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Relive Your Childhood With ‘Retro Arcade Adventure Remade’ Like The 90s, Only Now


I’m sure most people here have fond memories of the 90s era of video gaming, the simpler days of the 16 bit consoles with such colourful, basic and just great fun games. Well Marcus Horn wants us all to relive our childhood once more with his latest game Retro Arcade Adventure Remade (RAAR).

RAAR is a classic 90s arcade styled hack and slash game in which you must battle your way through wave after wave of enemies. Expect some frantic and fast paced one screen hack and slash action just like the good old days, but with some of the conveniences of the modern day sprinkled over the top.

Marcus Horn has gone out of his way to ensure RAAR looks like a 90s game by sticking to the 16 bit colour scheme of the consoles of the day. Along side this expect some awesome music that will take you right back to the 90s in this nostalgic time warp.

The gameplay mechanics will be focused around a single screen in which you will be forced to fight constant waves of enemies in order to reach the boss battles. Like any good hack and slash expect 9 power-ups which include the ability to turn the player into a dragon, and epic boss battles that require unique and interesting tactics to win.

Retro Arcade Adventure Remade currently has an open alpha available for download here. Marcus Horn is looking for more feedback on the game so give it a quick play and see if this type of game is for you and what may need extra work. You can also check out Retro Arcade Adventure Remade on IndieDB.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Relive Your Childhood With ‘Retro Arcade Adventure Remade’ Like The 90s, Only Now


‘Joe Danger Touch’ Prepped For Midnight Launch On iOS

Joe Danger Touch

Joe Danger Touch will make the death-defying leap onto iOS in just a scant few hours. Hello Games revealed as much on their Twitter feed, as well as on their development blog.

The updated mobile edition of the downloadable console hit will offer new adventures, over 30 characters, and multiplayer compatible between all applicable apple phones, tablets, and other devices. Word is it’s also more challenging than the PSN/XBLA versions, have a look at the trailer:

The game is to arrive on Android devices at some point as well, but no official word from the team on when at this time – which may mean tonight, alongside the iOS version, but I wouldn’t really count on it.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Joe Danger Touch’ Prepped For Midnight Launch On iOS


Oh, Gee: ‘Gobbo Goes’ Launch Trailer Released

An indie developer thus far known only as Roman has unleashed a new trailer for his upcoming browser-based drag-and-drop puzzle adventure, Gobbo Goes, and we’ve no qualms in saying it’s more than a little mad.

Featuring an alluring hand-drawn art style and a rather bewildering, yet strangely infectious aural blend of electro-synthesised trombone noises and urban funk, the game combines the endearing conventions of sci-fi lore and a charming fantasy backdrop before wrapping it up in a humorously embellished package.

And despite its childish exterior, Gobbo Goes appears to make use of some devilishly inventive and cerebrally-taxing puzzle mechanics. Just take a look at the trailer below and you’ll get a feel for what I’m saying.


‘Noitu Love 2: Devolution’ Released On Steam, 20% Off Launch Discount

Noitu Love 2: Devolution

It’s the start of a fresh week and apparently it’s time to revisit a classic indie game from 2008 as Noitu Love 2: Devolution has been released on Steam and with a launch week discount.

Well this is odd – four years ago Noitu Love 2 was released and those who played it mostly fell in love with it. Only now has it been released on Steam – at least it’s getting some more of the attention that it deserves, even if it is a little late. For those not in the know, this is a sequel to the freeware Noitu Love and as such it improves on it in every way. From the gleaming graphics to the chaotic music to the innovative mouse-centric gameplay – this was and still is an indie game that we loved and many others like us.

We’ve actually revisited the game with a review which you can read, the most important thing about this Steam release being that it is a straight re-release – “No widescreen support, no leaderboards, no achievements”. Straight up. So really, you could buy it on Steam, or you could buy it straight from the developer. The only difference being that it is currently on sale on Steam at the moment. So, at least for this week, you can get it for 20% off the full price of $4.99 via Steam.

You can purchase Noitu Love 2: Devolution on Steam or you can buy it straight from the developer. There’s also a demo available on the official website.

You can find out more information about Noitu Love 2: Devolution over on the game’s official website.


Home On The Range: ‘Firing Range 2′ Released On XBLIG

Firing Range 2

Milkstone Studios have released Firing Range 2 on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace – stack ‘em up and rack ‘em up people!

The rather prolific indie game developer, Milkstone Studios, are still going strong as they release their 17th title on to XBLIG with Firing Range 2. A sequel to the top-selling Firing Range, this new title features 12 weapons – including sniper rifles – customizable weapons and camos as well as a 1v1 online multiplayer mode. With all of these added features, your time spent on the range should be increased significantly.

Oh but you want to smell the smoke and feel the hot barrel of a freshly fired gun, huh? You’re never satisfied are you? Cor, Milkstone – you’re going to have to make Firing Range 3 a full on scratch ‘n’ sniff experience to follow up this one!

You can purchase Firing Range 2 over on the Xbox Live Marketplace for just 80MSP/$1.

More information on Firing Range 2 can be found on the game’s official website.

Firing Range 2
Firing Range 2
Firing Range 2
Firing Range 2
Firing Range 2


‘The eXceed Collection’ Goes On Sale Tomorrow

eXceed Collection

Making sure we all get our fix of Japanese indie games, Nyu Media are launching The eXceed Collection on March 29th (that’s tomorrow) which offers three great shmups for just $9.99.

