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Kiss My Asteroid: ‘Ace On Steroids’ Released

Ace On Steroids

Indiefreaks have released their open-sourced top-down asteroid shooter, Ace On Steroids, for PC, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7.

Asteroids used to be such a nonsense in my life. All the time I was sitting down at the breakfast table, half-eaten bagel in one hand, milky tea in the other. Munch. Slurp. Munch. It was my daily eatery rhythm and I enjoyed it. Then I’d hear a “plop” – lo and behold, a friggin’ asteroid had fell in my tea. Again. Bloody nuisance. Thankfully, indiefreaks came along and rid me of that trouble with their new game Ace On Steroids which tasks you (yes you) with blowing them up in a little spaceship. Cheers!

Ace On Steroids might seem be a desperate, half-formed pun but it is actually a simple little game. There really isn’t that much to it but that could all change in the future. While right now the game consists of travelling around the screen and shooting anything else that moves, its open-sourced nature should help improve upon that. Indiefreaks are keen to release the game’s source code to players with a handy tutorial so that they may experiment with it as they please.

“By sharing best practices and real examples to a wide audience, we improve the chances to see new game developers joining the party and make great games for us to play” says Philippe Da Silva, Indiefreaks studio owner. “We believe Ace on Steroids players will have a lot of fun making their games and, who knows… Maybe we’ll team up and create some other great games together.”

If you want to give the game a go or its code a good looking over, then you’re in look as it’s just been released. Where? Well, IndieCity, Indievania and Desura for PC at a low price of $1.29/€.99/£0.79.

Or you can grab it on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace for 80MSP/$1 or for your Windows Phone 7 from the respective marketplace for $1.29/€.99/£O.79.

More information on Ace On Steroids can be found on the developer’s official website.


Wait A Minute, These Aliens Want To Kill Me! ‘Xenoid Maze’ Playable Beta

Xenoid Maze

Naphelia Games make shooters in the old sense of the term and are currently working on their next one called Xenoid Maze – you can try out the beta now and offer some feedback if you’re a giving person.

So here’s a simple concept and one that a good majority of people will recognise: you’re a lone space marine, aliens are after you so you better try to escape. Oh, you have guns…and a flamethrower. That is Xenoid Maze in a tin can so you can probably judge for yourself just from that if you want to give it a go. Of course, the game isn’t actually ready yet – it’s still in beta. That does mean that you can help the developer out by giving it a bash and informing them of any improvements they could make, couldn’t you?

Well, if you do want to give Xenoid Maze a go then you have two choices – either you can download the executable or you can play it in your browser. Make your choice and march head first into the alien scum. Gun in hand, of course.

More information on Xenoid Maze can be found over on the developer’s website.


A Proper Alien Experience: ‘Compromised’ Trailer


Supersoul Studios, the kind of game development team in which you insert chicken nuggets and fries and get a twin-stick shooter as a result, have just released a gameplay trailer of Compromised.

Despite Compromised being another twin-stick shooter for XBLIG – groan, winge moan etc – it does have a striking style about it that casts one’s mind back to time spent as a youth playing similar games on the Sega Genesis. What on earth are you taking about? Well, Compromised has a lovely grubby industrial look to it and it slightly induces nostalgia.

One of the things about sci-fi environments is that too often people imagine a future in which everything is clean and square and perfect. Humans are sloppy so that’s a disparate reality. It was Ridley Scott when outlining the look of his 1979 classic Alien, who said he wanted a “truckers in space” feel to it all. None of those shiny, all-white walls and matching glitter space suits so frequently seen in the 60s. That is what Compromised captures and that is what has caught our eye about it.

Luckily, its gameplay seems fairly entertaining too and who can deny that, well, twin-stick shooters are very well matched to analogue controls after all. In Compromised, you’re tasked with shooting down waves of enemies who are attacking your base. There’s also boss battles which look very epic and some environmental hazards to dodge too. We’re not sure of a release date for Compromised but we’ll be on the look out. For now, here’s the game’s release trailer – meaning it’s got to be out very soon, right?

More information on Compromised can be found on the game’s official website.


‘Voxterium: Revision’ Preview – Voxels In The Air


“Wild, Colourful, Hard N Fast”: Tiny Build Games Announces Their Next Project

tiny Build Game 2

Madcap developers, tiny Build, have announced their next game after No Time To Explain and of course it’s best described as lunacy crumpled up and squashed into a game-shaped box.

“Why can’t you EAT ENEMIES TO GAIN THEIR POWERS in shooters? Why can’t you CATCH MISSILES AND THROW THEM BACK AT DUDES? Why can’t you pick up a pipe, do a combo on a guy, and suplex him through a table like in Streets of Rage, but in a shooter? Nobody’s even trying it”, says tiny Build games upon announcing their next project which will be referred to as Game 2 from now on.

If you’re a resident of the internet then we’re pretty sure that you should know about No Time To Explain – the fast and crazy first game from tiny Build that sent the internet into to a tizz. How do you follow something like that up though? Well, tiny Build know exactly how and apparently it involves “something wild, colourful, hard n fast and most importantly FUNKY AS HELL.”

Sounds marvellous but you’ll have to wait a while yet as Game 2 is still under heavy development. Here’s the first batch of details on it though – it will be a sidescrolling shooter set in space. However, there won’t a lot of actual ‘shooting’ as tiny Build, as indicated in the opening quote, wants to do something a little more diverse and crazy.

In fact it will operate a little something like this:

If you want more videos like this, ones that show early prototypes of Game 2‘s other enemies, then you should head over to the official blog.


Medical Clearance Advised: ‘Vidiot Game’ Is Now Upon Us

You know those pretentious games that take themselves really, really seriously, even though they lack any semblance of the subtlety they’re trying so desperately to convey? Apparently, GZ Storm is somewhat averse to them, as evidenced by its latest wacky release.

