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Minecraft “Fans” Launch DDoS Attack on


Let’s face it, just because somebody likes your game doesn’t mean they like you. In fact, even despite Minecraft’s sudden and incredible popularity boost, there are still those who blame the creator, Notch, for not updating the game enough while he transitions from a lone-developer mantra to a fully armed and housed game studio. And by blame, I mean launching a DDoS attack o in order to coerce the developer to spend more time giving out updates.

Oh and the culprits? Well, they’ve supposedly left a nice little message for Notch on 4chan, the popular, anarchic message boards where anything goes:

Minecraft is currently experiencing a stimulation provided by us.

It’s purpose is to send Notch a clear message of how the future of minecraft will turn out unless he gets to work, namely by influencing the amount of sales taking place, due to the attacks.

Start providing your customers with the updates that you promise them.

We have roughly 83,000 bots available, and preserved for this seizure, we could if we wanted to keep this going for weeks, however we have decided to give it a week, and see whether or not your attitude, and commitment will change, we believe it will when money stops rolling in for the time being…

anyhow, no we’re not from roblox, or any other minecraft clone, not to mention none of us have been around 4chan for years, and nor has any real 4channers for that matter, its all newfags now, and has been for quite a few years.”

Is the official quote. I don’t know the origin of the quote, but it is happening.

So, basically, if Notch doesn’t provide them with updates soon then they’ll commence the attack.

Well, allow me to shine a light for these idiots:

Minecraft is going to have a large update pushed through on Halloween.

Seriously. What kind of hole do these people live in where they’re so obsessed with their own selfish needs that they can’t even pull their collective heads out of their collective asses for long enough to even read a gaming blog once in a while. It has literally been reported almost everywhere at this point.

[The Word of Notch]

P.S. I just want to point out that the 4chan community as a whole is not claiming responsibility for these attacks.


Bored with Minecraft? Create an Animal Cannon


Well toss this in with the rest of our video posts that showcase just why exactly people get so wrapped up in a seemingly simplistic game like Minecraft.

It’s easy to think of Minecraft as a simple “build and destroy” game given that it’s the game’s primary premise, however, at this point I think it’s safe to say that Minecraft definitely goes beyond that on occasion. Case and point: Albert’s animal cannon.

Enjoy the video.



It’s Like Minecraft, but not Minecraft… Cubelands

Some of Cubelands' newest citizens are making a street intersection, complete with stop lights.

Some of Cubelands newest citizens are making a street intersection, complete with stop light.

So this is interesting. While rummaging through the internet’s bargain bin this fine Saturday afternoon, I came across a game that is very, very similar to the ever popular Minecraft. It’s not Minecraft though, it’s actually a game called Cubelands.

Now, I won’t get into the ethics involved in making a game that plays so similarly to everybody’s favorite sandbox, build em and destroy em game with zombies. I don’t have the knowledge of when this game was created or when development started. Hell, I haven’t even explored the game fully enough to really see if the game copies Minecraft down to the smallest of details. I’m not here to pass judgment, is what I’m trying to say.

What I will say, however, is that, in many ways, I’m actually more impressed with Cubelands than I am with Minecraft. Now as any of our regualr readers should know, I’m a HUGE proponent of Minecraft. I love the game and it has taken far more hours of my life than I’d like to admit, but it’s certainly not a perfect game. While Cubelands isn’t perfect either, just write off the bat I can instantly notice a few things that make it feel like a more complete game than Minecraft.

First and foremost is the graphics. Now I’m not a stickler for the way Minecraft looks. In fact, I genuinely enjoy the game’s minimalist graphics, but I’d be lying if I said that my Cubelands castle didn’t look more like a castle than my Minecraft castle. It’s an unfortunate truth but one that holds true. As somebody who is playing with virtual Legos and building virtual versions of things that existed in real life, the more realistic I can make them, the more impressed I’ll be. It’s just the way I am.

Additionally, the game seems to be developed from the ground up to be primarily a multiplayer game. What you’ll notice upon visiting the game’s website is that, currently, there doesn’t seem to be a single player option. You can simply join a game, or host your own game and begin playing in multiplayer right away. You don’t need to buy/host a server yourself or anything of that nature. Just jump in and play with people who are already online. (I do realize Minecraft does have a series of privately owned servers already.)

