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Out Now On iOS & Android: These Robotic Hearts of Mine

*bump* *bump*, *bump* *bump*. Can you hear that? It’s Alan “Draknek” Hazelden’s beating robotic hearts releasing over the iOS App Store and the Android Marketplace. It’s yours now for just £1.50 or $1.99, and it’s a beautiful, haunting, narrative-focused, minimalist puzzle game. Did I say it was beautiful yet? There’s a trailer up ahead, but don’t go too far into it, it’s a game best experienced first hand.


Pokemon is Coming to iOS… Sort Of: Dragon Island

Every other week it seems like there’s some sort of hearsay, rumor or pure lie that claims that Pokemon, in one form or another, is coming to the iOS. And in fact that did actually happen in a quasi-not-really-a-game sort of way. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. Given the popularity of iOS and the Pokemon franchise, I’m not surprised the former will be getting a latter-like game called Dragon Island.


Capsized Gearing Up For Free-To-Play iPad Port, Android & Mac On The Way

Indie-Publishers indiePub today announced that in addition to the original PC release, and the already announced XBLA and PSN versions, Capsized also going to be gracing the Apple iPad early next year, with Mac and android versions also planned further down the line. Read on for details.


Oceanhorn, an iOS Game Inspired by Nintendo’s Wind Waker

Rewind three years and I’d have told you that you were downright crazy, mad, institutionalization-worthy had you told me that one day (soon!) we’d be playing games on our phones that were as good looking, with meaningful depth, and as cheap as a basic mobile phone game. Since then I’ve seen the steady progression of games and I believe a new pinnacle has been reached with Oceanhorn , a delightful 3D game inspired by Nintendo’s legendary Zelda: Wind Waker series.


Aquaria now out for iPad

As revealed back in September, Alec Holowka and Derek Yu’s beautiful underwater metroidvania has just received an iPad release. It’s available on the App Store for $4.99 right now.


Frozen Synapse Coming to iPad

After having received a fantastic response on PC, Mac and Linux, and pulling off a hugely popular Humble Bundle, the next move for Mode 7 Games is onto iOS, by way of an iPad port of Frozen Synapse, freshly announced this morning. Here are the details.

Frozen Synapse is coming to iPad in 2012

Yes, that’s right, we caved under the pressure!

This has been in the works for a while – we still have a lot of work to do on the interface as well as some additional tweaks, but then it’ll be time for beta.

We’re hoping that it’ll be out in the first half of next year – we’ll be more specific about that eventually!

Finally, I don’t want people to worry that we’re going to abandon FS on its current platforms – we’re actually working right now to hire another team member so we can give it more attention and update it more efficiently.

So if you fancy telling virtual men to shoot other virtual men by poking at a screen with your finger, and want to delve in to a rich and engrossing turn based tactical strategy affair, it looks like Mode 7 have got you sorted.

Update: Mode 7 have confirmed over twitter that it will support cross platform play with the existing PC/Mac/Linux version. Superb!

[Mode 7 Games]


Fingle Asks You to Get Freaky with Your Fingers on iPad [IGF 2012]

Fingle may make the perfect date game, if it’s a date you don’t want to end early (wink, wink). Fingle may also work with friends, as long as they are up to your hygiene standards.

Adriaan de Jongh and Bojan Endrovski are the developers of this IGF entry Fingle for iPad. They invite players who want to experience the thrills of touching eat other’s hands on a multitouch device in this party game where YOU must enforce the rules.


Revealed: English Country Tune

Steven “Increpare” Lavelle, who you may remember as the developer behind Whale of Noise and Snowdrift, has got a new game on the way. Coming soon to PC, Mac and iPad, is English Country Tune. He pitches it as “A Traditional puzzle game”, and whilst the blocks and shapes on display here are staples of the puzzle genre, there’s something a little extra about how everything moves and looks. Something stylish. Turn up the bass for maximum echoey atmosphere.

Everything is moving quite fast, I’m not sure exactly what is going on, but it’s certainly very pleasing to look at. Solid first impressions, and I’m intrigued to give it a try myself.

This is his game for the 2012 IGFs, but in the meantime, he’s got millions of other games for you to play over on his website.

I haven’t got a clue as to what the name might mean. Any suggestions?



Trailer: Flight of the Fireflies For iPad

Lovely speckled lights against an dark, atmospheric, backdrop. That’s what Woolly Robot’s Flight of the Fireflies, for the iPad, is all about. This trailer has nicely captured my attention, with it’s minimalistic styling and pretty sounds: I especially enjoy how each firefly represents one note, and they come together to form a complete tune.

What do you reckon?

Here’s what the devs have to say themselves.

The fireflies are leaving the city, looking for a new home. Guide them into the countryside and gather company on the way. Alone each firefly is just a note – together they’re a symphony.

Flight of the fireflies is an atmospheric game for iPad where you guide a swarm of musical fireflies with your finger. Each firefly moves and sounds by itself, but also with the swarm, creating music that that plays out differently every time.

Head over to the game’s official website to register to get an email once the game is out, and to see their rather lovely website design (you can always trust game designers with fun websites).

[Flight of the Fireflies]


Drifter Shows of Hyperspace Jump Gameplay, Continues to Impress

Last month I gushed a bit about an upcoming iOS space trading game called Drifter, a mobile game inspired by the likes of Frontier and Privateer that was released years ago on the PC.

Anyway, the reason why I’m writing about the game again is because the developer Celcius Game Studios has released a new gameplay video which shows off some pretty damned imnpressive graphics and gameplay for a iOS title.

Check it out:

I think what I’m most impressed with isn’t so much the game itself (although that’s easy to be impressed with) but rather the user interface which allows you to hyper jump between various systems. As a long time fan of many space trading games, I can say that this method of faster than light travel seems to be much more intuitive than most other games in the genre.

Also, as an astronomy buff, I’m really digging the galactic map!

Drifter is still early in development so don’t get your hopes up too much a release anytime soon, but for those of you with iThings this should be one of the games you keep a look out for.

[Celsius Game Studios]

[UPDATE: The developer pinged me on Twitter to let me know that a PC version is being considered for release shortly after the iOS version. Great news for those of us who don't own iDoohickies!]