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Play Knytt Stories Anywhere (on a DS)

Knytt Stories Because I’m slightly obsessed with anything Cave Story, I was reading an interview in JoyStiq with Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis, the developer porting Cave Story to the Wii. There wasn’t anything interesting about Cave Story in the interview, but he did mention something that cheered my heart. He said that Nicklas ‘Nifflas’ Nygren is considering porting the freeware Knytt Stories to the Sony’s PSP or Nintendo’s DSi. That’s good news, but a little far off since it’s barely past the thought stage.

But then Rodriquez said there’s a homebrew prototype of Knytt Stories for the DS, one that Nifflas knows about and, thankfully, hasn’t shut down. Which means that it probably won’t sit alongside the abandoned Cave Story DS port, the only other “game” sitting on my dusty flash cart. The first working prototype came out in 2008, but the first beta release was released in January, and it preserves most of the original game’s functionality.

So I went through my miscellaneous box searching for my flash cart, installed Knytt Stories DS and, sure enough, I was playing. The game is still in beta and there are still some things to work out (climbing walls isn’t very smooth), but it’s clearly Knytt Stories. It even works with custom stories, though you have to convert any .ogg music files to a format the DS can handle.

If you have a DS that can play homebrew games, Knytt Stories DS is fun to mess around with, though it’ll be a lot more fun when it’s finished.

[via JoyStiq]


PSP Mini’s For Indie Developers? Eh Not So Much…

pspgo-menu-300x300Sony recently released their brand new PSP Go system, a mild upgrade from the PSP 3000 that features downloadable only games, including the new “Mini” platform for smaller titles (less than 100mb each). My first thought upon hearing about this new service was that it would be perfect for indie developers who are just looking for a different place to distribute their game. I mean, after all, who wouldn’t want to create a portable game? Plenty of indie devs make games for the PC and Xbox Live’s Indie Games section, so it may seem to help you stand out from the pack a little bit if you were able to get your game onto Sony’s popular handheld system.

Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy…