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Valve Alters The Greenlight Project Hoping To Prevent Abuse

greenlight banner

It is no surprise that the community project Steam Greenlight has gotten a lot of press and an ever growing collection of hopeful games waiting for the greenlight. Valve say the number of titles has reached over 700 submissions so far and still climbing, sadly within this collection there is a significant number of titles that are of the shovelware variety with many being submitted for a joke and thus obscuring the actual legitimate titles they are trying to promote.

Valve therefore have decided to change the way posts will be placed on the Greenlight project with the first update imposing a fee of $100 to post a title on the Greenlight, however don’t worry about Valve being out for money because all proceeds from this will go straight to the charity Child’s Play. The only purpose Valve want to fulfill with this is to reduce the noise and illegitimate titles currently being posted whilst not trying to alienate the vast majority of legitimate titles and don’t worry if you already have titles posted as they will not be affected.

The second change Valve are going to be making with regards to Greenlight is to try and tailor the titles you see when you open the Greenlight project by showing “your kind” of games. In the hopes you will have a much smaller list more accurately tailored at you which is easier see potential titles you personally would be interested in.

It is an interesting change to the system which did have problems from the start with it was very open to abuse, hopefully this will help to create a more fair system for the better of the community as a whole. This is no doubt only the first step to better tailor the Greenlight project so be sure to check back to The Indie Game Magazine for all the latest new as and when it develops.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Valve Alters The Greenlight Project Hoping To Prevent Abuse


‘Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe’ Now Has A Super Sexy Trailer

Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe

Today brings sights and sounds of Andrew Morrish’s upcoming release of Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe. It’s a wonderful thing, really, involving two of gaming’s greatest genres – the puzzler and the platformer – mashed together and served up for those who know they want to play something thinky and something jumpy but just can’t figure out which one to plump for.

Spawned originally as a flash game without the fancy ‘Deluxe’ tagging, Morrish has evolved what I like to term his original ‘puzzformer’ into an entirely new beast. It’s currently in development for PC and OSX (or so the developer has recently confirmed via Twitter) and besides what made the original game so fascinating (i.e. falling blocks and shooting blocks already fallen) we’ll be getting more guns, more obstacles to dodge and a definitive multiplayer mode with which to thrash friends and family. What more could you ask for? Oh yes – the trailer:

No release date has yet been given, but this latest update suggests it’s not too far off and something tells me a lot of people will be keeping an eye out for this entering Greenlight.

As always, be sure to check out the dev’s blog for crucial updates. And, if you haven’t played the original iteration, then now’s the time to do so. For my money it’s smartly designed and taps directly into that nostalgic 16-bit thrill that so many modern indies attempt to replicate but so often full short. It’s also free and just two clicks from being in front of your face. So what are you waiting for?

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe’ Now Has A Super Sexy Trailer


‘The Tower’ Update Round-up : More Ways Into ‘The Tower’

The Tower Image 05Narrow Monolith earlier in the week released their first alpha build of The Tower which i talked about here, a puzzle game set in dark age Britain utilizing light to create a great feel along with unique puzzle ideas. It seems Narrow Monolith have been very busy this week trying to increase the accessibility for people to get their hands on this game.

TT 10

Narrow Monolith have now released their Mac version of The Tower, a little bit later than they originally intended but all that matters is the build is out so for all of you Mac users there is no longer a reason for Mac users to not pick The Tower up. Also Narrow Monolith this week have put out the first demo build of the game to hopefully get more people than ever hyped about this upcoming game allowing more people than ever to actually get firsthand experience of the game if they missed the initial free copies that were given away on release day. Sadly at present time the demo is only available for Windows users but this is due to a small overstretched development team so you can’t be too hard on them as they continue to bring more updates for The Tower.

TT 11

Narrow Monolith have also put The Tower onto the Steam Greenlight Community project so if you like what you see of The Tower so far I encourage you to up vote them over their. The next installment of The Tower should be released this week and I am eagerly anticipating this next episode as the first showcased a very interesting story and strong unique gameplay, but I have always been a sucker for games that remind me of Myst for one reason or another.

