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You’re Late For Work Again…’Every Day the Same Dream’ [IndieCade]


IndieCade is no longer far off into the future. On October 8-10, press and public alike (including us at DIYGamer) will have the opportunity to access the most cutting-edge gaming experiences. Taking a look at the IndieCade finalists is enough to reassure us of how fresh these concepts truly are — we’ve got board games, interactive narratives, platformers, and all sorts of other goodies to see at the festival taking place in Culver City.

After playing Paolo Pedercini‘s Every Day the Same Dream, I’m left with numerous interpretations in my mind. I can share these interpretations, but I don’t think they’ll resonate quite the same way with you as they would if you played it on your own. Molleindustria‘s existential game features artwork done in monochrome, with sounds to accompany the mood. You’ll play as a nameless man who awakes each morning to follow his daily routine. The narrative is a common theme — one that focuses on the alienation of white collar workers in the labor force — but I almost guarantee the gameplay will speak to you beyond this level of analysis.

I can’t say too much about the actual game without spoiling it, but I will praise it for the ability to make me think. Perhaps that was Molleindustria’s goal all along and, if so, then they should rest comfortably knowing they have achieved that goal. The artwork is fantastic and gloomy, unlike much of what else you see on the market today.

So, without further ado, here’s your opportunity to play Every Day the Same Dream. And once you’re done with it, do us a favor and tell us what you think of it. How did the game resonate with you? Did you “get” it? Do you even feel like there was something to “get”?

If you find yourself stuck and need some help, check out the wonderful Jay is Games website.

[Every Day the Same Dream.]


Hey, Look, It’s an Art Game: Every Day the Same Dream

Every Day the Same Dream Paolo Pedercini put together Every Day the Same Dream for the Experimental Gameplay Project‘s Art Game theme. You play an office drone going to work. Or not going to work. Or going to work without a tie. Like a cynical version of Passage, Every Day the Same Dream packs a lot of emotional weight into a short package.

It’s easy to say the game is about suburban alienation — which is probably because that’s what Pedercini, who founded molleindustria, says that the game is about — but I think there’s more to it than that. It’s about finding meaning in life, even when much of your time is taken up with the same thing day after day. Of course, this makes it a pretty good entry for Art Game, because people can read different things into it.

Pedercini also made music for the game but apparently didn’t like it, because the music included in the final game is by Jesse Stiles. I don’t know who that is, but it fits pretty well. Play it here.

[via Experimental Gameplay Project]