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Rain World hits 200% funding, gets new video

Last month we showed you the awesome Project Rain World, an atmospheric survival platformer about imaginative Slugcat creatures surviving in a harsh, dystopian world. Rain World‘s Kickstarter  has now reached $50,000, marking the 200% funding goal..

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Rain World hits 200% funding, gets new video


Rain World Has Slugcats, Kickstarter

Project Rain World launched its Kickstarter today, racking in almost 60% funding in its first 24 hours. The two-man development team has earned $15,000 in pledges towards their $25,000 base-funding goal which will help them..

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Rain World Has Slugcats, Kickstarter


Retro stealth-em-up Master Spy goes to Steam Greenlight


Indie developer Turbogun has announced that they’ve taken they’ve taken their in-development retro platformer-stealth-em-up Master Spy to Steam Greenlight.

The artstyle is simple, but maintains an authentic 80's feel.

“You are Master Spy. In a world of corruption and decay, you’re not just good at what you do – you’re the best”, the blurb goes. “With the aid of your prototype cloaking suit and quick wit, you’ll sneak your way past a multitude of enemies and obstacles, all while uncovering a plot of conspiracy and intrigue that thrusts you into a role far greater than your contract promised…”

With some neat 8-bit retro graphics and cutscenes which evoke memories of a childhood spent playing growing up playing NES games with a childhood friend, it looks like a pleasing throwback to the 1980s when games made up for their low amount of storage capacity with incredibly challenging gameplay. There’s a nifty retro soundtrack too, courtesy of chiptune composer Sferro.

Gameplay is simple but challenging, so you'll likely see this message a lot.

Taking place in 2d with simple animated cutscenes employed to tell the game’s story, gameplay is simple, but challenging; navigating the levels requires some pin-point platforming as you collect dossiers and move from screen to screen (the game utilizes a flick-screen format) and guards will need to be avoided in order to avoid raising the alarm. Thankfully your character is equipped with a handy cloaking device which helps him to remain undetected by roaming guards and security cameras. It’s not without penalty however – while cloaked, your movement speed and jumping range are curtailed considerably and guard dogs won’t be fooled, dashing across the screen to catch you.

Even at this early stage the game is fiendishly addictive. An alpha-version demo is available to play on the game’s website for people before casting your vote on Greenlight and it shows a game that has plenty of promise. Games of this nature can be difficult to get right though – too easy and players will become bored, but if the platform and timing required becomes too precise, it can quickly become frustrating and feel unfair. So far the developer seems to have found a good balance though, so we hope that fine judgement of difficulty continues through to the finished product.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Retro stealth-em-up Master Spy goes to Steam Greenlight


‘SteamWorld Dig’ Coming To The PC December 5th

SteamWorld Dig

Image & Form, the makers of SteamWorld Dig, which released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in August, are bringing their Western-meets-steampunk themed mining platformer to the PC  on December 5th. The 3DS game was met with outstanding critical success and the PC version looks to improve upon that experience by presenting the game in full HD and adding new content.

In SteamWorld Dig, players tunnel through the Earth in search of gold and other treasure, meeting a charming cast of characters along the way and eventually unearthing an ancient secret. As players dig deeper and deeper, the things you smash with your pickaxe (that is, enemies and earthen materials) get stronger, so upgrades are a must.

Fans of the 3DS version need not fear Image & Form abandoning the platform. The CEO says that “it would be strange to leave the 3DS community; they’ve embraced SteamWorld Dig and carried us, and we owe them a lot.”

SteamWorld Dig will be available on Steam on December 5th tentatively priced at $9.99. 3DS owners interested in getting a taste of it before then can purchase it on the eShop for $8.99.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘SteamWorld Dig’ Coming To The PC December 5th


Indie Intermission – ‘TIMEframe’ It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

TIMEframe ss02

Today’s game is a rather beautiful experience from Random Seed Games originally created for the last Ludum Dare (although the post comp entry has some nice additions) using the idea of 10 seconds.

TIMEframe is a game that take the 10 second concept and slows the world around you down making each second last a minute. The scenery and game reflect this slow down very well with the fire, water, sun, and other particle affects moving at a snail’s pace.

Although the gameplay element of TIMEframe is questionable the overall experience and creation of this stunning visual scene is great that accumulated in a rather catastrophic conclusion.

