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Dusty Revenge Re-releasing on Steam, Includes Co-op and More

2D action platformer Dusty Revenge is getting some extra polish in time for an early 2014 Steam re-release. After listening to feedback from fans who purchased the original version, Ken Poh and his team at..

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The Indie Game Magazine GOTY Awards 2013

2013 is drawing to a close, and you just can’t end a year without a list or countdown of some sort, right? Still, if ever there was a justification for clickbait with which to draw..

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GameStick Arrives on UK Store Shelves in Time for Christmas


Just in time for last-minute Holiday shoppers, the ultra portable console from PlayJam known as GameStick made its way onto store shelves at UK retailer GAME this past Friday. Currently priced at £79.99, GameStick aims to provide affordable, high-quality gaming for gamers of every skill level. The team at PlayJam worked with thousands of indie game developers to create a platform that brings familiar mobile price tiers to the console space.

GameStick was initially scheduled to launch earlier this year, but was delayed after early reviews from critics and the Kickstarter backer community confirmed that the console needed a little more fine tuning before a full release. On the subject of releasing the console in such close proximity to Microsoft and Sony’s latest offerings, PlayJam CEO Jasper Smith stated that, “being honest, we could have had less daunting rivals vying for shelf space. But we do have the added advantage of being in stock and aimed at a very different audience to your typical core gamer so we welcome the challenge!” Available now in the UK courtesy of GAME , GameStick can be purchased stateside from GameStop at the current price of $79.99. Additional accessories include a docking station, extra controllers for games that support multiplayer, and carrying cases. Complete details about the console, as well as a full list of supported games, can be found on the official GameStick website.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – GameStick Arrives on UK Store Shelves in Time for Christmas


Oberon’s Court Planning Public Beta For Early 2014


A little over a year ago, we covered an up-and-coming indie game called Oberon’s Court. Originally designed as a tile based RTS, Oberon’s Court has evolved into more of a classic 3D RTS. Developed by Tomas Sala of Boof Games, the project has progressed significantly since we last saw screenshots and a teaser of the game in action. In fact, Sala is preparing to take the game into the public beta testing stages in early 2014. For now, our latest taste of the stylized Oberon’s Court will have to come from the first official trailer:

Oberon’s Court features fully voiced characters, upgradeable units, the ability to capture and repurpose defeated souls on the battlefield, and three distinct locations packed into the first release. Oberon’s Court will launch with a campaign called Shadow Chains, said to include several hours of gameplay. Additionally, campaign progress is non-linear, so players have the option to backtrack and progress through the map however they choose. The game is targeting a release on both iOS and Android, currently looking to sport a price tag of $4.99, with hopes of pursuing a Steam Greenlight campaign when production is further along. For details on when to expect the public beta, check out the Oberon’s Court Facebook page.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Oberon’s Court Planning Public Beta For Early 2014


Indie Documentary Beard of Awesome Features Beards, Bears, and Bare Bears


Looking for a way to kill seven minutes that’s both silly and informative? Beard of Awesome might just be the answer. About a month ago, five students from the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, England documented the life of Nicoll Hunt as he drank tea, boasted an impressive beard, and explained his views about making indie games. Hunt is the developer behind the recently released Fist of Awesome, a “time-travelling-lumberjack’em-up” (read: beat ‘em up) starring lumberjack Tim Burr, who fights many a bear and woodland critter in the hopes of restoring the Earth’s shattered timeline. In addition to offering his insight about what it’s like to be an indie developer, Hunt reveals the events leading up the the inspiration behind creating Fist of Awesome. The short documentary can be viewed in full below:

The production team behind Beard of Awesome consists of Urmas Salu, Ben Murray, Szymon Wyrzykowski, Prescilla Boutros & Nelson Nsarhaza. Fist of Awesome is available now for iOS, Android, Ouya, and Gamestick, currently for the asking price of $3.99. If that doesn’t satisfy the craving for Tim Burr action, the lumberjack is also looking to make a cameo appearance in Super World Karts Grand Prix, which is currently in the final week of its Kickstarter campaign. More information on that story can be found here.


IGM Streamer Schedule Update: 12/17/13


Hey everyone! I just have a couple of quick announcements to make regarding the Indie Streamer Schedule this week. First off, you can find the latest schedule posted right here on our forums. Secondly, I wanted to let everyone know that due to the outpouring of support and interest in signing up for the Schedule, it will no longer be posted in the forum. Honestly, this week’s schedule barely made it under the maximum character count and I was unable to post any other notes aside from the Schedule directly. By next week, the list will be too large to contain in a forum post. While we work on a few ways to integrate the Schedule into the main site more, I wanted to say thanks for making the Schedule such a big hit!


