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‘Electro Bobble’ Development Is Looking Better And Better

electro bobble screenshot 03

A few weeks back I wrote a new post for this new game that looked awesomely retro called Electro Bobble and today i bring you more information on how that game has been shaping up. Although under heavy development from what I have seen so far from Electro Bobble and the guys over at Diado Gaming it looks to be shaping up fantastically now with much more implemented my excitement for this title is ever increasing.


electro bobble enemiesThree new enemy styles have been put into the game which are as follows: Spinners, which spin through the air firing hails of bullets; Wall Blasters which attach themselves to the side of the play area and fire a stream of bullets in a line across the screen; and Rocket Ships which track Mr Bobble firing deadly rockets at him.

Along with the addition of these new enemies the enemy generation and management has be changed to make enemies spawn in relation to the current level, making for the progressive skill scaling of this game.

Power Ups/ Drops

electro bobble power ups

The inclusion of extra life drops and bar power up which play an interesting twist to Electro Bobble. The bar power ups will prevent you from falling to your death when you fall to the bottom as it places a bar there for a short time.


electro bobble Boss 01
The first boss out of the eight in total is currently under heavy development but looks to be a giant spider like thing. Bosses will spawn each seven levels of the game, getting progressively more difficult and will prove to be quite the formidable challenge for Mr bobble.

There has also been developments in other areas which include full gamepad support, now making the game even more awesome as the Xbox 360 pad really will add a lot to playing Electro Bobble. I do find games like this are much better on controllers although it pains me to say it. Also work on the music has been implemented with will lay the foundation for hopefully some awesome in game sounds.

Electro Bobble really looks to be shaping up fantastically now with Diado Gaming really taking this concept and producing some awesome looking visuals. Follow the development on the dev’s site here and more information will be coming soon, so be sure to check back to The Indie Game Magazine for all the latest.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Electro Bobble’ Development Is Looking Better And Better


Indie Intermission Day 17 – ‘Woodle Tree’

Woodle Tree SS01

Today I will be looking at a game that is slightly longer than the general submissions even if it is just a demo, the playtime is fairly substantial but should not rack up more than one hour. Woodle Tree is a great looking game full of classic platforming capers from the 90’s being developed by Ferrara Fabio a developer from Milan.

Woodle Tree just looks fantastic, the level design is impeccable, full of great characters and colours with a great fun factor. Woodle Tree reminds me greatly of the obvious Mario 64 along with Zelda styled throwbacks (the tree really did remind me greatly of the deku tree) and of course these references and design choices are always welcome because they were fantastic games.

Woodle Tree SS02

Woodle Tree shows a great level of promise in  a new era of classic styled platformers with some great elements and you really cannot play this game without a smile on your face. There is a few shortcoming however with the first being the camera is fixed which is a little annoying and it seems to switch angles when you die at certain parts, this makes the game a whole new level of challenging when you can barely see what you are doing. Also the enemies feel a little pointless maybe they can be increased in frequency or kept in low numbers but made more formidable.

Finally I would like to see some use coming out of the bag of apples as it just grows and becomes far too big so maybe including the ability to throw apples at enemies or use them as “life force”, either would add a little extra to the game.

Average Completion time – Less than one hour

The Woodle Tree demo can be downloaded here, with the full game scheduled for release in november. Woodle Tree is well worth your time just as a nice relaxing game, even if I am awful at platformers I found it difficult to stay mad at this charming little game for too long. You can also follow Ferrara Fabio’s blog here.

If you are a developer with A fun indie game that can be played over a coffee break, we want to hear from you! Private message us on twitter @IndieGameMag or shoot us an email at with the subject “Indie Intermission” and you could be our indie intermission pick of the day!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission Day 17 – ‘Woodle Tree’


Indie Intermission Day 16 – ‘Qbeh’


It is not everyday that you stumble across a very well made 3D puzzle platformer that is free, however today is one of those days. Qbeh is a puzzle platform that showcases the creative talents of Liquid Flower Games a small up and coming studio with this title as their first game.