The visuals and music in TIMEframe really make for a highly compelling experience, the music is great and shifts appropriately as the game develops adding suspense and drama when needed yet maintaining a surreal beauty to the game.

TIMEframe ss03

Average play time – 10 minutes

TIMEframe will not be for everyone as it takes a much slower pace than most games along with skipping out on the gameplay side of things quite heavily. Overall the experience is greatly enjoyable and with it only lasting 10 minutes the game does not over stay its welcome.

You can play the post-comp entry online for free or download it if you prefer.

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Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission – ‘TIMEframe’ It’s The End Of The World As We Know It


Indie Intermission – ‘Gentle Gravity’ Just A Hop, Skip And A Jump

Gentle Gravity ss01

Gentle Gravity is today’s pick and with its very relaxing tone and gentle approach to platforming games I feel this is a great way to escape your hectic day. Created by NinjaFox the idea behind Gentle Gravity is that you must collect all of the coins for your wife, a simple enough premise.

The game plays like a platformer using the interesting mechanic of gravity wells that allow you to jump gracefully from one platform to the next in this beautifully put together monochrome sky-box.

The game starts initially very simple with just a few hazards but slowly begins to introduce more and more ways to get yourself killed. Although a lot of the hazards are highly derivative of other platformers the implementation in this gravity platformer gives many of them a new lease of life.

The graphics style and music for that matter add a great deal to the overall game and make it feel very relaxed along with creating a very visually pleasing game to look at, everything about this game is indeed gentle.

Gentle Gravity ss02

Average play time – 30 minutes

Gentle Gravity is a lot of fun and creates a casual feeling platforming experience in this old styled setting that help make for some great visuals.

You cab play Gentle Gravity online for free.

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Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission – ‘Gentle Gravity’ Just A Hop, Skip And A Jump


‘Teslagrad’ Preview – Mad Magnetism

Teslagrad title

Slated to be Norwegian developer Rain Games’s first release, Teslagrad is a steampunk-styled 2-D puzzle platformer currently in development for the PC, Mac and Linux. Set in the titular capitol city of Elektropia, the game promises to be an electrifying escapade full of perilous puzzles designed specifically to test and tantalize one’s brain.

This is technically Rain Games’s second game; their first project, a multiplayer game titled Minute Mayhem, was put on hold in favor of finishing Teslagrad first. Despite vastly differing gameplay, both are set in the fictional universe of Chroma, and the developers have hinted at a desire to continue exploring Chroma in future releases.


‘Anki’ Platforming Your Way This March


Puzzle platformers have always been popular within the indie circles, and because of this we often see many of them developed each year. It looks like 2013 will be no different and brings with it Anki, a brand new puzzle platformer from I love Krupiński.

Anki is a platforming game that looks like to me it is trying to bring back a lot of what made ‘90s platformers great. It has the very distinctive and vibrant pallet set I’ve grown to love and the really over the top level setups it really does look great.

One of the major hooks in Anki is the ability to wrap the screen in every direction. Although not innately a new mechanic the ability to use it to wrap the entire games level to help you overcome the puzzles is not all too common, and adds a nice little twist to Anki.

Anki aims to be a more arcade like platformer that encourages unlocking pretty much everything through diligent playing of the game. Everything is unlocked via crystals which can be obtained within the levels. Over time the collection of the crystals becomes increasingly more challenging and therefore forces even better play to ensure you can carry on with the levels.

Anki just looks to be a very fun new platformer that tried to bring back some of the magic we have lost from the ‘90s. There is currently a demo available to be played and can be downloaded via IndieDB. Expect to see the full game released on 14th of March this year for the PC. Track the progress either at IndieDB or the I love Krupiński site.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Anki’ Platforming Your Way This March


Freeware Game Pick – ‘Faster Blaster’

Kudos to the sagely Pixel Prospector for spotting this one. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt over the past decade of gaming, it’s that physics make everything better. From the earliest, wobbliest ragdoll death animations to splooshy fluid dynamics and even just small details like sparks from impacts skittering across the floor. I’ve also learnt that retro mash-ups are rad. Frank Force’s Faster Blaster (formerly known as Mother Lover) is doubleplus extra badical, for these reasons. Take one part Metroid, one part Blaster Master and 9.8g’s of physics, shake (not stir) and serve on the rocks.

