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Planets³ — Don’t Be Square, Back a Square

Okay, so technically you’re backing cubes, but that’s hardly the point. The point was my bad joke The point is that Planets3, a new voxel-based game from the developers at Cubical Drift, has just begun its Kickstarter (in case..

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Project Cyber – Watch, Play & Influence a Game as it’s Built

Project Cyber is an interesting new experimental game-building project from Spearhead Games – makers of Tiny Brains - that allows players to watch, influence, and play their game as it’s being built. Players can watch a live-stream of..

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Free Investigative Game Series TOMES: Layne’s Discovery Launches

A game creator known as LowResHero just released a title called TOMES: Layne’s Discovery. It’s a free point-and-click investigation game with horror and drama elements in old-school low-res graphics. Layne is a deeply-flawed investigator who..

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Conan Meets Mario and Zelda in Savage: The Shard of Gosen

Those susceptible to the wily charms of the nostalgia bug without any spare cash to burn, take note: It might be best if you hid your wallet for the duration of this article.  2D action..

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Beat’em-up/Shoot’em-up To The Death Takes The Fight To Kickstarter

Kickstarter exploded this afternoon in the aftermath of a genre-bending announcement for a new indie game in development by yet another group of ex-AAA alumni. In particular, Todd Alderman and Francesco Gigliotti are heading up..

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Oberon’s Court Planning Public Beta For Early 2014


A little over a year ago, we covered an up-and-coming indie game called Oberon’s Court. Originally designed as a tile based RTS, Oberon’s Court has evolved into more of a classic 3D RTS. Developed by Tomas Sala of Boof Games, the project has progressed significantly since we last saw screenshots and a teaser of the game in action. In fact, Sala is preparing to take the game into the public beta testing stages in early 2014. For now, our latest taste of the stylized Oberon’s Court will have to come from the first official trailer:

Oberon’s Court features fully voiced characters, upgradeable units, the ability to capture and repurpose defeated souls on the battlefield, and three distinct locations packed into the first release. Oberon’s Court will launch with a campaign called Shadow Chains, said to include several hours of gameplay. Additionally, campaign progress is non-linear, so players have the option to backtrack and progress through the map however they choose. The game is targeting a release on both iOS and Android, currently looking to sport a price tag of $4.99, with hopes of pursuing a Steam Greenlight campaign when production is further along. For details on when to expect the public beta, check out the Oberon’s Court Facebook page.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Oberon’s Court Planning Public Beta For Early 2014


Super World Karts GP Attempts to Cross the Kickstarter Finish Line


With only six days left in the Kickstarter campaign, Super World Karts Grand Prix is trying to earn a spot on the podium. Featuring classic 16-bit style retro kart racing, unlockable characters, and full 1080p resolution, Super World Karts GP is looking to provide a mix of authentic SNES-era spirit with modern day amenities. Currently, the project has only earned just under $7,200 of the proposed $16,000 goal. With over 240 backers already contributing to the game, developer Paul Hamilton is hoping some fresh announcements will give new backers the incentive to help him finish strong.


Among those new announcements comes a few surprise guest Karters. Aside from the 8 unique characters already available, players will have the opportunity to unlock four additional cameo characters by completing various Cup tournaments. These characters include Mutt from Lobodestroyo, Turing from Read Only Memories, and the just-announced inclusion of Tim Burr from Fist of Awesome. If all goes well, Super World Karts GP is on track for a June 2014 release. The game is targeting a release on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Ouya, with a release on Wii U to be determined pending the stretch goal is met.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Super World Karts GP Attempts to Cross the Kickstarter Finish Line


Indie Intermission – ‘Midnight Stroll’ The Video Never Lies

Midnight Stroll ss01

A key thing to any jam game (at least in my opinion) is to try to introduce mechanics or gameplay elements which are not commonly seen elsewhere. Jams give developers a chance to experiment and see how they can twist and change the theme to fit their imagination and I feel Midnight Stroll from Frank Ferro does this admirably.