The Tower is currently in its first alpha build with the next installment out sometime in the coming week if all goes to plan and is available from Desura here. Narrow Monolith have also got a Indiegogo funding project up now over here so check that out if you like what you see. Be sure to check back to IGM in the next few days for a full round up on how The Tower’s next installment turns out.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘The Tower’ Update Round-up : More Ways Into ‘The Tower’


Indie Intermission Day 6 – ‘Telepaint’

Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-50-40-65

Puzzle platformers are synonymous with indie devs I guess for the most part they are reliant on interesting unique ideas to pull them off but do not have to focus greatly on graphics or even a story. I have recently been playing Time Fcuk again which as some nice ideas however Telepaint brings some over some very interesting ideas to the puzzle platformer series relying on a dynamic of creating portals to get your intrepid hero to the exit. Although not really similar Telepaint had a dynamic similar to that of Lemmings (for lack of a better example) where you are guiding a character what can not be stopped and you must do your utmost to guide him to the exit safely.

Telepaint is the brainchild of Mark Foster and was originally created in 48 hours for a game jam in which the games had to be played on six giant coloured buttons which quickly becomes apparent as the original input device, however it does translate quite well to the keyboard. The only problem I came across with Telepaint was the controls being 1 2 3 4 5 6 for me was a little bit tricky at times and required a lot of thought as I am not used to pressing numbers in such sequences, it was a nice challenge and I feel it did work for the overall even if six big colour buttons does sound a little easier (It probably is not).

Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-37-29-81

As with every puzzle game it was frustrating at times especially when your fingers just didn’t seem to work, but that is puzzle games for you in a nutshell. The game design is very nice overall with a great retro theme that was clean and simple but by no means basic, the audio is a standout as each teleporter block creates different notes which can make some nice sounds, the overall look and feel for this game is solid and well worth a go.

Average completion time – 25 minutes

Telepaint can be found on the official site here (Windows only), Mark Foster is currently developing Chroma which we have featured here previously and in fact Telepaint runs off much of the same source code so odds are Chroma will turn out to be quite the formidable game in its own right. Be sure to check back to The Indie Game Magazine to see all the latests on Chroma.

If you are a developer with A fun indie game that can be played over a coffee break, we want to hear from you! Private message us on twitter @IndieGameMag or shoot us an email at with the subject “Indie Intermission” and you could be our indie intermission pick of the day!

Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-50-40-65
Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-37-29-81
Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-40-03-83
Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-43-09-06
Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-50-22-80
Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-50-31-49
Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-33-07-85
Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-34-07-27
Telepaint 2012-09-01 16-35-32-28

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission Day 6 – ‘Telepaint’


‘Fuel Overdose’ – Tactical Action Racing

Fuel Overdose is an upcoming tactical action racer by indie developer I-Friqiya, that hopes to reignite the nostalgic feelings of top down, isometric racers.  The developers at I-Friqiya aren’t just aiming to imitate this genre though, they are hoping to reinvent it.  With intensely stylistic art , highly customizable vehicles, tons of upgradeable weapons, and great racing  gameplay.

The action part of Fuel Overdose looks amazing, with a variety of different weapon types to choose from, and each of them upgradeable.  Combine this with the highly customizable vehicles, and a bunch of possible driving styles, and you are left with a game that will let you play it in exactly the way you want to.  Fuel Overdose is not an arena car fighting game though, it is truly a racing game at heart (although with astounding combat added to the mix).  I would even say that it looks like it would play similarly to Mario Kart, only on a much more violent and adult level.

 Fuel Overdose provides everything that racing game fans love as well, including advanced driving techniques such as skidding, drifting, spinning, and even using grappling hooks to help perfect turns.  Want to race without all of the weaponry?  There is a mode for that, allowing you to play Fuel Overdose in a strictly racing based gameplay mode.