There’s no plot to speak of here, but let’s just assume that the miraculous super-tank Sophia The 3rd got lost (should’a taken that left turn at Albuquerque) and ended up on Planet Zebes and decided to explore a little and maybe kill Mother Brain. Also, physics. I don’t really know how to explain the lack of abstract 8-bit movement, but let’s not think too hard about that. Faster Blaster is still officially in development, but the current beta build is largely feature-complete and well worth playing. What you’ve got here is a great big non-linear game-world filled with critters to shoot, platforms to jump on and secrets to find. Metroid, really. But with a tank. And physics.

You’ve also got a lot more to master, controls-wise. Clearing larger jumps is a matter of building up speed and ramping off ledges, and landing needs to be controlled with your brakes or you can end up overshooting the mark. You have semi-limited ammo for your main gun, too. It continually recharges, and the first shot has a little extra kick to it, but every shell launches in an arc affected by your momentum. Later, you get your standard range of Metroid-style upgrades, from basic health extensions to extra weapons. The classic Metroid missile launcher has been upgraded to a manually guided fly-by-wire design, and there’s an even more physics-oriented ‘digger’ gun to excavate your way into new caverns.

The concept is solid for the most part, although controlling your tank takes some time to master, especially given the floaty (jet-assisted?) jumping, and just how easy it is to snag yourself on the corner of a platform and bounce helplessly off. Still, for every moment of frustration there’s one of equal satisfaction. Nailing a fast-moving flying enemy by accelerating your own shot through movement is strangely reminiscent of Starsiege: Tribes. While the game boasts full analogue gamepad support, it’s probably best to use mouse and keyboard. The extra precision with aiming matters when your ammo is semi-limited and that first shot counts more than the rest.

Faster Blaster is available (in beta) now, weighs in at a tiny 8mb download, and should run on just about any PC from the past six years. The engine the game runs on seems smooth and well-optimized, although that shouldn’t be too surprising, given the retro nature of it all.

Now here’s a question for you eagle-brained (and presumably elephant-eyed) folks in the community: Are there any other retro + physics mash-ups that you can think of? Mario-Portal blend MariO springs to mind, but are there any other notable hybrids that we might have missed? Feel free to share, comment, heckle or otherwise make noise in the comments box below.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Freeware Game Pick – ‘Faster Blaster’


Indie Intermission Day 30 – ‘Digi Adventure’

Digi Adventure splash

It is another one of those dreary days outside, rain pouring down in an endless monsoon and a sky so saturated in clouds it tints the whole world gray. In order to get through days like this, I at least need some distraction from reality. Digi Adventure is that distraction and it is quite the interesting platformer from the guys over at Insert Coin Studios.

Digi Adventure follows an unemployed college gamer who receives a popup on his computer one day for the best job ever. Digi initially ignored the popup but then decided to click it, resulting in him being sucked into the digital world. Greeted by his antivirus software Digi is tasked with the job of cleaning up the digital world from the onslaught of viruses.

Digi Adventure is a very well put together adventure game created in Unity3D with a fantastic visual style. The style used does suit the narrative very well as it has clearly had some Tron inspiration but actually made an attempt to create a story around its premise at least.

Digi Adventure SS01

I really like the use of lighting in the world, the close nature of the lighting makes the world feel very closed and electronic. All the blocks having interesting moving pixels and circuit board platforms really make the game feel very electronic and work great in the theme of the game overall.

The audio is also great, really adding to the electronic feel with its melodic overtones that provide enough ambience to make the game feel much more complete. The tracks although seeming a little limited, are not tracks you would quickly get bored with as they continue to play in the background, they are not overly overt.

Overall Digi Adventure is a great little platformer with a large selection of levels to get through, all created in this great electronic style. There is also the ability to put on time attack mode and a one death mode adding to the difficulty of the game, along with increasing the replayability. It all just works very well together and I had a lot of fun playing the game. There is a few bugs in the game one of my biggest was, when what i assume is my life counter hit zero it would just keep my dead. There was no option to restart the level or at least push me back to the main menu automatically.

Digi Adventure ss02

Insert Coin Studios continue to support Digi Adventure publishing new levels and fixing bugs continually. so i assume all the small problems will be ironed out over time.

Average play time – under an hour to complete

Digi Adventure is great fun and is a worthy distraction from the hectic real world. Play it for free in your browser here. If you would like to find out a little more about the studio their site can be found here and follow them on Twitter.

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Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission Day 30 – ‘Digi Adventure’