Shmup lovers – listen up! Nyu Media have been working hard in recent months in order to spread some of Japan’s greatest indie games around the globe. Some of which are tennen-sozai’s shmup series, eXceed. The three games in the series are currently available to purchase through Nyu Media, but get this, they are going on sale from tomorrow!

Rather than the individual pricing of $2.99, $5.99 and 5.99 respectively, eXceed Gun Bullet Children, eXceed 2nd – Vampire REX and eXceed 3rd – Jade Penetrate Black Package will also be available as part of The eXceed Collection which offers you all three games at a rather handsome $9.99.

If you’re not aware of the games, they’re classic bullet hell shmups with bright colors, epic boss fights and the renowned dual polarity gameplay. If you’re still umming and ahhing then you can check out demos of eXceed 2nd and eXceed 3rd.

Failing that, here’s a gameplay trialer from eXceed 3rd to give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

You should head over to the official The eXceed Collection website from March 29th to grab yourself a sweet deal!


‘Avoid’ Runs On To Desura, 50% Off Launch Sale


Nerf Games have announced that their debut fast-paced arcade title, Avoid, is now up on Desura where it is currently on sale at half price.

We reported a few weeks back about Nerf Game’s Avoid which had just found a home on IndieCity. Now that same game has found yet another home over on Desura and not just that, but it’s also on sale for a very cheap price.

Avoid is a game in which you must maneuver your little shape around the screen avoiding the pursuing objects while collecting power ups and grabbing the highest score you can. It’s simple all around but contains an addictive gameplay element that all decent arcade titles should have. There are leaderboards if you want to challenge your friends to beat your score too.

You can now grab it on Desura for £0.99 down from £1.99 which is a very good price and won’t hold forever so grab it while you can!

Avoid can also be purchased for your Android device, Windows Phone 7 or you can head over to IndieCity or now Desura for the PC version.

More information on Avoid can be found on the game’s official website.


DoubleBear Considering Crowdfunding For ‘Dead State’

Dead State

DoubleBear Productions have posted an update on the production of their zombie RPG, Dead State, in which they ponder how worthwhile a Kickstarter project may be for the game.

In a post on the Iron Tower forums, Brian from DoubleBear revealed the reason for the recent lack of updates on the studios upcoming zombie RPG, Dead State. Simply, the case has been that the developers have been working to get more money for the project and so many of the team took on second jobs or contract work.

Since then, the team have picked up momentum again just a few weeks ago and have been keeping an eye on the explosion of Kickstarter projects. While they have been making progress with regular builds they are still in need of more funding and considered starting their own crowdfunding campaign.

However, the team feel that the project is not ready for such a campaign so that plan has been put on hold. Still, the developers are asking what interest is out there if they were to start a Kickstarter project for Dead State as they seem to be heading that way while they continue to work on the game.

Dead State

Dead State, if you weren’t aware, is to be a game kind of in the same ilk as Project Zomboid more or less – there’s a focus on survival with gathering food, survivors and maintaining safety in a shelter. DoubleBear contains many developers from the likes of Obsidian and Troika who have now come together, with some help from other indie developers, to make Dead State, though as mentioned it’s been a rocky process.

You can find out more information on Dead State over on the official website.


‘Toki Tori 2′ Definitely Coming To Wii U, Potential Launch Title

Toki Tori 2

During GDC 2012, Two Tribes revealed that their plans to release Toki Tori 2 on to Nintendo’s new console will be met, whether it will be a launch title or not is still up in the air.

Toki Tori was orignally released on the Game Boy Color back in 2001, since then it was re-made to great success on WiiWare as a launch title, as well as iOS and PC. Two Tribes have been hard at work on the sequel to the puzzle platformer and they showed great enthusiasm a few weeks back to get it on to the Wii U. It seems their wish is Nintendo’s command.

During their talk about Toki Tori 2 at GDC last week, Collin van Ginkel, the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Two Tribes, said that “it will be on Wii U. Definitely. Yes.”

Then he changed face and worried that he wasn’t allowed to reveal that yet, what with all the secrecy Nintendo are practising with the Wii U. However, Martijn Reuvers, the Managing Director for Two Tribes assured Ginkel that is was find and added “we’re pretty sure that it’s going to happen really quickly after launch. Maybe at launch but we don’t know, depends on Nintendo plans.”

This indicates that the Wii U may be a viable place for indie developers to released their games on as a downloadable title, hopefully without the limitations that the current WiiWare has – though potentially controversial titles such as The Binding of Isaac quite obviously won’t have a place there. Two Tribes have already spoken of how they might use the Wii U’s hardware to provide a slightly different experience of Toki Tori 2 on other platforms:

“What could be very interesting, and what’s been requested countless times from the fans, is if we could incorporate a level editor utilizing the Wii U controller. This could mean that the game runs on the TV while you make adjustments to the level on the touchscreen in real time. We think that would work really well!”

More information on Toki Tori 2 can be found on the developer’s official website.

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Fly Away With This ‘Journey’ Launch Trailer


The biggest indie game this coming week, thatgamecompany’s Journey, has a new launch trailer which will entice you to float away, even if just for a minute.

One game that many of us have been anticipating for a long while now is Journey. With its beautiful visuals and innovative online play that makes player interaction fresh again and with not one mother-based insult anywhere. The other stunning thing about the game is Austin Wintory’s soundtrack and my oh my does it really shine in this launch trailer.

Of course, if you’re a PS Plus person then you have probably already played Journey, everyone else will have to wait until March 13th (NA), 14th (EU) or 15th (JP) to finally play this much anticipated experience.

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You can find out more information on Journey over on the official website.