Qbeh is a very interesting game that you play through the four levels picking up blocks and arranging them to solve the puzzles at hand. My only issue with Qbeh is for a puzzle game it is far too short, only having four levels limits the difficulty greatly and it showed as I was able to complete Qbeh in a very short time frame.

qbeh SS01

It is however free and I do look for games that are short for these segments and it does fit the bill of being a fun puzzle platformer with some nice music over the top, so really I don’t have too much to complain about. The graphics are very nice with a distinct minecraft look but is done to higher resolution textures making this world look very nice.

qbeh SS02

Qbeh is a great little game it shows what we can expect from Liquid Flower Games and with their announcement of a prequel to Qbeh, my only hope it is a bit more of a full featured title. I did find a slight amount of slowdown in Qbeh in a few scenes especially the ending sequence but it mostly played fine for me and didn’t impact on my overall enjoyment.

Average Completion time – 20 minutes

Qbeh is very much worth your time to just relax to and engage in this fun little puzzler that has some great ideas in place. Qbeh can be downloaded on Desura from here, Liquid Flower Games website can be found here for all future developments.

If you are a developer with A fun indie game that can be played over a coffee break, we want to hear from you! Private message us on twitter @IndieGameMag or shoot us an email at with the subject “Indie Intermission” and you could be our indie intermission pick of the day!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission Day 16 – ‘Qbeh’


Fun, Zany Japanese Styled Platformer ‘Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils’ Coming October

Bunny must die splash

Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils (Bunny Must Die!) is the latest game from LA indie studio Rockin’ Android. Bunny Must Die! is a 2D exploration-based platformer to be released for the PC on October 2nd and from the gameplay footage looks to be a great deal of fun in a completely over the top action platforming way. Check out the trailer below:

The direction that Rockin’ Android have taken the game is very interesting as it has been created in a very retro styled manner in a throwback to a lot of the great platformers of yester year. Bunny Must Die! is a large connected map filled with unique enemies, traps and puzzles to battle through.

Don’t worry though you are not alone you will be granted power ups to help you battle through this increasingly difficult game, the power ups include: Sylph Shooter and the Hyper Heels to give bunny ultimate power. Bunny Must Die! will require all of your cunning to get through all the puzzles in this maze and survive to defeat the 7 devils to release Bunny from this torment.

Bunny must die Screen shot

Bunny Must Die! looks to be a great new addition to the puzzle styled platformers with some great visuals making for some highly striking imagery along with a distinct highly stylized anime visuals and great character design. Hell one of the bosses is a giant cat, that is a brilliant boss battle, one I want to be apart of just like everyone on the internet should be really.

Bunny Must Die! is due for release on October 2nd for PC via Desure and Gamersgate for $9.99. Rockin’ Android hope to get Bunny onto as many services as they can so if you like what you see vote for them on the Greenlight community project.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Fun, Zany Japanese Styled Platformer ‘Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils’ Coming October


Codename ‘Woodle Tree’ – An Adorable 3D Platformer

A fairly new project, currently called Woodle Tree (the name may change at a later time) is an upcoming 3D platformer created solely by Fabio Ferrara, an upcoming independent developer based in Milano, Italy.  It may not look like much at first glance, but Woodle Tree has an adorable graphical style (reminiscent of Mario 64) and fun platformer gameplay that is enchanting (and nostalgic for anyone who played good 3D platforming games in the 90′s).

The story of Woodle Tree is fairly simple, you are a sprout given life by a larger tree and tasked to bring water back to your “thirsty land”.  You do this by making your way through an extremely cute, 3D platforming world, using a variety of interesting gameplay mechanics in your search for water.

Most impressive is that Fabio Ferrara has based the entire game off of Unity 3D, making it possible for it to easily be ported to every major gaming platform (with Ferrara looking to release it first for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and if the demand is high enough, mobile devices at a later time).  Ferrara is looking to release Woodle Tree for no cost on Windows, Mac, and Linux upon its completion.

