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Pin Down: ‘Guacamelee’ Now A PSN/PS Vita Exclusive Title


Well, well, well. It seems Drinkbox Studios have decided to snuggle up with PlayStation once again as their Mexican-inspired sidescrolling brawler, Guacamelee, has been announced as an exclusive title for PSN and PS Vita through a new “PlayStation Pub Fund program”. Their previous game, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack was a launch title for the PS Vita but will soon be making its way to PC and Mac via Steam.

For wacky, all-out fun we have to give Guacamelee top marks. As highlighted in our PAX preview, you play as a luchadore wrestler called Juan Aguacate who has a rather mad sidekick who can (get this) turn into a chicken, switch between dimensions, and meets up with a goat on occasion who bosses him around. Mental!

But amazing – we love the crazies around here. The game itself actually revolves around the Juan’s pursuit of the kidnapped daughter of El Presidente by an Evil Charro Skeleton. Essentially, it’s yet another damsel in distress story that so many games use but as you’ll be travelling through the worlds of the living and the dead with all of the ridiculous stuff happening, we can let it slip for now. It also comes with co-op multiplayer and we heard that some of you like that kind of thing, right?

Apparently the two versions of the game, PS3 and PS Vita, will be slightly different to cater to the different features between the console and the handheld device. The game will be showcased at E3 next week but as to a release date, we just don’t know. As usual, the trailer is below for you to check out – believe us, it’s mental looking but fun.

More information on Guacamelee can be found on the game’s official website<>.


Conducive: ‘PixelJunk 4am’ Released On PSN

PixelJunk 4am

PixelJunk 4am has now been released onto the PSN Store at a price of $9.99, you’ll also need to invest in a PlayStation Move controller if you don’t already own one.

Described as a Virtual Audio Canvas, PixelJunk 4am allows players to create music with a swish of the PlayStation Move. It’s a great looking innovation that makes the process of creating music much more accessible and seemingly more fun (or at least physical). More and more we see indie developers experimenting with creative music games, and as Jon Brodsky said at Indie Connect, there’s still a lot of things to discover in this fairly empty field of development, all of it very experimental and exciting.

At launch, 4am comes with seven songs, six visualizers, 38 variations, 10 events and over 190 different sounds to play with. It also supports in-game Twitter and Facebook connectivity so you can promote your performances; little odd that one. If you’re not up for all the swishing then you can also use 4am as a stand-alone visualizer and let it provide a scene to your own music on your PS3.

If you haven’t seen it in action already, then PixelJunk 4am may seem a little odd. The video below should alleviate any confusion – it seems to be very user-friendly once the player learns the various wrist-spins and where the instruments are located. This is just one controller too – you can dual wield as well, as if calling a plane in for landing.

More information on PixelJunk 4am can be found on the game’s official website.


En Garde: ‘Knight Fortix 2′ Heads To PSN Minis

Developers Nemesys have announced that Knight Fortix 2, the handheld spin-off of its popular PC classic, Fortix 2, will be released in North America as a PSN Mini via the Playstation Store on Tuesday 8th May.

The game, already released in Europe, will be cross-compatible with both the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable consoles, allowing players to play either on a big living room screen or on the move. Described by the developers as as cross between Qix and a “backwards turret defense game,” in which you play as the poor sod having to fend off enemy sentries and snipers, Knight Fortix 2 is based around the concept of conquering territory in order to lift a curse placed on the landscape by Xitrof, an evil dark wizard.

Knight Fortix 2 boasts thirty levels set in four different geographical environments, each of which are designed to test the player’s tactical awareness and physical reflexes. Skilled players will also be able to try their hand at some mightily taxing difficulty modes, including the aptly named ‘Impossible Mode,’ which ought to both delight and frustrate punishment gluttons in equal measure.

For more information on Knight Fortix 2, check out Nemesys’ official website.


Prepare For Battle: ‘Awesomenauts’ Now Released On XBLA And PSN


After much commotion and nail biting, Ronimo have successfully released their MOBA game, Awesomenauts, on to both PSN and XBLA in all planned regions.

Some people’s first reaction to MOBA is “excuse me?” Let’s alleviate that right now by giving you this long winded summation of Awesomenauts: side scrolling multiplayer online battle arena game. Comprendé? Of course, Awesomenauts is a little more…uh, awesome than just a description as it contain six madcap characters to choose from and go head-to-head with in the battlefields.

Jasper Koning, the head game design chap at Ronimo, has been the one worrying a lot the last days due to the publisher filing for insolvency but he seems very relieved now that the game has been released:

“We’re super happy the game has finally come out after three years of hard work! And we look forward to working with the community to continue improving and extending the game for a long time! But for now I just want to get online and play some Awesomenauts!”

Don’t we all? Yes in fact, we look forward very much to blasting through your lines of defense and then taking down your base in the game’s online multiplayer. By the way, you can play splitscreen and link up with just your friends online too – if you want some privacy that is. Whether you’re in Europe or the US, on PSN or XBLA, we’ll be looking for you though in order to take you down. Nicely, of course.

More information on Awesomenauts can be found on the game’s official website.


Catch A Groove: ‘PixelJunk 4am’ Coming To PSN On May 15th

PixelJunk 4am

Q Games have announced that their PlayStation Move based music mixing game, PixelJunk 4am, will be released on May 15th with PS Plus members getting early access to a beta before then.

A little hard to explain, at least with words, PixelJunk 4am is a music mixing game that is conducted via the hand swishing actions of the PS3′s Move. It’s a fairly innovative idea and potentially a euphoric one with the right instruments, mixtures and the visual display that conveys a fittingly surreal presentation of your creations. With plenty of loops and samples as well as making your own renditions, there should be plenty of music to be made, if that’s your thing.

Q Games took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce the game’s release on PSN. That will be May 15th but a PlayStation Plus member then you could have limited early beta access on April 26th. The details on how to sign up for the limited access will be announced soon.

To explain more about the game through a more adequate means, here’s a video of the game being demoed at GDC last month:

You won’t find any more information on PixelJunk 4am‘s official website but you could catch a couple of beats.


‘Closure’ Has Now Seen The Light Of Release On The PSN Store


Eyebrow Interactive’s award winning sidescrolling puzzle platformer, Closure, is now ready to purchase on the PSN Store so go grab it already!

After winning awards at both the IGF and IndieCade, Closure is now finally available for you all to purchase on PSN. It’s been so long that you might have forgotten what the game was all about, so allow us to refresh your memory. Closure is a puzzle platformer which, like many in the genre, bases it’s uniqueness around a central mechanic. In this case, it is that things only exist when you can see them, meaning that when things are dark you will fall to your death. As such, you’ll need to use light to your advantage to cross its many levels, which range from a factory, to a forest and a creepy carnival.

Like we said, the wait is over for Closure at last, but you’ll need to power up your Playstation to make your purchase and when you do you’ll find it waiting for you at $14.99. If you’re not sure about the game though you can always download the trial and give it a good look-over. If you’re a PS Plus member you’ll get Closure with a 20% discount!

For now, you may as well watch the trailer if you haven’t already, it all looks very pretty and intriguing.

You can find out more information about Closure over on the game’s official website.


‘Wheels of Destruction’ Given New Release Date, Will Be Part of PSN’s ‘Spring Fever’ Promotion

Last week, we reported that Wheels of Destruction, Gelid Games’ take on the multiplayer vehicular combat genre, would be released on 27th March. Well, get ready to readjust your calendars.

Gejid Games is now proud to announce that the release will be given a slight delay until 3rd April, but don’t worry; last-minute technical snafus aren’t afoot. On the contrary, Wheels of Destruction will now take pride of place as one of the featured titles in the Playstation Network Spring Fever campaign, placing it in the same bracket as the likes of Journey and Rayman 3 HD. As reported last week, the game can be picked up for the price of $9.99, but it will now also be offered at a 20% discount to Playstation Plus subscribers. That’s a smooth $7.99 for the mathematically challenged out there.


‘Wheels of Destruction’ To Release on PSN March 27th

With PS3-exclusive Twisted Metal still fresh from its much-touted release, indie development studio Gelid Games has announced the imminent release of yet another class-based car combat hoedown on Sony’s black box.

Wheels of Destruction pits five distinct vehicle classes together in an arena-based free-for-all setting, promising vehicular carnage in a frantic, fast-paced environment. Powered by the Unreal Engine, Wheels of Destruction features team deathmatches, free-for-all battles and capture-the-flag based contests, as well as both online and offline play.

Wheels of Destruction will release exclusively through the Playstation Network on 27th March for $9.99. There’s no word yet about pricing in regions outside North America but, judging by the majority of comparable PSN releases, expect to pay somewhere in the region of £7.99 or €9.99.


Confirmed: ‘Journey’ Release Date And Pricing

Thatgamecompany have emerged from development slumber and a new blog post has appeared on the Playstation blog that announces the release date and pricing of Journey on PSN.We have been expecting this news ever since thatgamecompany tweeted that development on Journey was over and the game was complete, finito. We previously reported that Journey was coming to PSN in March after reading the news in the latest issue of Game Informer, but we didn’t have any confirmation outside of that. That has now changed.Jot this down in your diaries – you need to jump on to PSN on March 13th (14th in the EU, 15th in Japan) with a spare $14.99 to purchase Journey.Like Flower three years prior, Journey will be kicking off PSN’s Spring Fever event. The developers describe Journey as an “experience like no other”. There’s a pretty summary of the game along with the announcement too:“You wake alone and surrounded by miles of burning, sprawling desert, and soon discover the looming mountaintop which is your goal

Original Source: Confirmed: ‘Journey’ Release Date And Pricing

This Article was originally posted on our sister site, The Indie Game Magazine written by Chris Priestman.


Puzzle Platformer Vessel Dated for March 1st on Steam; Liquid Physics Look Great

One of my most anticipated platformers, Vessel, has finally been given a release date of March 1st. For those of you who have been with us for a while, we first covered Vessel way back in 2010 when former Managing Editor Peter Eykemans took it for a spin in a lengthy preview at GDC. Since then, however, the game has gone through a lot more development. In fact, I’m wondering just how much has changed.