Vidiot Game, out now as a free download for Windows and for the price of 80 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, is perhaps best described as a minigame compilation injected with a healthy dose of insanity, with in-game tasks purportedly ranging from “robbing a bank” to “flying through cyberspace”. Three playable characters by the respective names of Ungus Fungus, Doug Beach and Hiratio are all playable, and the PC version also features gamepad support. Oh, and it comes with a health warning from the Surgeon General of Nigeria and apparently killed someone’s family, but you didn’t hear that from us.

Feel free to take a look at the trailer below, but don’t say we didn’t warn you about its explicit content.


Exploring The What If…? Scenario With Dan Kenny And ‘Days of Extinction’

Days of Extinction Biolab

Though the quality and scope of indie games is changing every day, the common misconception is that ‘indie’ means ‘small’. While that is typically true when describing their development teams, it isn’t always indicative of the games themselves.

Eyesodic Games is challenging that very stereotype with Days of Extinction, an ambitious open world game currently in development. In an attempt to figure out exactly what Days of Extinction is all about, I got in touch with Dan Kenny (DK), developer at, and founder of, Eyesodic Games.


IGM: Tell us, what exactly is Days of Extinction?

DK: So, Days Of Extinction is our first open world RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. In our game, the apocalypse occurs due to an alien UFO crash landing and the alien DNA mixing with human DNA causing mutations, so, for us, it was like looking at an alternate style of the Roswell alien crash and seeing what would happen if it was never covered up.

The style of the world is borderline sci-fi, so although the world will look somewhat normal, like our own, some elements may seem a little more out there. For instance, most homes in the game come equipped with emergency cryostasis units in a reinforced basement of the house. It seemed to fit well with the world style and culture we had created as it gives a sense that, no matter what happened, people could just freeze themselves until things were OK. In the game, your character put himself into cryostasis along with his very sick wife in hopes that when you woke up she could be cured, but, when you do wake up, you find this apocalyptic world, and your wife is missing.


‘Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet’ Flies To Steam On April 17th

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet On Steam

Shadow Planet Productions have confirmed all of the release details regarding the PC version of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet has become renown for its beautiful artwork and captivating journey through critical acclaim and picking up awards. We gave it an award ourselves, naming it Editor’s Choice for Best XBLA Game of 2011. However, ITSP has been an Xbox exclusive until now and the mere mention of it spreading to another platform has had people holding their breath.

Before now, we heard about a leak from the ESRB that a PC version was on the way and then more recently the developers confirmed this to be true. Now they speak up again with the full details of the game’s PC release. At last!

ITSP will be coming to Steam and Games For Windows on April 17th at a price point of $14.99 and 1200MSP respectively. During the pre-sale period, so from April 10th to April 16th, ITSP will be on a 25% off sale – so grab it for an even better price when you can!

“Seeing ITSP run on PC is a sight to behold”, said Michael Gagné – one half of Shadow Planet Productions, “but what I’m really excited about is to finally have Shadow Hunters as part of the main package. I feel like that Co-op mode didn’t get the chance it deserved as a separate Game Add-On, but this time around, I’m confident it will.”

ITSP is right at home on today’s powerful gaming PCs”, said Joe Olson – the other half of the development team, “with increased resolution, improved controls, and two multiplayer modes we truly believe the PC version of ITSP packs in a lot of value.”

The PC version will feature the single player campaign, the multiplayer Lantern Run and the Shadow Hunters co-op mode at the given price. In conjunction with the PC release, ITSP will drop to 800MSP on Xbox Live Arcade but the Shadow Hunters DLC will remain at 400MSP.

More information on Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet can be found on the game’s official website.


‘Space Pirates & Zombies’ To Get Free Bounty Hunter Expansion On March 19th

SPAZ Bounty Hunter

The rather brilliant Space Pirates & Zombies (SPAZ) is getting a free update called the Bounty Hunter Expansion on March 19th. I know what you’re thinking: what a pointless lead line!

Now, we know that you like SPAZ because you voted it your indie game of 2011. Thus, this news should be of the utmost interest to you, correct? Good.

If you don’t know what SPAZ is, first of all that is a crime, secondly, head on over to read our review where you’ll find out it’s a rather marvellous space shooter come RPG of sorts.

So with this expansion, MinMax say you the Bounty Hunters become a fully fledged faction, you also get 10 new ships – “2 new tinys, smalls, mediums, larges, and huges” and a new Bounty Hunter tier 3 space station will be added that advances in tech level as the game progresses.

The much more detailed, full changelog can be found right here, so if you’re interested in what’s in store we advise you head over there.

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You can find out more information on SPAZ over on the official website.


F*ck Yeah! ‘RamBros’ Alpha Trailer


Our good friend Paul Greasley has released a new alpha trailer for his “GO USA!”-type 2D shooter, RamBros, there isn’t anything else that you should be doing right now other than watching this trailer.

Other than working on Under The Ocean, which we talked about here, Paul is also working on RamBros which is quite the opposite from the calm serenity of his other title. RamBros takes all of the American gung-ho from the hyperactive patriots of the country, adds more guns and even more explosions and then just ramps it up to a new level of insanity.

width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

“Its like Metal Slug had a baby with Metroid, and then decided to fight for the USA.”

The music for the game is still being sorted out, so in the meantime we’re left with some good old 80s rock in this latest trailer which has been made to support the game’s IndieGoGo campaign. We’re not going to tell you to throw your money at this game, we’re going to shout in your face until you do!

If you want to see more of RamBros then we suggest heading on over to the game’s thread on TIGSource, or by watching the even better trailer below – it features the now classic song from Team America and shows off a lot more gameplay.

width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

You can find out more information about Paul and his games over on his official blog.