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Top 10 Break Out Indie Games of 2012

Hooray! It’s time for my prediction post for next year’s most popular and well received indie games! Those of you who have been with us here at DIYGamer will remember my 2010 and 2011 editions where I was correct for a few of each prediction posts.


Humble Introversion Bundle Releases Source Code; Adds Dungeons of Dredmor

More bundle news! I suppose we shouldn’t ever be caught off guard with the Humble Bundle these days as there is always a mid-week addition, but it’s still a nice surprise! As of right now, the Humble Introversion Bundle just got a bit better with a new addition in Dungeons of Dredmor, everybody’s favorite roguelike, and the source code to a number of Introversion’s titles.


Humble Indie Bundle #4 Teased, As Introversion Bundle Breaks $500,000

Those cheeky humble bundle folk have gone and dropped a hint that next up on their agenda is going to be the Humble Indie Bundle Number 4. We’ve had a whole range of bundles from them focussed on just one developer or game, but it looks like for their next trick they’re going to drop a bundle with games from a range of developers, much like the bundles 1, 2 & 3 were. Here’s the details:


The Humble Introversion Bundle Launches

Looks like the leak was accurate. Hot on the heels of the thunderously successful Humble Voxatron Debut pack, the bargain-generating, part-charity titan that is the Humble Bundle return, this time offering every single game by prolific and generally excellent indie studio Introversion, all for whatever you want to pay, along with a couple of tech prototypes to play around with. Go over the average, and you get Bit-Blot’s amazing aquatic Metroidvania title Aquaria, as well as Petri Purho’s Crayon Physics Deluxe thrown in to sweeten the deal. What are you waiting for?  Go grab you some indie joy.


Leaked: Introversion In The Next Humble Bundle?

It’s getting increasingly difficult to keep a secret, especially now that you can poke around Steam’s product registry and see what studios have their games signed up and ready for launch even before they’ve announced anything. Folks poking around inside the Steam registry these past few days noticed a rather interesting item – Subscription 12283: Introversion Humble Bundle Indie Retail. From the sounds of it, the Last Of The Bedroom Programmers are to become the latest of the Humble Bundle fixtures.


Introversion’s New Game is Prison Architect

Rock Paper Shotgun has an interesting scoop this morning as it appears that the new game the Introversion submitted to IGF is a game called Pirson Architect.

Those of you who read the blog regularly will remember that it was only a couple days ago that our own Lewie Procter revealed that Introversion had submitted an entirely new game that wasn’t Subversion (which has been suspended).

Not much is yet known about the game, but that’s the first image up above.

Apparently, as one would expect, Prison Architect is a game in which you manage and build a maximum security prison. What this entails exactly we don’t quite know, I’m thinking it could be a tycoon/sim game of some sort, but really that’s left open for interpretation.

We’ve gone ahead and contacted Introversion for more information and assets so once we get em, we’ll update you guys.



Subversion Gameplay Footage from World Of Love 2010

The 'silent heist' turns sour as guns come out, and threats are made.

The 'silent' heist turns loud as guns come out, and threats are made.

UK indie studio Introversion (Darwinia, Uplink) have been hard at work for the past few years on Subversion, an exceptionally ambitious high-tech espionage/heist-themed strategy game set in a procedurally generated city. While quietly previewed in places, no real gameplay footage has surfaced until now. A lengthy presentation video from the July 2010 World of Love development conference has snuck onto the internet, and it looks great.


Indie Links Round-Up: Honest to Goodness

Dustforce-Indie-LinksIndie Links is back with another playground for your eyes to run around on. In today’s round-up: Interview overload, Student developers should take the opportunity and one dev progresses by honestly reflecting on a failed game. Have fun and y’all come back n0w, ya hear!

A Letter To Students: Experimental Games Can Get You Jobs (Brandon Sheffield/Gamasutra)
“In this editorial, originally printed in Game Developer magazine’s special Career Guide 2010 issue (available for free online) editor-in-chief Brandon Sheffield asks that students use their time in school to try new game concepts — while they’re still in an environment that supports experimentation.”

An action game with sweeping: talking Dustforce with Hitbox (Andrew Webster/ars technica)
“Independent games often tackle subject matter that is very different from more mainstream titles. Flower is about the dreams flowers might have. Machinarium is about separated robot lovers. And the upcoming Dustforce is about… sweeping. It’s a unique concept, and if the demo is any indication, the team at Hitbox might just have managed to find a way to make housework fun.”

Xbox Live Indie-Dome: August 2nd – 8th, 2010 (Rob Thomas/Crush! Frag! Destroy!)
“Welcome back again, everybody. Rob Rich is taking a break this week, as he was a bit under the weather. So, being the good boss that I am, I stepped up to relieve his burden by handling the newest Xbox Live Indie-Dome…”

Global Agenda Six Months Later – An Interview with Executive Producer Todd Harris (iTZKooPA/LoreHound)
“It’s hard to believe the way I discovered Global Agenda. As I was stomping through PAX 2009 (that’d be PAX “Prime”) I heard a man shouting something about “No elves.” Mildly interested, I turned to see a booth lined with computers, which people were huddled around playing a game I had never seen. Turns out, I knew exactly what the game was. This was the game responsible for shooting an elven mage in the head while he was casting.”

Interview: Blitz Duo Talk Kinect Development, Indies Program (Brandon Sheffield/GameSetWatch)
“Blitz Games’ Andrew Oliver and Chris Swan talk to our own Brandon Sheffield on addressing challenges in motion controls for casual games, distribution portals for indie titles, and their Blitz 1Up program to assist independent development.”

Chockablock: Minecraft Revisited (Jim Rossignol/Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Gadzooks, it’s been over a year since I first ranted about Minecraft, the epic blocky building game by Markus “Notch” Persson. Clearly it’s well overdue a revisit from us. And there’s much to catch up on, too – including a Portal mod – so join me below decks, and we’ll explore the niche this game is carving out for itself.”

Midlife Gamer Meets: Mark Morris Of Introversion (Marconi/Midlife Gamer)
“Being flat is what I would love to be. How one little constanant could change my life persepective and indeed what benefits I would be entitled to. I would save a fortune on travelling costs by posting my little minimalist body through the post. For some their dreams came true when sleeping under a poorly screwed in notice board. For others they turn to Introversion Software to give them all their flat needs and more. So I took some time out to speak to Mark Morris and found out what it is like to hack, destroy and create a world of flat!”

The Ultimate Race Postmortem (Mandible Games)
“So, I made this game. And – let’s be fair – it sort of sucked.”

Interview: Zombie Cow’s Dan Marshall Talks About His Privates (Mike Rose/GameSetWatch)
“Continuing his interviews with independent game creators, Mike Rose catches up with Zombie Cow’s Dan Marshall, to discuss his new educational sex-related game Privates and his move into full-time indie game creation.”

Interview: Flower‘s Jenova Chen (Dave Cook/NOWGamer)
“The flOw and Flower creator talks about indie games and his new PSN project Journey.”