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Hitting Platforms Hardcore: ‘Cloudberry Kingdom’ Is Coming To Steam And Wii U

Cloudberry Kingdom

Hardcore platformer, Cloudberry Kingdom, has been announced for a release on Steam in September and Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, in December.

We remember watching the trailer for Cloudberry Kingdom a few months back and being excited beyond words. Being masochist gamers means that you’re always on the lookout for a new mistress and this one was bringing screen-filling to a new level. Somehow though, as much attention as we were giving the game, we missed the start of its Kickstarter campaign a couple of weeks back. Pwnee Studios are looking for a total of $20,000 to bring the game that they have been working on for the last three years up to a better polish by hiring a full time artist and animator.

Of course, if you do put your money towards this cause then you can secure yourself a copy of the game on Steam for $15, as well as early beta access. Upwards from there and you can snatch the soundtrack, get lots of swag and attend the game’s launch party (which, if its anything like the game, will be absolutely nuts). We found the news about the game’s Kickstarter over on the developers official blog where it quite clearly states that the game will be released in “September for Steam and December for Wii U”.

We’re very excited about this and can’t wait, quite frankly. That’s also another indie game being released on Nintendo’s new console too – that thing isn’t looking so bad you know. Anyway, enough gibberish, let’s revisit that very memorable trailer.

More information on Cloudberry Kingdom can be found on the developer’s official website.


‘DLC Quest’ Now On Mac App Store, Half Price For A Limited Time

DLC Quest

Going Loud Studios’ parody platformer, DLC Quest, made quite the splash with its release on XBLIG and even more so when it hit PC and Mac not so long ago. With its friendly but critical approach to the state of DLC in the industry, it holds quite the reputation. If you haven’t played it yet then there’s no better time to do so, especially now that it has hit the Mac App Store with a discounted price.

DLC Quest takes the traditional approach to the platformer by having you collect coins and save a princess. Those coins, however, are used not to claim extra lives but to buy DLC in the game. This starts off simply with adding sounds, animations and the ability to move left. Later, the DLC can get you bikini packs and zombies added to the game. It’s tongue-in-cheek fun and won’t cost you a penny apart from the initial purchase.

So, if you do have a Mac and don’t own DLC Quest, then now would be a good time to head over to the Mac App Store and pick it up for just $0.99 as from May 14th onwards that price will increase to $1.99 – it’s not going to break the bank but who is going to argue with a discount?

More information on DLC Quest can be found on the game’s official website.

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‘Climb To The Top of the Castle!’ Adopts Pay-What-You-Like Model

2D action/platformer Climb To The Top of the Castle! has officially switched to a pay-what-you-like sales model, developers Two Bros. Games have announced.

Ignoring the fantastic Monty Python-inspired artwork above, the game takes place over 15 levels as player attempt to rescue an unnamed princess from a similarly anonymous warlock, who’s disregard for sexual equality have compelled him to lock her in a tower guarded by an army of robots. Wow, what a jerk.

Climb To The Top of the Castle! claims to pose as a hallmark to the excruciatingly challenging platformers made famous during the NES-era, with devilish leaps and obstacles evoking the sense of keyboard-bashing frustration not recommended for the weak of heart or Buffalo Bills fans. Thankfully, though, there are several different difficulty levels available if you’re more inclined to value your anger management vows.


From SNES To Now: ‘Super Matt Jordan’ Gameplay Comparison

Super Matt Jordan

Originally conceived as a SNES Mario World ROM Hack, Super Matt Jordan is undergoing a makeover and the developer has released a video of their latest progress with a comparison to the original version too.

Super Matt Jordan is Mario World was based on someone’s life. The game takes the basic gameplay of the franchise but brings in the developers real life friend, Matt Jordan, and a whole bunch of other settings and NPC’s also based on real life. Of course, this remake of the original version looks better and plays a little differently too – with fireballs not just following the same projected path but being mouse-aimed instead.

April has been a very productive month for Super Matt Jordan and has seen the most important character make a grand return – Wayne the Ostrich. The developer’s description of him is rather spiffing:

“originally being a second-rate parody of Super Mario’s Yoshi, has been successfully implemented and is a able to aid Matt Jordan on his quest. His abilities are limited, and his purpose is more for transportation. He can shoot fire balls, he cannot charge his fireballs like Matt can, but he can fly for an unlimited amount of time. When dismounted, he acts like a Coffee Person that simply doesn’t move, so he can help Matt solve puzzles. Also, there is only ONE Wayne in the game. Where you leave him is exactly where he will be. If you should ever lose him, you can call him back from the payphone in town.”

Well that’s probably enough on the game for now in written form, so let’s take a look at the gameplay, but if you do want to read some more then head over to the blog post.

More information on Super Matt Jordan can be found on its IndieDB page.


Nicalis Cancels ‘La-Mulana’ EU/US WiiWare Release, PC Version On The Way


After several delays and months of silence regarding the European and North American release of platformer La-Mulana for WiiWare, Nicalis have come out and said that they have cancelled it entirely.

An upsetting day for many, especially after such hopes have been built, delays have been met and worries arisen; Nicalis announced the cancellation of the EU/US release of Nigoro’s action platformer with this tweet:

“Regarding La-Mulana, we have chosen to cancel publishing in North America and Europe for WiiWare.”

