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The Not-NSFW Edging, Celebrating EDGE’s Steam Release

How good are you at monkey bars? Mobigame and Two Tribes are essentially asking you to flex your upper body strength and your creative ingenuity to win a bunch of games, including the upcoming release of EDGE on Steam for PC and MAC. Interested gamers must submit a video displaying “edging,” a technique that will hopefully overtake that aging “planking” Internet sensation.

This instance of edging involves hanging… off an edge. This is much like in EDGE, where the cube can hang off an edge to shave off time. One’s feet cannot touch the ground or wrap around anything. The below video should give you a good idea of what the competition is asking of you:

People can win prizes like the full Mobigame and Two Tribes digital portfolio (including the upcoming PC/Mac version of EDGE) AND their name in EDGE! According to Two Tribes’ blog, EDGE will drop on Steam on August 11.

Also of note, EDGE has a sequel coming to iOS this summer: EDGE Extended. With all the multiplatform edging, your brain and body should get quite the workout!


Mobigame’s Edge Extended Hitting App Store This Summer

(Good) news coming out from developer Mobigame this week, as they’ve revealed their latest game Edge Extended. The title will be landing on the App Store later this summer–barring any absurd, outlandish, and unfounded objections of course.

The follow-up to Edge will be a new offering as opposed to a direct sequel of the dev’s oft-talked about for the wrong reason iOS puzzler. There’s to be ”new levels and new ideas,” and other than that, well we don’t know (seriously the image above is all we visually have to work with.)

Guess we’ll just have to see when it arrives in the next month or two. You can always grab Edge on the App Store for $3 in the meantime. If you were one of the many who missed it during its initial release and subsequent pulling and re-releasing frustrations, it’s there now and definitely worth a look.


[Source: GameSetWatch]


Download ‘Truckers Delight: Episode 1′ App for Free

TruckersDelight000Mobigame’s video-game rendition of the ultra-popular NSFW “Truckers Delight” video from Flairs has received a 100% price drop for the time being. As part of the FreeAppADay program, Mobigame has made the first episode of a planned series of Truckers Delight games free. This is perfect for anybody who doubted the first episode’s worth at $2.99. Just get the game before time runs out!

In episode one, players will take on the role of Jack and attempt the same pursuit of the Alpha Chick (the blonde girl in the red Corvette) as can be seen in the actual music video. Along the way, you’ll encounter cops, annoying bikers, traffic, and so on. Truckers Delight: Episode 1 also has Facebook and Twitter integration so players can show off their high scores to friends.

[Download from App Store.]


EDGE Back on App Store After Legal Threats

edgeAccording to Kotaku, Mobigame’s EDGE is back on the iPhone App Store after legal disputes with Tim Langdell of Edge Games who claims he has the rights to anything related to “Edge.” Likewise, EA is trying to appeal Langdell’s “Edge-related trademarks” as a result to disputes over its 2008 hit Mirror’s Edge.

EDGE is now released months later as Edge by Mobigame on the App Store for $4.99. David Papazian of Mobigame has said that the rename was a result of Apple’s demands. He also stated that he was confident EA would be able to win the suit against Tim Langdell–who is no stranger to defending his rights to the names. If you’ve never seen any gameplay footage you should definitely check it out here.