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‘Here Comes Launchman’ Demo Finally Arrives On Mac

Here Comes Launchman

The Layabouts have been living up to their name when it comes to the long overdue Here Comes Launchman demo for Mac, but alas, it is here now you non-believers.

First playable at Minecon 2011, Here Comes Launchman is a whizz-and-go 2D platformer with a monochromatic style and a passion for kinesis. You play as a keen space explorer who you can literally launch through the air in any direction…well, that space air that doesn’t exist (duh) and move objects with his telekinetic powers. It’s a standout platformer with unique mechanics to ship so many have taken to it. At least those Windows and Linux users who were able to take to it in February when their demo was released.

What about the people with Macs though? Well, they’ve had to wait a whole two months for their demo, but it’s here now – we promise. Want to grab it now do you? Well then, here’s a link to the official Here Comes Launchman website where you can find demos for Windows, Mac and Linux at last. It’s also worth noting that the Windows demo has now been updated to “revision 4″ and the Linux build will be soon.

The Here Comes Launchman demo comes with a handy tutorial and seven of the game’s levels to trial through – good luck flinging Launchman around, you’ll probably need it.

More information on Here Comes Launchman can be found on the game’s official website.