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IGF China Finalist S.H.M.U.P Released

S.H.M.U.P.In S.H.M.U.P., you and up to fifteen circle ships defend a line of blocks from oncoming squares, circles and triangles while listening to chip tune music by Bart Klepka and Multifaros.

The game was one of the finalists at the Independent Games Festival at this year’s GDC in China, and it takes a laid back approach to the shoot-’em-up genre. You don’t really control the ships, they just follow your mouse while firing automatically. The only thing you do control are the missiles, which are in limited supply, but once you run out of those you’re limited to a guiding role.

Grab the demo here or hit the jump to read more and watch the trailer.


Claymation Shooter Platypus Hits Xbox Live

Platypus_XBLIGEscapist Games has announced the release of its claymation shoot ‘em up Platypus onto the Xbox Live Marketplace via the Indie Games section.

The acclaimed title brings addictive gameplay in one or two player action. Defend your home land while grabbing power-ups and other treasure along the way. Embrace the fast pace with 20 stages of endless enemies along with plenty of boss battles.

The game is said to be built from the ground up for co-op so make sure you bring your wing man Maverick. Platypus is available in the Marketplace now for 400 MS Points ($5).


Llamasoft Strikes Again! Gridrunner Rev Adds Fresh Take [Review]

gridrunnerrevIndie games aren’t generally known for their incredible graphical content. From time to time, a game such as Zeno Clash or Metal Drift will take advantage of high-end artists and detail their production more than say, Runman, which will choose to use a different style of artwork. Gridrunner Revolution, Llamasoft’s newest addition to the family of psychedelia-laden gaming experiences, combines that strange allure of style and gameplay rather than focusing solely on the visual content.

That’s not to say that the game does not provide aesthetically pleasing visuals. Founder Jeff Minter, who before Revolution worked most recently on Space Invaders Extreme, utilizes what he’s known from the start excellently. The game is very Galaga oriented: you control a space ship and are supposed to blast down enemies and collect sheep. Yes, sheep: the staple of Llamasoft. While Gridrunner Revolution is an excellent update for any fan of the Gridrunner series and a useful purchase for those new to the game, I must also address its downfalls.


Bullet Candy Perfect Released, Cost is Buyer’s Choice

Bullet_Candy_Released []Charlie’s Games has announced via presser that its colorful shoot ‘em up sequel Bullet Candy Perfect has been released and is now available for purchase. The title described as a “sharp, super smooth [game with] 3D graphics and a cool techno soundtrack, [with a focus on] honing your skills to perfection as you attempt the perfect run.”

Even better, the decision on how much to pay is almost entirely on the buyer.