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Sunshine: Kyle Gabler’s Art Game

SunshineKyle Gabler’s created Sunshine for the Experimental Gameplay Project’s art game theme, which wrapped recently. The game came a few days too late to be a submission for the challenge, but I guess that’s OK when you’re a founding member.

Sunshine is a stylish and addictive PC game. You guide a tree as it grows ever higher, looping the tree around branches tiny falling people while avoiding the falling rocks. Each person trapped in your loop becomes a flower and restores some of the tree’s energy. The more people caught in one loop, the better the energy payoff. Rocks break branches and drain energy, but if you loop a branch around nothing you create a bubble that can capture rocks and lift them out of your way. Just be careful; the bubbles will absorb people too.

Here’s Gabler’s description of the game.

Oh no! It’s raining, and people are falling out of the sky, but that’s not going to ruin your day. You are a little plant, determined to make your own sunshine. As you grow, make loops around falling people to sprout them into Flowers. Flowers give you more energy, so you can grow taller. Watch out for falling rocks.

[via Experimental Gameplay]