Ferrara hopes to work closely with the indie community on his game, adjusting features and fixing bugs to make it as enjoyable of a game as possible.  If you would like to check out the demo of Woodle Tree, it can be downloaded here.  If you want to keep up with the game’s development, then make sure to follow their official Twitter account.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Codename ‘Woodle Tree’ – An Adorable 3D Platformer


‘Twist’ Adds A New Twist To Puzzle Platformers

Twist Box art

Twist is going to be the first game released from Purple Hatch, an independent games studio whose aim is to bring out games that try to push boundaries and explore areas that have not previously been explored. Twist is billed to be released on September the 15th and is a puzzle platformer where you play as the main character “twist” in the setting as an infiltrator working undercover for the government.

Twist SS01

Twist is a government created nano-biological organic experiment and playing as this top secret life form you must infiltrate organisations to gather intelligence, however each mission brings about a whole host of new perils. You are going to have to think on your feet in this neat little puzzler as you continually move forwards getting into all kinds of trouble and it is your job to help twist avoid all the obstacles and complete its missions.

Twist looks to be a 2D platformer however it does infact work in 3D with the ability to shift the direction, contributing to what I believe is the main gimmick within Twist or the main “twist” if you will. This shifting is interesting and makes for some very difficult play as seeing where you are headed seems to be difficult and only made more tricky by twist unable to stop moving.

It is an interesting idea and makes for very taxing gameplay mechanics but rather fun at least. A demo of Twist can be found here incase you want to try your hand at this new puzzler and see how you perform. Twist is due for release on the 15th of September by Purple Hatch, so be sure to pick it up if the game is to your tastes.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Twist’ Adds A New Twist To Puzzle Platformers


New Release ‘Face-Plant Adventures’ Hits the Xbox Live Marketplace

Face-Plant Adventures is a platform game with puzzle elements in which development started in 2011 as a side project the title has come a long way since its humble beginning the other year. Coming from being the finalist in Dream Build Play 2012 to the Xbox Live Marketplace by the indie developer Oddworm Games. Check out the brand new launch trailer below to start to get a feel what Face-Plant Adventures is all about:

Face-Plant Adventures looks to of shaped up to be a nice puzzle platformer  with some interesting elements, you play through the game as this strange looking plant creature on a mission to traverse this unforgiving landscape. The levels are all beautifully hand drawn with a constant eerie tone set over the top making for some very beautiful and highly atmospheric gameplay.

Face-Plant Adventures contains 11 challenging levels in the adventure mode tasking the player to solve tricky switch puzzles and retrieving the lost golden leaves. The game also has the selection of three difficulty settings allowing the players of all skill level to still enjoy this crazy puzzle platformer.

Face-Plant Adventures looks to be a worthy addition to the Xbox Live marketplace adding another great title. Face-Plant Adventures is the debut title from the German team Oddworm Games and hopefully will be the first in a long line of great titles released by them. If you are interested in Face-Plant Adventures check it out on the Xbox Live marketplace here or on your console.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – New Release ‘Face-Plant Adventures’ Hits the Xbox Live Marketplace


A First Look At ‘Magicians And Looters’

Magicians and looters splash

I am sure that plenty of people are out there who wish that more quirky action exploration 2D platformers would come to the Xbox Live Indie Arcade, well your wish has indeed been granted now. Magicians And Looters is the interesting creation of Morgopolis Studios with the entire gaming being packed to the rafters with castles, forests, caverns, and even an underground city.

What originally attracted me to Magicians And Looters was the way this game in many ways did remind me of Dungeons Of Dredmor. The gameplay is different however the styling and humour over the top is distinctly paralleled in both titles and hopefully this game will be a blast to play much like Dungeons Of Dredmor was.

Magicians and looters SS01

Although still in relatively early phases of its development cycle Magicians And Looters looks very promising and contains plenty of puzzles, treasure, traps, shops, obstacle courses, secrets and all manner of monsters to keep even the most diligent adventurer busy for hours. On top of the strong fundamentals that Magicians And Looters seem to include it has a lot of interesting and fun innovations as well.

Some of the ideas expressed by Morgopolis Studios are the ability to gain levels by exploring new areas, allowing you to discover secrets instead of endless hours of conventionally grinding hostiles for that sweet sweet experience fix. I feel this adds a nice touch and something that alters the gameplay no doubt to a great extent, this is not the only “gimmick” however as expect an epic rescue mission full of gnomes, wizards, and talking cats slightly unconventional. Along with an apparently abridged game mode to cut down on the walls of text you receive in game to give a general gist of the matters at hand (I am actually not certain if this is a joke but I love the idea).

