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Jamestown Starter Guide and No-Death Walkthrough

[DIYGamer correspondent Ken Ellis shares his knowledge of the hit neo-classical SHUMP Jamestown in the latest of our ongoing series of guides and walkthroughs. A reminder that Final Form's title is 50% off on Steam through tomorrow, July 7 at 10 AM Pacific.]

I wrote this up for the people out there smart enough to purchase/play Jamestown, and are now looking to dominate it. As far as shoot-em-ups go, this is one of the best games I have seen in a long time. Most shooters seem to be clones or re-clones of the Raiden series, but Jamestown has gone off on it’s own and done something strange: creating something unique and new, while coming off as familiar as an old hat. For that I am happy.

This walkthrough will be added to heavily in sections over the next few months, and will eventually show you how to get the maximum amount of points and how to get through the trickier levels — as well as being a solid reference for anyone just looking for a general guide.

We begin, though, with a complete run through the first level with a “No-Death” strategy. Without further ado, here is my (still very much WIP) Guide to Jamestown.




Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony is set in the year 1619, and Europe is in the midst of colonizing the New World, which in this universe is the planet Mars. It follows the tale of Raleigh who has escaped prison in England and travels to the New World to find the lost colony of Roanoke, find out the secret behind its destruction, and clear his name. As he travels he is joined by famous explorer John Smith, the first native born girl on Mars, Virginia, and Virginia’s Father, Joachim, as they all try to stop the allied forces of the Spanish and Martians from destroying the English colonies and changing the future of Mars!




Jamestown offers the use of multiple input devices and three different control types depending on the input device selected.


Z: Primary Weapon

X: Secondary Weapon

Spacebar: Enter Vaunt mode

Arrow Keys: Movement


Left Button: Primary Weapon

Right Button: Secondary Weapon

Middle Button: Enter Vaunt Mode

Mouse: Movement


(Coming Later)

The Primary Weapon is the main weapon type of the ship that is selected for use. These vary depending on the ship.

The Secondary Weapon is a more dynamic weapon that can be used to perform a different attack aside from the Primary Weapon. Each ship has a specific secondary ability with its own strength and weaknesses.

Vaunt Mode is a timed, charged up version of all ship weaponry. It can only be entered when enough gold is collected off dead enemies, and the amount of time in Vaunt can be extended by collecting more gold. When Vaunt mode is entered a shield appears around the ship for three seconds and all weaponry hits for more damage and each enemy is worth double points. Also, while in Vaunt mode the Vaunt button can be pressed again to create a second shorter lasting shield, but doing so immediately ends the Vaunt mode.




Raleigh’s Ship: Beam Ship

The standard ship in the game. It uses a five way spread type gun for its primary gun that covers a large section of the screen in firepower. The secondary gun converts the spread gun into a single focused plasma beam that is more powerful than the primary gun, but causes a loss in maneuverability.

John Smith’s Ship: Wave Ship

Smith’s ship primary gun is a forward shooting bullet gun, and a more powerful wave cannon which fire simultaneously. The secondary use of this weapon is that the wave cannon can be aimed manually and fired in any direction that is desired. Once the secondary gun button is released the wave cannon will remain locked in its last aimed direction until it is moved again. This is also the only ship in the game that can be made to fire backwards.

Virginia’s Ship: Charged Shot Ship

Virginia’s Ship primary gun in a forward shooting bullet gun. The secondary gun is a ball of rolling plasma that is charged before it is fired. When fired the ball of plasma will roll slowly forward and do continual damage to anything in its way until it roll off screen. The charge shot can be fired at multiple size levels, with the largest shot dealing the most damage, but taking the longest to reach charge wise. Also, the longer a plasma ball is on screen the slower it rolls. The charge shop is the only weapon that will go through walls and other obstacles.

Joachim’s Ship: Bomber Ship

Joachim’s Ship primary gun a single line of bullets that shoot straight forward. The secondary gun ability of this ship is that is causes each bullet on screen to explode like a bomb, causing more damage than they normally would in a splash area.

Story Mode (All chapter walkthroughs explained hence force describe each chapter at “Legendary” difficulty, as “Legendary” difficulty is the minimum difficulty at which the game can be completed.)




(This Chapter 1 guide will get you through it without a single death.)

Ship used: Beam Ship

As soon at the Chapter 1 begins start stay at the bottom of the screen and begin shooting your primary weapon down the dirt road. Once your ship passes the four armed scarecrow, a line of cannon crawler enemies will appear. Remain at the bottom of the screen and move to the right. A double line of cannon crawlers will appear moving down the dirt road once and start firing at you. Maintain a contestant rate of fire with your primary weapon to make quick work of the crawlers, then move forward and collect the gold that they dropped on the road. Once the gold is collected, move back down to the bottom of the screen and to the far left and fire at the line of cannon crawlers moving through the corn field and collect and gold that is dropped. You should have at this point collected enough gold to use your Vaunt ability, but you should wait to use it.