Fuel Overdose will be available soon for the PS3 (via Playstation Network) and the PC.  If you want to find out more about this game, then make sure you check out their official website.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Fuel Overdose’ – Tactical Action Racing


‘Trine 2 : Goblin Menace’ Expansion announced

Trine 2 GM LogoFrozenbyte earlier announced the long awaited expansion pack for their sensational action, adventure platformer Trine 2. This latest installment Trine 2 : Goblin Menace will be available from September 6th although for anyone lucky enough to already have the Trine 2 Collectors edition will get immediate access to the beta containing two levels from Trine 2 : Goblin Menace available until September 6th. Frozenbyte hope to get valuable feedback from the beta of which is directed here, be sure to check out the Gamescom trailer below to look at how this expansion will improve Trine 2:

Don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on Trine 2 : Goblin Menace on launch as the original Trine 2 will include lots of new updates including new skills along with cross compatibility multiplayer with Trine 2 : Goblin Menace “We wanted to give our loyal fans something extra and also get some early feedback before the official launch.” said Lauri Hyvärinen, Ceo of Frozenbyte. Much of the Trine 2 update has already been applied totaling 2Gb of fixes and ground work to ensure that as soon as Trine 2 : Goblin Menace is released multiplayer functionality will be fully up and running.

Trine 2 SS04

Trine 2 : Goblin Menace will expand on much of what Trine 2 implemented include an all new campaign spanning six unique levels along with additional skills creating a great reason to pick Trine 2 back up and battle through this promising new instalment. The News doesn’t stop there as anyone eagerly awaiting the release of the Wii U as all this additional content will be included in the Trine 2: Director’s Cut along with several enhancements and Wii U exclusive features, additional information will be released closer to the release on the Wii U platform and after all news of Trine 2 : Goblin Menace on the PC should hold everyone over until the Wii U is launched.

Trine 2 : Goblin Menace will be available for PC and Mac from Steam on September 6th at the cost of $7.99 however expect a small launch discount for early birds. Expect to see Trine 2 : Goblin Menace coming to Mac App Store and Linux in the not too distant future.

Trine 2 GM Logo
trine 2 SS01
Trine 2 SS02
Trine 2 SS03
Trine 2 SS04
Trine 2 SS05
Trine 2 SS06
Trine 2 SS07
Trine 2 SS08
Trine 2 SS09
Trine 2 SS10

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Trine 2 : Goblin Menace’ Expansion announced


The Incredible ‘Incredipede’ Billed For A Late October Release


Now Incredipede has been in development for two years and it is finally looking like the game is starting to get close to the final stages of its cycle looking for a late October release this year. Incredipede is the second game from indie developer Colin Northway following a similar idea to his first game Fantastic Contraption with a similar construction element. A new gameplay trailer was released today showing how far this game has come check it out below:

Incredipede follows the story on Quozzle, A lone Incredipede on a dire quest to rescue her sisters. Her unique ability to grow additional extremities allows her to adapt the to various worlds and scenarios to overcome the challenges and succeed in her goal to reunite all her sisters. Incredipede features 60 levels in elegantly created worlds, with a gradual learning curve to allow you to get better acquainted with Quozzle and her unique abilities.


This looks to be shaping up to be quite the interesting puzzle game a bit different to the normal which is always nice to see. Incredipede also contains a level editor for users to generate their own content or allow others to try and take their own creature designs to the goal, in the hope that a vibrant community will allow an almost infinite number of unique and intriguing designs constantly keeping things fresh and new.

Incredipede will be aiming for a late October release with hopes of a beta soon to appease all the gamers who just can’t wait for the official release. Colin Northway is hoping to get a place on Steam via the Greenlight community project so keep an eye out over their if this game does appeal to you. Be sure to check IGM frequently for news as it breaks about Incredipede.