Magicians and looters SS02

This game seems to be packed with interesting fun content, i am not even done on a run down of it all just quite yet so here is some more interesting features being implemented:

  • Mix and Match equipment – To create a great balance of benefits and penalties to get the optimum loadouts
  • Touching enemies does not cause damage, unless they are covered in spikes
  • Play as three different characters, each demanding their own style of combat to master
  • No button-mashing! Melee is all about blocking, dodging and counter-attacking
    • Unless powered up and entering blitz mode then mash away

Magicians And Looters looks to be a very fun and quirky title coming to the Xbox Live Indie Arcade next year. Check out Morgopolis Studios site here and be sure to check back to The Indie Game Magazine for all the latest news as it happens

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – A First Look At ‘Magicians And Looters’


‘Trine 2: Goblin Menace’ Released

After a successful launch of the beautiful Trine 2 late last year, Finnish developer Frozenbyte began work on an expansion to their excellent physics based platformer. Announced just a few weeks ago Frozenbyte has worked fast into adding more to an already substantial game. The expansion titled Trine 2: Goblin Menace features a new story adding to the Trine world.

The original Trine was interesting, because it allowed a player to control three separate characters to solve puzzles. The player would switch between each as needed, or play with two others in co-operative multiplayer. The three characters  – a Knight, Wizard and Rogue, would each used their own skills to help each other move past areas. Trine 2: Goblin Menace adds six new abilities and skills to the player characters, which are useable in Trine 2 as well.

The new story of Trine 2: Goblin Menace focuses around, you guessed it, Goblins. The three protagonists will travel through heat, ice, and “the insides of a giant sand worm.” The expansion also features improved graphics, new enemies, puzzles and Steam achievements. All of the content included in Trine 2: Goblin Menace will also be available in the Trine 2 Director’s Cut when released on the Nintendo WiiU

To find out more about Trine 2, read the Indie Game Magazine review here.

You can purchase Trine 2: Goblin Menace on it’s Steam Store Page. Doing so before September 15th will earn you a 15% discount on the expansion pack. Trine 1 and 2 are also both on sale for a 75% discount. You can visit the developer’s website here, or tweet them here.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Trine 2: Goblin Menace’ Released


A Brief Look At Developer Winged Doom

stealer ss 01

I was just searching around on the internet like you do and stumbled across a very interesting indie developer who goes by the name Winged Doom. Apparently he is a Russian developer who has been working on a string of projects over the past couple of years seeming to only develop them to a certain level before moving on which I found very disappointing considering how they look. He is currently throwing all of his effort into a title called Journey to Hammerdale which looks to be a modern day take on the classic Zelda titles on the early Nintendo systems and by all accounts looks like it will be a great title.

journey to hammerdale mock up

However out of all his products he is working on the title Stealer took my by complete surprise because although still in very early stages it looks fantastic, the art styling is just exactly what I would love to see in more games. Be sure to check out the video concept below for the sequel to Stealer (same art style).

Stealer is billed to be a run and gun type platform game focused greatly on the atmosphere, set in a highly stylized Sci-Fi setting where a malevolent faction controls the populous forever expanding its borders into uncharted space engulfing all that it comes in contact with. Stealer is set in this universe although now the overlords have become fractured and the empire is in the throes of a civil war, the story seems sound enough and is still in development much like the rest of his game.

stealer ss03

Stealer is just one of many titles that Winged Doom is currently working on all of which look fantastic, with his chosen style to be creating games that have much more of a retro art styling which is undeniably fantastic and very eye catching. I hope no one has gotten their hopes up too much as it is hard to say if he will ever complete a project, he seems to be unable to settle on just one but from the way his titles look I would say he has potential to come out with some great titles.

That  said I am sure if he worked on all the visuals and stories maybe with another programmer he could get some great titles out into the indie market, as there is quite the buzz for Stealer over at the TIGForums. Winged Doom’s website can be found here and I suggest for all of you who like the look of his stuff to actually get him motivated to finish these fantastic looking games.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – A Brief Look At Developer Winged Doom