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New Star Soccer 5 50% Off till January 1st

The Barclays Premier League season thus far has been ridiculously entertaining and full of its fair share of twists and turns. But now it’s time to set your sights on New Star Soccer 5, one of my personal favorite indie sports games of the last year. In New Star Soccer 5, you are a celebrity soccer player just starting out and trying to work your way up the team ladder. As you work to become part of the first team, you also have to learn to balance your personal and work lives and make clever purchases so as to improve your stamina rather than impair it. Or you can just fuck everything up and take steroids, your choice, dude.


New Star Soccer Free to Play Until Sunday + Sale

Some good news for those with free accounts in New Star Soccer 5: the game will have an unlimited number of matches to play for free until tomorrow, November 27. For those who are on the verge of purchasing NSS5 (which you really should do since it is a great game), it is still available at a 50% discount as part of the Show Me the Games sales promotion.


Get New Star Soccer 5 for 50% Off!

For those signed up for an account with New Star Soccer 5, it’s a good idea to check your recent emails because you will have received a discount code for 50% off on the game. As New Star Games states, it’s “Who needs FIFA week?” Though I’ll admit some of us still do, if you haven’t tried New Star Soccer 5, it’s a good idea to sign up for a new account and get yourself one of these awesome discount codes and buy the game for just $10 / £6.49 / €7.49.

New Star Soccer 5 was released this August, and it is an exciting blend of simulation and football/soccer gameplay. In it, you will guide your player to celebrity stardom by choosing when to train, what to train, what to buy, who to hang out with, how to hang out with them, and so on and so forth. It is a very fun game that will likely keep you glued to your computer screen saying “just one more game.”

With the season back and an oncoming international break after Sunday, New Star Soccer 5 will keep you company. The offer will be good until October 7th. Make an account, log in, check your email, and get yourself onto Premium!

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What It Means to be a Star… New Star Soccer 5 [Review]

If you’ve ever wanted to be an expert footballer, or rather, a celebrity footballer, New Star Soccer 5 is honestly the game for you. With the season recently having started, your team may not be doing quite as well as you would hope. For me, Arsenal’s case is especially dire at the moment, but I’ll spare you the details of the real footballing world in favor of NSS5‘s intoxicating virtual one.

New Star Games’ New Star Soccer 5 is a different breed of a football game. It’s not FIFA or Pro Evo Soccer in that you control all members of a team, all of its tactics, or whatever else. Rather, you take control of one player. How you choose to develop your player, personally and professionally, is entirely up to you — this creates just the right amount of tension and pressure for you.

Scoring goals in the game, given that you’re only in control of one player, is very difficult. The player will be rewarded for every completed pass, assist, goal, and tackle they manage to pull off in-game and — should you fail to impress during a match — your ranking and morale will indeed fall. Likewise, if you do extremely well, your ranking will rise and your player’s morale boost could show through in other areas of his career.

Whereas most football games are strictly about the football itself, NSS5 takes a surprisingly more human approach to the condition of being a celebrity soccer star. You have just as much to do outside of a match, if not more, as you do inside the match. When training your player, you must decide whether to train his feet, head, pace, control, flair, or otherwise. When attempting to be social, you must decide to choose between your friends and your teammates, which can often lead to difficult decisions (especially considering the fact if your teammates favor you, they’re more likely to pass the ball to you). Furthermore, you have to keep a keen eye on finances, ensuring to spend accordingly so as not to overstep your boundaries. That means you can go gamble at the casino with your teammates or friends, but be careful not to waste all your flow at the blackjack table — which I can tell you from personal experience, is just plain annoying to come back from.

It’s impressive that NSS5 has just about every team and country that you’d normally want to play as, although quite obviously player names are not thrown about as freely as they would be in FIFA or Pro Evo Soccer, given that that would require quite a bit of licensing and hoop-jumping to secure. But New Star Games never strove for perfect realism or unrivaled authenticity, it’s much more focused on creating a fun and deceivingly careless experience. It’s one of those games you don’t think you can get so into, but completing training session after training session, game after game, date after date, and so on, you won’t even realize how much time you’ve put in.

It comes with a fair amount of flaws, one most notable for me is the lack of control of the team which — albeit adds a sense of lone stardom — will often leave you frustrated after not being able to capitalize on opportunities and seeing your team’s ranking in the league drop. You can also nit-pick at the mini-games, for me the training sessions, which can become outright annoying when you’re not able to complete a certain session even after wasting your player’s energy and time with several attempts.

But what keeps NSS5 afloat is its overall charm. This is not a game that takes itself too seriously as a football simulator, but it proves to be an enjoyable effort with loads to do. In short, at only $20, it’s a ton of fun and is highly recommended for any soccer/football fanatic.

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Daily Deal: 67% off Super Laser Racer on Steam, Under 2 Dollars

You have a little over 17 hours to purchase New Star Games’ Super Laser Racer for only $1.66 on Steam. The combat racing game is “set in outer geometric space” and looks very trippy. Although New Star’s forte seems to be the sports genres, especially soccer/football, Super Laser Racer is a fairly well-received effort. It boasts 24 full tracks, 12 unlockable racers, 8 tournaments, tons of different weaponry, online leaderboards and multiplayer, and even a track editor.