Of course, that’s not to say the game is currently on the same level as Minecraft. There are a lot of things missing that really make Minecraft the great game it is. For one, I don’t really see anyway to craft items like tools, armor, food, or furniture. It’s all about just removing and placing blocks.

Additionally, my personal favorite part of Minecraft isn’t included, i.e. surviving the night. Minecraft is great because, to go along with the building and creating, you’re also tasked with surviving against a number of enemies who can easily dispatch you if you stay out unprepared during the night. From what I could tell Cubeland doesn’t have any sort of monster/survival element to it.

I can see the developers of Cubelands getting a lot of backlash from the extremely loyal Minecraft community as being nothing more than a rip off. I mean, the similarities are striking. However, I don’t necessarily feel that way. Just like how Halo and Call of Duty push each other to create the best FPS experience, I’d love for Minecraft to get a solid competitor and really have both games carve out their own niche. After all, it’s not like Minecraft was a totally original idea either.

Cubelands is available in a beta mode, right now, for free. If you’re curious to see the “other side” of the Minecraft genre then check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.




Minecraft Races Past 400,000 Sales


The enigma that is Minecraft continues to grow (hell, explode) in popularity, especially over the second half of this year. Another day, another milestone it seems as the title now boasts over 400,000 in unit sales–413,369 at the time of writing.

The handy dandy Minecraft stats page updates us today that in the last 24 hours 6,816 people have purchased the title while a whopping 20,013 have registered, which is actually down a bit from the numbers in September. That said, those daily stats are expected to spike again when the much anticipated, possibly game changing Halloween update hits at the end of the month.

If your one of those still on the outside looking in and looking to take the plunge, may I direct you to our Minecraft Starter Guide and Geoff’s diary feature on the game as a decent introduction?

I may?


[The Word of Notch]


The Best Minecraft Video You’ll See Today


Have you ever wondered just how big the Minecraft world is? Or if you could walk in a single direction and eventually reach the same spot again? Well, I hope this video at least partially answers your question.

For those who can’t watch the video at the moment, it’s basically a straight lined mining cart track that goes in a single direction for countless miles, while being fast forwarded of course and with some snazzy techno music. Really, the effort involved in this project is quite amazing, not only in creating the Minecraft track, but also in editing and putting the video/music together. Kudos to the creator.


Minecraft Halloween Update Picture and New Block Revealed


I apologize for the tardiness of this post, we’ve been covering IndieCade all weekend and happened to miss Notch’s post. The good news is that it seems that Notch has given us a little taste of what we can expect come October 31st. Above is the first ever released picture of the upcoming update and, well, it certainly looks horrifying. I’m beginning to get really excited at what’s to come in less than 3 weeks time.

Also interesting is that Notch has also unveiled a new block type. He didn’t say what it was, what it did, or what you could do with it, but he did show a brief picture.


Any guesses?



Reminder: Join our Minecraft Server!


Early last week we launched our Minecraft server. Since then we’ve not only gained a stable supply of return members, but we’ve also built the crap out of our server! If you’re at all interested in checking out what multiplayer is like in Minecraft, I strongly suggest you come check out what we’re doing over here.

There are some stipulations. For starters you won’t be able to build or destroy anything until you become whitelisted. It’s unfortunate we have to rely on such an archaic system, but Minecraft has become quite notorious for it’s multiplayer griefers and we certainly don’t want anybody destroying people’s hard work for nothing.

To get whitelisted just head on over to our forums and follow the instructions there. If you don’t feel like doing that right away, you’ll still be able to explore what everybody has been creating and mingle with our users, you just can’t build/destroy.

Here’s the IP you need to log on to our server:

Server IP:

Type that IP address into the multiplayer area upon starting up your game. It’s a real simple process and you should be in in a matter of seconds.

And remember, if you want tpo contribute get WHITELISTED.

