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Fez Zeppelin: ‘Fez’ Soundtrack Up For Pre-Order; Receive Six Free Tracks Now


With many an indie gamer counting down the days until Fez‘s April 13th release date, developers Polytron have announced a swish little bonus for the masses to lap up.

Starting from today, the game’s official soundtrack can be pre-ordered through the official Band Camp page of composers Disasterpeace. As if that weren’t enough, six of the 26 tracks can be listened to for free on the same webpage, allowing potential buyers to sample the atmospheric retro-techno beats that’ll be drifting through your speakers in a few days’ time.

The soundtrack will set you back $4.99 and unfortunately won’t be downloadable until April 20th – a full week after the release of the game itself. Then again, Fez has been in the pipeline for around five years now, so you could say that seven days is but a mere drop in the ocean compared to the agonising wait we’ve all been put through.

To read more about this highly anticipated Xbox Live Arcade title, visit its official site.