We and other publications have been bugging the publisher and developer recently for answers and now they come out with this. The reason for this retraction is that Nicalis seems to think they have been waiting on the developers for too long. Whatever the case, no one can change the facts – La-Mulana will not be released to the western side of the world through WiiWare.

UPDATE: Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis made a statement to GoNintendo in which he pointed to the decline of the WiiWare market since the initial contract and the development issues regarding the DLC for the game.

There is good news though! Someone asked Nicalis after the cancellation announcement whether there would still at least be a PC release to which they responded:

“Yes, and you can support @nigoro by purchasing the PC version.”

Obviously we have no idea of the timeframe on this or whether this will involve Nicalis, or any other details for that matter – at least there is some hope for the game though. We’ll be asking some more questions but until then, that’s all we have for you on this at the moment.

More information on La-Mulana can be found on the game’s official website.


Dust It Off: ‘Dustforce’ Level Editor Lands May 1st


Hitbox Team have announced that the long awaited level editor for their rather superb platformer, Dustforce, will be available to PC and Mac players on May 1st.

Free update ahoy! Yes, Hitbox Team have announced that the level editor for Dustforce is right around the corner (literally at the time of writing) and it’s going to be free for everyone who has purchased the game. Hopefully, given the success of level editors in general, this addition to the game will further encourage its community to get busy with their own levels for us all to try out.

You can get a quick glimpse at how the whole thing will actually work below and to our surprise, it’s actually very flexible – mimicking a drawing tool so that players may make levels of seemingly any shape they wish. Of course, all of the enemies and dust/dirt formations come as standard as in the game, but the level shaping is impressively liberating.

If you haven’t purchased Dustforce yet, you can do so over on Steam and you can read our review to find out if it’s worth doing so.

More information on Dustforce can be found on the game’s official website.


Creating A Monster: ’99 Levels To Hell’ Level Editor Showcased

Last week, we took our first look at Zaxis Games’ 99 Levels To Hell, a punchy, vibrant-looking take on the side-scrolling platformer genre. Now, with the development appearing to be running smoothly, the developers have treated us to an inside look into how the game’s 100+ levels are meticulously crafted using its in-game level editor. The new video footage, clocking in at just over a minute long, also gives viewers a brief first look at one of 99 Levels To Hell‘s most widely touted feature – the portals.

From the looks of things, these portals are far from arbitrary gimmicks implemented simply to latch onto a readily-established marquee of the gaming industry. On the contrary, it’s evident that Zaxis is making a concerted effort to ensure that they’ll form an integral strategic element of the subtle ways in which the gameplay unfolds, forcing players to think laterally before launching themselves into pastures hitherto unknown. In other words, look before you leap, children.


‘A Valley Without Wind’ Now Available On Steam

A Valley Without Wind

After a few technical hitches, as we reported on earlier, A Valley Without Wind has finally made its way onto Steam. As with both GamersGate, the Mac Game Store and Arcen Games’ official website, the game is available at a 10% discount, due to expire on 1st May, and there’s also a special four-pack that’s subject to a similar temporary price cut. Those looking to purchase multiple copies may be pleased to know that Steam is offering it for a lower price than its Impulse counterpart, which appears to be available at full price from the get-go.


Tip Of The Hat: ‘Heroes Of Hat’ Trailer

Heroes Of Hat

Students from the University of Utah have made a little 4-player co-op platformer for XBLIG and PC called, Heroes of Hat, and they’ve also released a trailer for it so you can have a gander.

While a platformer that looks lovely to the hilt is nothing unusual on these pages, one that attends to 4 player co-op is much rarer. Though it’s bound to be local multiplayer only, Heroes of Hat‘s co-op capabilities certainly make it shift from “yes I’ve seen this millions of times” to “oh, that looks like fun”. That’s not to say that every platformer without such features falls into the former, but Heroes of Hat could have so easily otherwise.

Let’s not dwell on the co-op side of things for the game, though it would be fine to, let’s instead look at what kind of gameplay this is. Well, you’ll see in the trailer below that it’s a platformer and one that wouldn’t have gone amiss in the late 90s. You’re apparently channelling the power of hats to get through the game which manifests itself into shooting arrows, laying bombs, some form of floating and presumably other such features. It looks to be a simple game that will suit simple pleasures but that’s fine, we like that kind of thing over here.

Heroes of Hat is due to be released on XBLIG very soon and according to this tweet, the PC version of the game will be available sometime this week too.

You can find out more information about Heroes of Hat over on its Facebook page as well as the Twitter feed.


Fruit Bowl: ‘Apple Jack 2′ Trailer

Apple Jack 2

My Owl Software has released a fruit-tastic trailer for their “core” platformer, Apple Jack 2, which is set to head to XBLIG and PC later this year.

Apparently, 2012 will be the year of another adventure for Apple Jack. We haven’t heard anything about Apple Jack 2 since December, but a new trailer for the game means we’re still allowed to be all kinds of excited for it. Why shouldn’t we be? Apple Jack was a critically appraised and this sequel returns with over 60 levels to the platforming experience with huge bosses to take on, enemy flinging to great fruit-filled results and the ability to rewind time when death visits.

The new trailer will give you a much better impression of the game than words though. Speaking of which, that music is stunning and apparently it’s from the film ‘Vergogna schifosi’. That’s not relevant of course but our ears and flapping with delight!

Apple Jack 2 is due for release in the next couple of weeks on XBLIG. A PC release is planned for some unknown time after that.

More information on Apple Jack 2 can be found on the developer’s official website.