[How to get whitelisted]


This Picture is the Epitome of What Rageface is All About [Minecraft]

RageFace2Imagine, if you will, that you decided to take on a new undertaking in Minecraft. Not the traditional build a castle, build a mine, create this or that type of cool/awesome/unique building, but rather you wanted to create an amazing tribute to one of the internet’s more popular geek-fueled memes: the Rageface. A worthy endeavor, no doubt.

Now imagine that you built the rageface so large that you could not actually finish the design due to Minecraft’s height limit, forever leaving Mr. Rageface to look up at his incomplete self… seething with rage.

With that in mind, I present to you one man’s achievement in giving us the very epitome of what Rageface is all about. Thank you, good sir.


[via Reddit]


The Minecraft Diaries: Exploring and Surviving [Part 5]

MinecraftDiaries[The Minecraft Diaries is an on going editorial that focuses around living through the highs and lows of the Minecraft world. Follow Geoff as he begins the game as a newbie to discover, create, and ultimately tame this incredibly deep game. New entries are posted every week.]

Welcome back to our fifth and possibly final issue of “The Minecraft Diaries.” For the last couple of weeks we’ve successfully mined and survived our first night, we walled off our mine, we built a real home (not just a cave), and then we prepared, planted and harvested our own crops for food. All of these things were integral steps to being able to do what we are going to do today: explore and survive.

Minecraft, as I’m sure you know by now, is a game that’s about crafting items and mining materials. However, surviving is an equally large portion of this game. There are many monsters that come out at night or inhabit caves and, unfortunately, if you want to get decent materials (gold/diamonds) you’ll need to explore beyond your own little safe haven.

So let’s begin!

Exploring the cave

Okay, do you remember this area from our earlier entries? This is that portion of our cave that just keeps going and going. Seeing as how we’ve already built around this cave, this will be where we go exploring today. I can guarantee two things out of this: first, that we’ll find some monsters back there and second, that there’s gonna be some sort of rare material hidden in the depths.

But before we go we need to prepare.


Now, being that we are going to go exploring, we’ll need some weapons an armor which means we’ll need iron to make it. Armor will help us survive longer should we encounter any monsters and weapons will help us kill them faster.


Now, like we did before with the buckets, we’ll need to smelt the iron ore to make iron ingots which can then be used on the workbench to make various armors and weapons.


First we’ll make a sword. As I said earlier, weapons will help us kill anything we find down there.




Chest piece.




And boots.


Once complete, simply drag and drop them into the appropriate place next to your avatar in the inventory screen. You’ll also notice that, as you equip the items little armor icons will appear next to your health indicator. Once you equip armor, any damage you take will now be divided amongst your armor and health instead of everything going straight to your health.


Next we are going to take all the bread we can find/make. Bread heals 2.5 hearts per loaf eaten. Despite having armor and weapons there’s still a very real danger going into caves to explore. Having bread will make it so that, if the worst should happen, we have something we can fall back on.


And, finally, here is what we are bringing. As you can see I’ve added a bunch of torches. It’s going to be dark down there, after all. Also, I’ve made myself a couple iron pickaxes and an iron shovel. Iron is simply a better material than stone and it will help me break things apart faster, especially if I come across gold or diamond.

Also, be sure to leave plenty of open space in your inventory. We are going down there to not only explore, but to collect as well. Who knows what we’ll find down there so it’s better to have lots of space to carry it all back.

So, now that we’re prepared, let’s head into the cave.


Now, there’s no telling what’s in this cave or if we’ll make it back. So let’s just take a moment and ponder that scenario for a second. If we die down there, we lose not only all materials we’ve collected but also all our armor, bread, and items.


Now, as you go through the cave, you’re going to notice that it’s not a straight line. These caves are long, lengthy, and completely randomized. So be prepared for that.


And here we have our first example of that. As I was heading down that tunnel from before the floor just kind of disappeared. This isn’t a rare occurrence so be sure to place torches ahead of you instead of behind you.


Deeper and deeper we go. You know, I’m actually surprised we haven’t found any zombies or creepers yet. Don’t let your guard down though because they’re definitely in here somewhere.


Wow! See? This is what I was talking about earlier when I said this caves are completely randomized. Here we are, no place left to go but down this huge pit. Now, being the miners and crafters we are, we’ll approach this more creatively than simply jumping down. Instead we’ll build our way down.


As you can see we’ve built crude stairs/steps all the way down. If you need materials to do this remember, just start digging.


Great. Dead end. This happens sometimes, although it’s pretty rare, where a cave will just end with no monsters or rare materials. Bummer.


But wait! What’s this? Half way up the stairs we just climbed down I noticed this small hole in the wall. This is another reason to bring tools. Sometimes the apparent cave may end but really there’s another part of it hiding somewhere behind the walls. We were lucky enough that we built our stairs down in such a way so that we didn’t miss it going back up.


Well this is funny. Just the other day we traveled how far to get some water? And here we have an underwater spring sitting right beneath our home. Hilarious.


Ah-hah! Right next to the spring, we’ve successfully discovered gold! This is a very rare material that will help us create even better tools, weapons, and armor. The only thing better than gold are diamonds. Hopefully we can find some of those as well. Correction: gold tools are not stronger than iron, in fact they are about equal to wood. Gold is best used as a decorative device.


Well that certainly took a while. Shortly after finding gold, I managed to stumble upon our first unwelcome visitor. Well we didn’t prepare for nothing, let’s take out our sword and deal with this once-scary abomination.


Now, once you get down deep enough, you’ll hit lava. Lava, at first, doesn’t seem like it could be very useful. However, there are plenty of things you can do with lava so we’ll just keep a mental note of it’s existence down here.


Hey! I forgot about this stuff. This is redstone. Redstone acts as a sort of “wire” that allows you to connect a redstone torch with a lever and other types of items to enable a reaction. For example, if you want a lever to open a door you’d need to connect them with redstone. It’s a fascinating concept in Minecraft and one that I have yet to fully explore.


Now, whatever you do, you do not want to come in contact with lava. No way, no how. You will die instantly. That said, however, if you do come in contact with a lake of lava and need to get across, you can use regular stone to build a bridge. Unrealistic? Sure, but it works!


Well that way turned out to be bust. Regardless, we’ve been down here for a while and should probably take our considerable haul back home before we die and lose it all.

Now, when you’re heading back, be sure to not get lost. Caves can be very confusing even if you’re lighting your way. Take this as an example. I can go left or right. Both ways are lit up because I’ve explored both previously. This kind of scenario is not uncommon and I’ve heard stories of people having to kill themselves (in game) simply because they couldn’t find their way out.


Home sweet home.


And here was our final haul. We managed to get 12 iron ore, 16 gold ore, and 27 redstone dust. Not bad at all. I’d have liked to have found diamonds, but, realistically, this cave was pretty easy to begin with. I’ve been in some caves where creepers will just drop down and you and explode.

So yeah, that’s it. We’ve done most basic things in Minecraft at this point. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series for what it is, a lengthy step-by-step tutorial on all the nooks and crannies of starting out in Minecraft.

I mentioned earlier this being the final entry in “The Minecraft Diaries,” but if you have any ideas or would like me to explore some other  part of the game and do an entry on it, I’d be more than happy to.

Until then, be sure to check out our Minecraft server!

[Try/Buy, The Minecraft Diaries]

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Huge Minecraft Halloween Update Planned for October 31st


Notch, being the crazy committed developer he is, is still churning away at Minecraft, no matter how many business related meetings or calls he must attend to. Despite having updated Minecraft less so in recent weeks than he has in recent months, Notch is still fully committing himself to getting an awesome Halloween update out.

Here’s what is planned:

  • Portal realm that allows for fast traveling.
  • New monsters
  • Deeper depths. The farther down you go the brighter it has to be.
  • Torches die after a finite amount of time. lanterns last forever.
  • Fishing! The fishing rod is now finally useful.
  • Less bugs.
  • Pumpkin helmets.
  • Craftable watch so you can tell what time it is.
  • Biomes.
  • More music and sound effects!

So, as you can see this is quite a large list of stuff coming for us. I know I’ve been anxious for some large updates since I started really digging into Minecraft so it’s nice to see something coming fairly soon.