If you’re looking for some great indie content today, I suggest checking out The Spartan Show’s live stream tonight at Midnight EST. Their stream features a special guest, Frozenbyte, the makers of Trine 2. There’s also a variety of gameplay streams scheduled throughout the day from streamers including BaerTaffy, HJTenchi, and MathasStarcraft, so be sure the check those out as well. And be on the lookout for some very cool changes to the Streamer Schedule coming soon, we’re working on some really amazing stuff. As always, if you’re an indie game streamer and would like to be a part of the Schedule, feel free to tweet me @Vincent_Parisi for details.

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Super World Karts GP Attempts to Cross the Kickstarter Finish Line


With only six days left in the Kickstarter campaign, Super World Karts Grand Prix is trying to earn a spot on the podium. Featuring classic 16-bit style retro kart racing, unlockable characters, and full 1080p resolution, Super World Karts GP is looking to provide a mix of authentic SNES-era spirit with modern day amenities. Currently, the project has only earned just under $7,200 of the proposed $16,000 goal. With over 240 backers already contributing to the game, developer Paul Hamilton is hoping some fresh announcements will give new backers the incentive to help him finish strong.


Among those new announcements comes a few surprise guest Karters. Aside from the 8 unique characters already available, players will have the opportunity to unlock four additional cameo characters by completing various Cup tournaments. These characters include Mutt from Lobodestroyo, Turing from Read Only Memories, and the just-announced inclusion of Tim Burr from Fist of Awesome. If all goes well, Super World Karts GP is on track for a June 2014 release. The game is targeting a release on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Ouya, with a release on Wii U to be determined pending the stretch goal is met.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Super World Karts GP Attempts to Cross the Kickstarter Finish Line


IGM Introduces The Indie Arcade: Now Open To Play Or Submit Indie Games


Looking for some great, new indie games to play? Have a finished game that needs a home? Indie Game Magazine is ecstatic to announce the IGM Indie Arcade. The Indie Arcade brings the community together in two very important ways: By giving developers the opportunity to submit their games to the Arcade – don’t worry, it’s free ;) – and accessing a large pre-existing audience base, and also by giving our readers a place to test out the latest indie titles and then offer feedback directly to developers through direct comments and our forums.  For developers, simply register for an Indie Arcade account, then provide us with the information requested in the following submission guidelines:

Game Name
Game Description
Game Instructions
Game Tags (Genre)
Game file (Flash or Unity)
Thumbnail (100 x 100)

Anyone who wants to test out the Indie Arcade is allowed to play up to ten times before an account registration is required. Registering for an account offers access to our Arcade Leaderboard, where users can compete against one another and earn points not just by playing games, but by supporting the community as well (in true indie spirit.) For a full breakdown of how to earn points, head here. Be sure to check back often as the Indie Arcade continues to grow, and adds new games to an ever-expanding collection. See you in the Arcade!

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Fight the Dragon Attempts To Slay Kickstarter


Hack’n slash fans may want to pay attention, because there’s a new Kickstarter project on the block that could just be worthwhile. 3 Sprockets, the developers behind the Cubemen series, have taken to the popular crowdfunding site with an idea for what they’ve dubbed a 3D Mini Action-RPG (MARPG) known as Fight the Dragon. In hopes of reaching the proposed goal of $50,000 AUD, the team has created the following video proposal:


Fight the Dragon boasts a number of features, including both local drop-in split-screen co-op and online drop-in multiplayer, as well as a baked-in Adventure Construction Kit (read: map editor.) The video linked above offers a brief rundown of just how quickly players can put together a customized dungeon layout before sharing it with friends. What really makes Fight the Dragon unique though, is an emphasis on quicker play sessions via shortened adventures. According to the Kickstarter page, “10-15 minute adventures in a non-linear format allows players to jump in for a quick fix, or play multiple adventures over longer play sessions.” These adventures result in the earning of tickets, which can then be cashed in for a chance to “Fight the Dragon” in a battle arena. At the time of this post, Fight the Dragon has received just over $2,300 in the few short hours the campaign has been live. The game is scheduled to release on Steam for Windows, OSX, and Linux, with a DRM-free version supported via the Humble Store.

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Splash Damage – A Podcast About the Politics of Video Games

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The Indie Game Magazine is now sponsoring the Splash Damage Podcast. Splash Damage focuses on controversial issues in the gaming industry and how they will affect gamers, developers, producers, and everyone in between.

Erik and I, two students at UW-Whitewater studying game development, are the hosts of the podcast. In this week’s episode, our twelfth overall, we talked about the release of the new consoles and how they stack up against each other, as well as what this means for consumers and console gamers. We also talk about Dead Rising 3‘s frame-rate issues and why that’s a bad sign for the start of this generation.

Every week, we’ll have an IGM Indie topic. This week’s topic was the opening of Humble Store, and the effect of that on digital distributors and their wavering loyalty to indies.

We’ll be releasing episodes biweekly, so if you have a topic you’d like us to talk about, let us know in the comments! You can follow Splash Damage on Soundcloud or visit us at our website. You can listen to this week’s episode below:

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