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Finland’s Finest Indies in MindTrek 2011′s Indie Game Awards

First off, is that a kick-ass mascot for this year’s MindTrek, or what?! Indies continue to be celebrated around the world; such is the case at the 15th edition of MindTrek, a Finnish digital media and business conference. The event is organized by the Finnish Center of Games Industry of Neogames and Game and Media Brand Investment Fund from Mediatonic. The great thing about indie awards is that they gather some of the best talent we’d otherwise not hear about!

The main prize will be a trip for two to San Francisco to Game Developers Conference in March 2012 and a chance to negotiate for Mediatonic Funding. The former part of the prize means we’ll potentially get to meet at least the winners at next year’s GDC!

While we’ve reported on two of the five, there are three we’ve never written about. Here they are, along with what seems to be the judges’ preliminary comments:

The Swapper (also in Geoff’s coverage of Indiecade finalists)
“Amazing audiovisual atmosphere. Physics, graphics and audio well balanced. Fresh approach to traditional side scroller adventure genre.”

Driftmoon (an RPG we’ve covered)
“Competes in very difficult genre which has the most demanding but also most loyal users. Fascinating story offers possibility to prevail.”

Carrotia is a labyrinth puzzle game with crazy cute rabbit designs that rival MindTrek’s current mascot.

“In Japanese there is a word “kawaii” which means cute (in Finnish “ihqu”). The character of this game is the definition of that word. IP has excellent expanding possibilities.”

Journey of Blobos (hopefully we’ll hear more about this title).
“Well polished high quality iOS game. Brings something new to well-worn Physics based games field.”

Jackals, a side-scrolling real-time 3D single/multiplayer arcade game, with a booming narrated trailer I feel compelled to share:

“Ambitious and brave effort to enter into the most mainstream game genre of all. Does it all and then some.”

MindTrek’s website says the winner will be informed on 9/21/2011, but news of that has yet to surface. Hopefully these developers will stop by in the comments section to tell us more about their titles!