Although the game feels void and often-times lacking in many areas of gameplay what makes this game different is the use of fourth wall breaking mechanics throughout.

The game plays out from the perspective of a video camera and very much like The Blair Witch Project you are lost deep inside a forest. Ok, so I admit this part is not that inspired but the way the game jumps from scene to scene is nice as the scene skips help add a feeling of authenticity to this video cameras recovery, along with adding to the eerie overtone of the game.

I feel without a doubt this idea is the games strongest point as much of the gameplay is akin to Slender and not all to exciting. I would like to see more varied environments, more skips, and maybe a way to playback your story after you complete it.

Midnight Stroll ss02

Average play time – 10 minutes

Midnight Stroll utilises the use of a video camera fantastically to help create an interesting experience that I could see being used in a bigger game. Although the gameplay is somewhat uninspired for a jam game I feel this hits the mark as a great prototype to something amazing.

Give Midnight Stroll a go, you can also check out other jam entries on the official site.

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‘Among The Sleep’ Preview – Terror As A Toddler

ATS title

Krillbite Studio’s Among The Sleep has been attracting attention since it first started development back in 2011, when it was announced as the winner of both the Norwegian Game Awards Hype and the Hamar Game Challenge. Currently under development for the PC and Mac (with Oculus Rift support in the works), the game will be Krillbite’s second official release following the freeware experimental game The Plan, which was completed and published back in February.

Put simply, Among the Sleep is a first-person horror adventure game in which you explore a world somewhere between reality and dreaming as a two-year-old. Going deeper (because, with dreams, you always have to go deeper), it’s a game about vulnerability, perspective, imagination, and the things that go bump in the night. Simple tasks like opening doors or navigating through clutter become difficult obstacles, and ordinary, everyday objects and hallways are transformed into strange, otherworldly landscapes full of terrifying unknowns. Self-defense, of course, is out of the question; hiding, or crawling/tottering away quickly, are your only options should something scary find you.

The game begins with a lullaby, your mother’s sweet voice singing you to sleep as you struggle to keep your eyes open. But as the melody fades, it becomes increasingly clear that something is not right. Teddy bears, for instance, do not simply slide up and out of cribs and across the floor by themselves like something out of Paranormal Activity. Gameplay begins when the crib is tipped onto its side and you find yourself rudely tossed out of slumber-land and back into your room, which doesn’t seem so welcoming in the middle of – you guessed it – a dark and stormy night. The door creaks open, threatening and yet inviting at the same time, tempting you to face your fears and discover what’s lurking beyond the threshold.


‘Polarium’ A Brand New Abstract Puzzler That Has You Play With Cubes

POLARIUM 2013-04-01 16-07-57-78

Puzzlers and indie games have been one in the same for quite some time now as the puzzle genre allows for great creativity and innovation on very reasonable budgets. Narrow Monolith, a small indie studio from the UK has taken a leap of faith into the puzzle genre with Polarium an abstract minimalistic puzzler.

Polarium combines some rather intense and rapid gameplay mechanics with many of the classic mechanics of more cerebral puzzle games and from what I have played it works well. The game sets out the basic premise rather nicely and slowly begins to build on it adding new and interesting mechanics.

The difficulty curve seems in line with most puzzlers and although the mechanics to begin with seem rather basic. With some further development Polarium can indeed become a very interesting and unique puzzler.

Although the game is still in the early stages of development there is a great deal of potential here starting with a solid framework that holds some great ideas. Polarium is still in the early stages and because of this Narrow Monolith are looking to get further investment from the public to allow them to fully realise the potential of Polarium.

POLARIUM 2013-04-01 16-08-27-76

Narrow Monolith started a Kickstarter just the other day in the hope of raising £30,000 in funds to finish the project. Polarium can be played as an alpha via IndieDB which should give you a better understanding of the project and really it does speak for itself.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter for additional information.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Polarium’ A Brand New Abstract Puzzler That Has You Play With Cubes