Its original price is set at $4.99, but as part of Steam’s Daily Deal promotion, the price has been cut by 67%. There is also a demo of the game available should you have difficulty parting with your two bucks in these rough times. In other New Star news, New Star Soccer 5 has been released and is available for $20. Check out New Star Games’ official page and stay tuned for more deals.

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GOOOO…..OOOAL!… New Star Soccer 5 [Preview]

FIFA 11 came out almost a year ago… and I haven’t stopped playing it. What keeps me so engaged in the world of football (or soccer, if you’re from the U.S.), is simple: It’s my favorite sport. I’ve been playing football and football simulation games since I was a wee lad, and it’s one of few areas of interest that I feel I have some sort of expertise. In the lull that is pre-season, where — aside from a few cup matches and friendly games — there is almost no action besides transfer rumors, it helps to keep yourself engaged.

New Star Soccer 5 will launch on August 11, days before the 2011-2012 football seasons begin, and I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the game for a preview. Let me go ahead and clue you in: It’s awesome! Fortunately for New Star Games, the fifth entry into a superb indie sports series seriously gets it right — on some levels, even better than triple-A FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer can ever hope. Of course, it aims for a different experience than the football sims which, quite literally, wish to simulate real-life soccer. NSS5 leaves all the pretentious bullshit behind and instead is a concentrated, focused effort at pure fun.

You see, things in NSS5 aren’t so black and white. You don’t just play games, win or lose, get traded/trade players, and work from season to season. There’s a lot more shit that happens in-between. When you think of a “star” soccer player you think of a celebrity, right? So what do celebrities do? They not only impress in the way they play the sport, but they’re also personalities. NSS5 is all about personality. You’re going to have to choose between hanging out with friends or meeting with your boss, and depending on which one you choose you’ll have to deal with the repercussions (e.g. your boss hates you and therefore you don’t get playing time, or your friends hate you and you’re seen as a social outcast). Likewise, you need to hang with teammates to strengthen bonds with them and — should you wish to — delve into a relationship as well. And let’s not forget that you have to train and acquire higher levels of kickassery in your football skills.

NSS5 doesn’t strive for normalcy and perfection, but rather it prides itself in outrageousness. Most of your actions are based off of the energy you have. You want to be at a healthy energy level before going into a game so you can give a hundred percent. But of course, drinking with friends and training drains this energy, and you’re going to have to plan accordingly before diving headfirst into games. If you’re tired, you can buy NRG drinks, but your NRG drinks will only go so far before your stomach acts up on you. You’re also likely to get injured if you don’t rest properly. Shit, you can even drink beer or ‘roid up if you want to — but be prepared to face the repercussions!

It’s not the most realistic graphics engine, no. You’re not here to out-Messi anybody, no. Your struggle here is mostly against yourself, not other teams. How wisely will you spend your time? Will you choose to strengthen your ties in your social life or your occupational life or will you train? Will you hit the casino and gamble all your money away or spend accordingly? You really are a celebrity football player… and holy shit, is it fun.

Expect a full review of New Star Soccer 5 as its launch date of August 11th gets closer. You can pre-order the game with Premium Access at only $15, saving 5 bucks. A Premium account gives you access to the beta too… so you can play the game before it comes out. Are you ready to be a star?

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New Star Soccer 5 Release Date and Discount Info Incoming

Though football/soccer season is at a lull, Simon Read has been hard at work on the follow-up to the award-winning indie soccer franchise: New Star Soccer. The latest installment, New Star Soccer 5, will feature loads of additions and things to do. Players will take on the life of a young football star whose only wish is to achieve success on the pitch, earning the adoration of fans and other players. There is a “whole host of leagues” available for play here, among other competitions such as the World Cup and European Championship.

New Star Soccer 5 will be coming out on August 11th (right before the seasons begin!) and it will be available at $20. However, if you pre-order the game from the official website, you’ll get it for 25% off and, additionally, will have access to the beta version (both PC and Mac) of the game going on now!

So get ready to develop your player, score goals, and hit the casino. If you’re thinking, “The casino?” Check out this badass trailer here!

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Classic 2D Style ‘Sensational World Soccer’

sensationalworldsoccerOxford’s New Star Games has released its newest title, Sensational World Soccer, to the PC and Mac. The 2D style soccer game is reminiscent of the old-school 8-bit classics and comes just in time for the World Cup. Utilizing a simple one-button control system, Sensational World Soccer makes the complicated sport of football surprisingly easier for gamers. The game even includes a replay and save function for the impressive players.

The trial (free) and full ($6.99) versions of the game can be found at New Star Games’ official website for both PC and Mac. New Star is also offering the original Sensational Soccer for free download if you sign up for their newsletter.

For more info, check out the press release below.

Press Release:


Oxford, UK – June 2nd 2010 – Sensational World Soccer is out now. A classic 2D style football game from the makers of New Star Soccer.

About Sensational World Soccer
Sensational World Soccer is a 2D football game reminiscent of the 8-bit classics. Compete against the world’s best teams in the realistic international tournament and lead your country to glory. One-touch passing, long range shots, bending free-kicks… It’s all possible with the simple one button control system, and don’t forget to save the action replay when you score that glorious goal!

Trial and full versions are available for PC and Mac from Please contact Simon Read for a review license.

About New Star Games Ltd.
Based in Oxford, UK, New Star Games are a small independent company with a passion for sport. Please visit for more information.

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