Source: The Indie Game Magazine – The Incredible ‘Incredipede’ Billed For A Late October Release


Gore-Splattered Platformer ‘They Bleed Pixels’ Released On PC

It’s been a long, long time coming. They Bleed Pixels was going to be one of the grand showcase titles on Xbox Live Indie Games. Fortunately, the game has since jumped from that sinking ship and onto a far more commercially viable platform. Spooky Squid’s much-delayed acrobatic platformer with a Lovecraftian bent is now available to buy exclusively via Steam. Here’s the spooooooky launch trailer:

Catchy tunes, cursed books that just won’t stay banished, and a little girl who seems to be having way too much fun hacking her way through some strange, eldritch dream-realms with a set of giant knife-hands. What more could you want? It looks like it offers Super Meat Boy-esque acrobatic platforming, but with an interesting twist; your reward for collecting enough blood from fallen enemies is the ability to place checkpoints, saving you from a long trek from the beginning of the level.

There’s also a range of cameo levels from friends in the indie development scene, such as They Bleed Ponycorns, proving that crayon scribbles really can make anything better. The game is out now, and costs $10 (or your regional equivalent), although there’s a respectable 20% launch discount on the game.

We’ll hopefully have a full review of it soon – there’s currently at least two writers (perhaps more) brutally fighting to the death over who gets the coveted review code, so expect the blood-drenched victor to rattle off some words sometime in the coming days. Keep a close eye on IGM to see who crawls from the review-pit with murder in their eyes.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Gore-Splattered Platformer ‘They Bleed Pixels’ Released On PC


‘Closure’ Coming to Steam in September


Eyebrow Interactive’s Closure has won a lot of awards — and they’re well deserved too! Back when I wrote for DIYGamer, I did an article on Closure which, at the time, was a web-based entity having been submitted to the Independent Games Festival… and look where it is now! Closure has been heralded as a superb side-scrolling platformer by IndieCade, IGF, Indie Game Challenge, and just about anybody who has ever tried the game. Be that as it may, it had only been available on the PlayStation Network, but that’s about to change on September 7th.

Closure is coming to PC and Mac via Steam, and it will be available for $10. The platformer features a variety of levels in which the player must traverse the darkness and utilize light to their advantage, in the meantime solving puzzles and revealing the world as they go through it. It is a game that challenges your conception of what is there and forces you to think about what is not. As Eyebrow Interactive put it: “Only what you see exists.” That means if you jump into the darkness without light then you’re dead! When I initially tried Closure, I had no clue it would be this incredible award-winning effort it is today but I definitely knew it was special on account of its impeccable mechanics and inspiring art design.

On a side note, Closure will also be around at PAX at the Indie Megabooth for those of you attending the event. You can check the game out on its official website. Here’s the Steam release trailer:

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Closure’ Coming to Steam in September


‘Luftrausers’ Flying High in New Teaser

Airplane combat games have grown their own niche in the indie community, with efforts such as Mini Squadron and Altitude gathering special praise and even lucrative attention. Created by Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman (better known at the time, I suppose, as Not Vlambeer) with the help of Paul Veer and KOZILEK, Luftrauser was an addictive airplane web-based airplane combat game available on a number of Flash/web-friendly sites like Newgrounds and Silver Games. Its sequel, Luftrausers, takes the sepia-monochrome enjoyment of the original and propels it to a higher level. Vlambeer seems proud of what the upcoming Luftrausers will play like — and it looks damn good, too.

They’ve enlisted the help of Devolver Digital this time around, who actually released the teaser you’re about to see. In this trailer, we are re-introduced to the game’s incredible (and familiar) art design as well as its gameplay. Coming to both PC and Mac, it seems the newest iteration of the game is suggested to be played with a gamepad — which sounds like it could make for an awesome experience. After all, Vlambeer have yet to let us down: Super Crate BoxThe Random EncounterRadical Fishing… that’s a stacked repertoire. It seems, then, pretty conducive to add Luftrausers to that list, especially after the development blog Rami put up at the beginning of August.

So here you go, check it out and see if you enjoy it. And if you do, just try the original Flash game until the full effort is out later this year.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Luftrausers’ Flying High in New Teaser