When the large farm equipment moves past the center of the screen move back down and to the right of the screen to engage some more cannon crawlers, then use your Vaunt ability when you reach them. Kill these cannon crawlers and the others on the dirt road, collecting any gold you find in order to maintain your Vaunt. Eventually a pink jelly shooter will appear on the far right of the screen. Move toward it and stay toward the bottom of the screen. As you move closer the screen will reveal that is a group of four jelly-shooters and an electro jelly. A small group of drillers will also appear near the center of the screen, but will fire once and jump away if not destroyed. The electro jelly will shoot three lines of eight bullets in a fan style toward you wait half a second then fire again, and the jelly shooters will fire smaller bursts directly at you. Avoid this by constantly moving down and between the bullet segments. Attempt to destroy all the smaller jelly shooters and leave the electro jelly for last. A good way to do this is to switch to your secondary beam cannon and kill them individually. By doing this will give you a “special” death for the electro jelly, which will increase your awarded points and give you a massive amount of gold. This should refill your vaunt bar back to full which will extend your time in vaunt mode. Immediately switch back to the primary weapon move to the left and take out the small line of cannon crawlers in the center of the screen, then the group of drillers and cannon crawlers on the far right. Around this time a swarm of saucers will start coming out of the tree of the left side of the screen. Move to the center screen and take out as many as you can before they fly off the top of the screen, then move back to the right and destroy the remainder of the cannon crawlers. By this time a canister crab and another group of jellies will appear on the far left of the screen. Move in front of the canister crab and switch to your secondary weapon to kill it before it can shoot at you, then do the same to the jellies making sure to kill the jelly shooters before you kill the electro jelly for the “special” kill to refill your vaunt bar to maximum.

There will be a group of drillers on some cliffs at center screen and a line of cannon crawlers on the far right. Ignore the line of cannon crawlers, and concentrate on the drillers with your primary weapon. As soon as all the drillers are destroyed, a canister crab will appear on the far right. It will start firing two lines of wavy bullets. Wait for this to stop, then move in front of it and take it out with your secondary weapon. After this there will be a new group of drillers on the cliffs which can be destroyed as needed. Eventually a swarm of saucers will move in from the left side of the screen. Shoot at them while moving down and to the left to avoid there bullets, collecting their gold when you are able to. When the saucers are destroyed a canister crab will move in from the top of the screen near you on the right. Get directly in front of it and move to the lowest point on the screen to make sure its lines of curving bullets will not hit you, and then use your secondary weapon to kill it quickly. A group of drillers will appear with a wayward saucer on the roof of the house and a line of cannon crawlers will come in on the far right of the screen. Shoot the drillers down first then the cannon crawlers, collecting as much gold as you can. A group of jellies will appear on the far left of the screen. Quickly move below them and use your secondary weapon to kill the jelly shooters then the electro jelly for the “special” kill. Move up to collect the gold dropped by the jellies and move to the lower center of the screen to kill the canister crab that has appeared. If you moved quickly enough, you should be able to get in between its curved shots and take it out with your secondary weapon. By the time the canister crab is dead another group of jellies will have appears on the far right of the screen along with a new gyro jelly. Continue to use you secondary weapon on all of them.

Once they are dead, continue to fire you secondary weapon as a second gyro jelly will appear and move directly into it. There will be a brief span of nothing for a moment. A tree on the far left will appear, eventually, and a swarm of saucers will emerge from it. Kill them quickly, and move to the center of the screen. A canister crap will appear in front of you, and a group of jellies will appear on the far left. Kill the canister crab with your secondary weapon, and then move to the jellies that have now been joined by some drillers. Move to a position in front of the jellies while avoiding their bullets and kill them with your secondary weapon. While you were killing that group of jellies a second group will have appears on the opposite side of the screen along with some drillers. Take your time and carefully weave through all the enemy fire until you can take out the jellies with your secondary weapon. After a few seconds a larger group of jelly-shooters and a gyro jelly will move in from the right side of the screen. Simply move to the bottom right side of the screen and shoot a constant fire of your secondary weapon, as they will all move right into it for some free kills and gold. Prepare to face the boss…


Chapter 1 Boss: The Traitor Prince


Segment 1:

In Section 1 “The Traitor Prince” has multiple attacks, but they are in a specific order. As soon as he appears on screen hit him with your secondary weapon until he starts to move to the left side of the screen. As soon as he starts moving, maneuver yourself to just below the center of the screen. A huge wave of tadpole-like enemies will rain down from the top of the screen, while the boos shoots a large fan spread of bullets directly in front of him (which will have no effect on you if you are in the correct area of the screen) and fire short burst of bullets at you. Simply avoid the bullets the boss throws at you and kill as many enemies as you can and collect their gold to fill your vaunt bar if it is not full yet. When he starts to move back to the center of the screen, throw up your vaunt ability and hit him with your secondary weapon as much as you can. Your vaunt shield will protect you from most of his first wave of bullets, but should be avoided as soon as the shield starts to go down. When his life bar hits the center of the first segment he will start shooting a spray of bullets in a circle around him and short bullets bursts targeted directly at you. Continue to attack him with your secondary weapon and sway your ship left and right of the bottom center of the screen. This should be enough to avoid the attacks, and keep a constant rate of fire on him. This should take his life down to half and start the second segment…


Segment 2:

As soon as the boss reaches his half life he will move to the center of the screen and fire a large spiral of bullets in every direction and occasionally fire an energy arrow at you. Switch to firing with your primary weapon to increase your maneuverability and stay at the bottom of the screen. Move through the gaps in the bullets and avoid the energy arrow. After a time the boss will release some large gold gears, and start to amass a large clod of bullets. Do not go for the gears, since while they will fill your vaunt bar to max the chances of being hit by his next attack is very high if you chase them. Instead, fire with your primary weapon and move to the right of the boss and then to his left before he fires his clod of bullets. He will fire the bullets where you were and leave you free and clear to continue this back and forth tactic. After the fourth wave of his cloud bullets he will return to his spiral bullet move and repeat his attack pattern from the beginning of Segment 2 until he is dead. If at any time you can get the gold he drop use it and go into vaunt mode, if not don’t chase it.


End of Chapter 1