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Pounding, Soulful Hearts Afire and Alight – Indie Royale Returns for Valentines

It seems that so long as people keep buying them, then indie bundles are going to keep coming. Indie Royale is back again with a bundle of five games, a couple of them being former XBLIG exclusives, and once again, there’s very little to grumble about in terms of content and value. As usual, it’s ‘pay what you want, above a minimum’, and especially generous purchases push that base figure down for everyone else. Hit the break for some gameplay trailers and a few thoughts on each game.


State of Play Games’s Lume Released: Point and Click with Slick Cardboard Paper Visuals

State of Play Games announced via Twitter that its new puzzle/point and click game, Lume, has launched. State of Play Games has over a dozen games released, many of them award-winning. Break in the Road is the team’s most world renown game, grabbing the world’s attention with its unique music making mechanics and art style.

While State of Play has made several casual games lately, Lume is a point and click game that the developers say has “logical but fiendish puzzles which test your visual, aural and memory skills.” The visuals are striking, made entirely from cardboard paper and filmed in HD. I imagine the amount of patience this required far exceeds the most difficult of point and click puzzles ever. I personally thank State of Play for committing to the art form. Check out the results:

State of Play has posted some of the cardboard models built for the game on the team’s blog. State of Play also participated in a Gamasutra interview back in March to talk about the team and reveal Lume‘s trailer. The team is based in London, but something such as Lume has the potential for worldwide appeal. Lume is the first part of an ongoing saga based around the following storyline: “Power to your grandad’s house has failed. What’s more, he’s nowhere to be seen.” As players solve puzzles, they “uncover a deeper mystery behind the blackout.”

While Lume is beautiful, gamers will want to know how challenging the puzzles are and how engrossing the story is. Hopefully everything matches the slick visuals. Will you give Lume a shot? Do you want it on something other than GamersGate?

[Developers confirmed on Twitter that Lume will release on Steam soon and others to follow]

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Lume Official Website