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Drifter Shows of Hyperspace Jump Gameplay, Continues to Impress

Last month I gushed a bit about an upcoming iOS space trading game called Drifter, a mobile game inspired by the likes of Frontier and Privateer that was released years ago on the PC.

Anyway, the reason why I’m writing about the game again is because the developer Celcius Game Studios has released a new gameplay video which shows off some pretty damned imnpressive graphics and gameplay for a iOS title.

Check it out:

I think what I’m most impressed with isn’t so much the game itself (although that’s easy to be impressed with) but rather the user interface which allows you to hyper jump between various systems. As a long time fan of many space trading games, I can say that this method of faster than light travel seems to be much more intuitive than most other games in the genre.

Also, as an astronomy buff, I’m really digging the galactic map!

Drifter is still early in development so don’t get your hopes up too much a release anytime soon, but for those of you with iThings this should be one of the games you keep a look out for.

[Celsius Game Studios]

[UPDATE: The developer pinged me on Twitter to let me know that a PC version is being considered for release shortly after the iOS version. Great news for those of us who don't own iDoohickies!]


One Ambitious Indie Space MMO: Star Corsairs

MMORPGs are hugely expensive to make as they’re very development heavy. It’s no wonder that games like BioWare’s new Star Wars MMO can take a half decade or longer to get released. That’s why whenever I hear of an indie MMO, I’m immediately impressed. Even if the game isn’t technically “massive” in the traditional sense, there’s still tons of work involved.

Star Corsairs is just such an indie MMO that has impressed me with not only its gameplay but also its ambition. While the graphics are admittedly not as intensive as most MMOs these days I love the look of it.

Plus check out this feature set:

  • Real-time epic space battles
  • Pilot fast fighters or powerful capital spaceships
  • Create and upgrade components for your spaceships
  • Fight aliens, mine asteroids or engage in PvP battles
  • Jump into the action right away with public missions
  • Create an alliance and claim domination over systems
  • Become the most respected merchant of the galaxy

Judging the the trailer everything on there seems to already be included.

Star Corsairs is currently looking for the tiniest bit of funding to pay for some server-side software licenses and fees. They only need $300 total and they’ve already got $100. Also if you contribute at least $5 you get an entire star system named after you and you can choose the color of it! How awesome is that?!

The game is playable right now for free via the link below and does not require any installation. Check it out or fund the game via the links below.

[Star Corsairs, 8-Bit Funding]