam, 20% Discount

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor has now been released on Steam and this version of the survival horror has been updated with some tweaks to make the experience even better.

Just hours after we spotted it, Lone Survivor has been release on Steam and with what is being called “CODENAME: RED” version. That basically just means it’s a v1.1 update on top of the original game – a bunch of tweaks and minor additions. Nothing too drastic. If you purchased the game before this, you’ll have to wait until Jasper is able to get around to emailing everyone with the update; he is talking with Steam about giving Steam keys to all of his previous customers. What’s more, rather than being priced at $9.99 / £6.99 on Steam, there’s a 20% launch discount until April 30th, so if you’re going to get it, do so now!

We really loved Lone Survivor, in fact, we’re pretty sure that everyone did – you can read our review of the game right here. It’s a sidescrolling survival horror with some very weird scenarios and lots of creepy atmosphere to keep you entertained and spooked. Many people are saying it’s the best Silent Hill game in years, so you can get a gist of the game if you know that series – or at least what it used to be.

You can purchase Lone Survivor on Steam or on the official website – we’ve listed all of the changes to the game below for whoever is interested.

In this “CODENAME: RED” update of the game on Steam, you’ll encounter the following updates:

  • Allows ESC to quit from the title screen or game over screen
  • Hunger increases 10% slower
  • Stealth movement 10% faster
  • Thinman patrol pause shortened
  • Red ending ‘officially’ added (although will be extended in LS:YELLOW later in the year)
  • Red ending requirements changed
  • Blue / red path ranks made more difficult
  • A few more contributing factors added
  • A new logo and icon
  • Tweaked art in the basement / ground floor to remove pure black pixels
  • Removed glitchy pixels from the side of the ammo store
  • Tin of pickles now has a description
  • Elevator upstairs gives message if powered
  • Save game is cleaned up: all traces of the old system removed
  • Save game no longer creates a Flash Shared Object except for volume settings
  • Numerous typos corrected
  • ??? won’t trade unless you’ve met him
  • ???’s name only appears once you’ve met him
  • Map hints disabled if not carrying the correct map
  • Some small, secret mechanic changes, mostly fixes
  • Some re-balancing to mental health-dependent descriptions
  • Can opener room door made a tiny bit clearer
  • The cat works


  • Mac black screen issue no longer an issue
  • Panic attacks disabled in the boss sequence (which could rarely cause a corrupted save)
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to re-trigger the elevator sequence
  • Fixed bug with text boxes not reverting to interactive mode on game completion
  • Fundamental engine changes in cutscene / dialogue handling:
  • All world and object descriptions now have the player non-interactive
  • Last-resort freeze check & correct for scripts that don’t return control
  • Tweaks to the way sprites allow player interaction when simulating hotspots (solves the freezes related to positioning)
  • Cat / doll / stove / Gamejoy / bucket / hospital door freezes fixed by the above methods
  • Rare slowdown issue fixed (related to AIR system chrome setting, now disabled)

You can find out more information on Lone Survivor on the game’s official website.


Freak Out: ‘Lone Survivor’ Has A Launch Trailer

Lone Survivor

In anticipation of the big launch of Lone Survivor tomorrow, Jasper Byrne has unleashed a rather thrilling launch trailer!

One of the biggest indie games this year is certainly Superflat Games‘ sidescrolling survival horror, Lone Survivor. We’re pretty sure that everyone is pumped up for this one and if you’re not then we’re going to make sure you are…somehow. So Lone Survivor will be launching tomorrow, that is March 27th 2012 for the record, for Windows and Mac and it’s going to rock your world or something. It makes sense that the launch trailer has been release then, no?

If you don’t know, Lone Survivor has you playing the shoes (actually he doesn’t wear shoes) of an unnamed character who is trying to survive an apolcalptic scenario which sees the world ravaged by terrifying monsters. You’ll need to navigate your way out the danger you find yourself in, at the same time worrying about the grumbles in your belly and the need for sleep that pains your head.

Lone Survivor is coming out tomorrow – not sure if we told you that yet – so our review will also be up tomorrow for you all to read. For now, here is that launch trailer.

You can find out more information on Lone Survivor over on the official website.


Lone Survivor Dev Posts Project Gallery, Sets Deadline For Completion

It’s a title we’ve covered a couple of times before on this site, but it is absolutely worth keeping in mind for the coming year as well. Superflat Games’ Lone Survivor is still in development and, with any luck, less than six weeks away from completion if the recent blog posts by one man dev team, Jasper Byrne, are to be believed.


Pixelated Adventure Horror: Benjamin River’s Home [IGF 2012 Intraviews]

DIYGamer is ready to look at IGF 2012 entrants, are you? The deadline for submitting games has passed, and as time goes by, more games will surely surface. We’re going to look at various IGF 2012 submissions and invite the developers to talk about their submissions in the comments section, making it an “intraview” — a discussion within the DIYGamer community.

Benjamin Rivers‘ Home and all its sexy pixels with dramatic lighting caught my eye. The developer states that Home is a  horror adventure/murder mystery with a twist—  the player decides what ultimately happens. The game begins with the character waking up in a strange, dark room, tucked away in a house that is not his own.

Home promises to be an intimate, story-based adventure with accessible, easy controls. Sure, the trailer might look somewhat familiar. DIY’s Lewie wrote about SuperFlat Games’ IGF submission, Lone Survivor, which is also a pixelated dramatically-lit horror title. However, Lone Survivor seems to focus more on  survival action.

With that comparison drawn, we invite Benjamin Rivers to introduce himself and talk about Home in the comments below. Readers, feel free to leave your questions or comments about Home, so we can find out more about this IGF 2012 entrant!  I know I’ll be jumping in, as well!


Superflat Games “Risking Everything” for Lone Survivor

Superflat Games aka Jasper Byrne has gone all in, betting on his next terrifying and pixel-filled project: Lone Survivor.

Photos and posts around Superflat’s blog and Twitter tell some of the mechanics; Lone Survivor has an item combination system, there’s a mirror gamesave system, and the hero fights off the horror creatures with a gun. Jasper stated via Twitter he would add a melee weapon, but players will only be able to use it as a last resort.

The music, the slow crawling pixels, and the carefully crafted lighting all seem to make for a thrilling ambiance. Check it out in the official trailer of Lone Survivor here:

As for how dedicated Jasper has become to the project, he stated the following today: “I’m going to be back at work on this baby full-time until it’s done. I’m risking everything on it financially, but I believe in it enough to do it.” Best wishes that the game makes the upcoming fall deadlines for the assorted indie game competitions and/or sees success upon completion!

Readers, what do you think of this trailer?