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Kairosoft’s Pocket League Story Now Available for iOS

A while back I was giddy with joy over a new Kairosoft game, the same guys who developed the wonderful, and every popular iOS/Android game Game Dev Story. This time, however, it was focused on another passion of mine: soccer. I even managed to write a review about it last September! I know, I’m pretty amazed as well.


Hot Springs Story – On Sale For Just A Dollar

It’s time for Kairosoft’s Hot Springs Story to get in on the temporary flash sale price reduction action, with an 80% off sale. It’s been temporarily reduced to just $0.99, or 69p for UK folk. Mere spare change. You grab it straight from the iOS app store here: USA/UK. There’s no word on how long this sale is going to be available for, so if you’re interested, I suggest you hurry up.

Following on success from their game-dev managing sim, Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a management sim where you’re put in charge of running a Japanese Hot Springs Inn. I’m not exactly sure what Hot Springs Inn is, or what managing one requires, but if it’s anything like Game Dev Story, I’m sure it will be pretty addictive. I’m downloading it myself now, but in the meantime, perhaps this video will help explain things:

Hot Springs Story is available on Android too, but the sale is only on the iOS version, it would seem.



Kairosoft Scores Another One… Pocket League Story [Review]

Just about this time last year, our old friend Michael Rose (who currently does great things at wrote a review about the then little known game development management simulation game Game Dev Story. Soon after the game became one of the most popular smart phone games amongst gamers due to its subject matter and genuine fun. Seriously, it was a great game, proven by just how much Michael enjoyed it.

Since then, Japanese indie developers Kairosoft have gone on to release other simulation titles in the same style like Hot Springs Story (where you manage a popular Hot Springs inn), Grand Prix Story (where you manage a racing team) and, as of this week, Pocket League Story, a game which strives to bring soccer club management to smart phones.

So I’m not going to beat around the bush and go on and on about this or that. I mean, I will if you keep reading, but let me cut to the chase really quick: if you enjoyed any of Kairosoft’s other sim games, you will enjoy Pocket League Story. It’s as simple as that. The mechanics are the essentially the same.

Now that that’s out of the way I’ll resume with the traditional review…

Essentially what Pocket League Story is about is managing a soccer (football) club. Those of you, like myself, who are very passionate about the world’s game will find that many of the basic aspects of the sport are kept true in the game, something that’s very reassuring. For example, a win gets you three points, a draw 1 point and a loss no points. Sometimes games like this can tweak the original sport to make it better for casual gamers or non-sports fans. Luckily, Kairosoft did not. You are running a soccer club and you’re building your team to play honest, legitimate soccer.

What Kairosoft has done here is created one of the most perfect soccer management simulation games possible on a screen with very limited real estate on a platform that’s not really designed to hold your attention for a few hours worth of gameplay, as is the case with the PC’s fantastic Football Manager series (which has destroyed more hours of my life than I’d prefer to admit).

In the game you’ll be able to hire/negotiate with players, build new facilities, send out players on fan services (to create more fans) and, as you’d expect, play matches. It’s a remarkably simple system that is both easy to learn and understand, but also deep enough so that you feel like you have full control of managing a team. You can even fire and hire new coaches if you want.

Of course, the ultimate goal of the game is to win matches. Doing so requires training and leveling up your players with new skills. This is automatically done when players are simply milling about your training field, but you can also increase individual stats by giving them specialty training. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to give players key advantages in certain areas of the soccer field.

And then we have the coup de grace… once you’ve trained your players up you’ll naturally want to have them play a match. When this happens, you actually get to see your little players passing, crossing, and shooting for goals. It’s quite fun to watch and, at times, can almost feel just as nail biting as a real soccer match, especially if you have a lot on the line.

There’s a lot more to Pocket League Story than I could ever get into in a single review, but suffice it to say, it’s a great smart phone simulation game. If you enjoy those types of games, or even enjoy games like Football Manager, then you should probably check this one out. It’s been more than worth my investment.

Pocket League Story is available on Android right now for $4.99. It’s not yet available on iOS, but I would assume it’ll be there soon.

[Pocket League Story]


Kairosoft’s Latest Pocket Academy Now Available on iOS

Kairosoft, maker of the hit iOS sim Game Dev Story, has released its latest title Pocket Academy–available now on the App Store for $4, and supporting both Japanese and English.

The education system sim has you acting as principal of your school; hiring teachers, recruiting students, and competing with other schools in your district. Level different stats, create classrooms and other facilities, decide on really odd things like “this week’s hot couple”, and more. All on your iOS device.

Game Dev Story ($2), and their other offering Hot Springs Story ($4) are still available on the App Store as well. If you’ve yet to try a Kairosoft game, these folks make them as addictive as they come.

Here’s some iOS sized screens: