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This ‘Bleed’ Teaser Trailer Knows Gun-Fu

Thanks to those eagle-eyed folks at for spotting this one.

Just wanted to share the love on this, and ask (in a rhetorical sorta way) how this could have possibly slipped under my radar. I’ve long imagined a personal, ‘perfect’ game capturing the style of Hong Kong run-and-gun-fu with classic 16-bit aesthetics. What I never really envisioned was a bullet-time dash mechanic reminiscent of Bangai-O HD added to the mix, along with this range of enemy types. Clearly, those clever folks at Bootdisk Revolution aren’t just stealing my brilliant ideas right out of my brain, but other people’s as well! The fiends! And they’re calling it ‘Bleed‘.

I can’t really complain after watching that video, though. What I do want is to play this game as soon as possible – the game is due out for both Windows and 360 (via XBLIG, most likely) later this year. Bleed has been in development for quite some time – apparently it was originally an entrant in Dream Build Play 2011, although the developers seem rather happy with the progress they’ve made since the last contest, as covered in this informative blog post here.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a playable build of this one. There’s just something about the way the character moves, the way bullets ricochet off surfaces and how enemies explode or splatter that just feels inherently right. It’s the little things that matter. The devil is in the details, after all.


Indie Links Round-Up: You Can’t Lose

Today’s Indie Links pose questions like: What is a game? Can a game can be made in one hour? And what kind of game would have the title “Heroic Sex Commando”?

Andy Moore on His One-hour Breadth Jam: Jam O’Clock (
“Moore sees his constrained but motivational, one-hour jam as a practical way to get developers actually creating and to see if a feature is fun, circumventing time-consuming discussions and design docs. Further, he believes ‘strict timetables evoke a certain kind of innovation rarely seen in gamedev.’”

“The Splices Are Coming!” (Cipher Prime)
“We can tell you that the game will feature almost a hundred strands (puzzles), many of which are dastardly difficult to solve! You’ll also be able to enjoy fourteen new Dain Saint joints that you’ll be humming all day. Splice is an incredibly immersive experience, and if you’re a puzzle person, we promise you frustration and sweet, sweet mental victories!”

Perfect Twelve Sided Hexagon (distractionware)
“I’ve been working on a couple of extra stages for this Hexagon thing, as sort of spin-off variations with slight rule tweaks. In the one pictured above, I was trying to take advantage of the 3D camera to make a mode which used a low angle to allow you see see quite far ahead, but also meant that you had to deal with much faster waves, like a racing game. It wasn’t quite working, though.”

Bundle In A Box Organizers Reveal Indie Dev Grant Nominees (
“Kyttaro Games (an indie gaming label that employs our own Konstantinos Dimopoulos) has announced the games and developers that are eligible to receive the Indie Dev Grant, made possible by the ongoing Bundle in a Box: Adventure Bundle.  The winner of the Indie Dev Grant, to be decided by vote after the Adventure Bundle ends on June 4th, will receive up to $2,000 to continue development of their projects, with no strings attached.”

Shadow Break (TIGSource)
Shadow Break (direct download) is fun freeware action game with a unique take on Breakout – ninjas and other opponents are trapped in the blocks and can be released to the ground to slay with your sword. Aside from slashing and jumping, your character also has an invincible dash and ninjitsu techniques that let you, for example, freeze the ball in place. After defeating all the enemies in a level, the remaining blocks are converted to coins.”

Microsoft Acquires Magic Marker Dev Press Play (Shacknews)
“Microsoft has picked up Press Play, maker of Tentacles and Max and the Magic Marker, it was announced amidst all the E3 hubub on Monday. It’s probably chiefly, but not only, for the Danish studio’s mobile mastery, as neither game came to Xbox 360 but both hit Windows Phone.”

Freeware/Browser Demo: Heroic Sex Commando (
“Developer Greg Felber recently completed a phone interview with Firaxis Games and was sent a week design challenge to create a game with a randomly generated name. Heroic Sex Commando was born.”

Just Being There: Redefining the Video Game (EDGE)
“Few questions in the discussion of videogames are more slippery than, ‘What is a game?’ Many have attempted to nail down a definition that’s specific enough to be useful, while also being broad enough to be able accommodate the many forms that exist. but eventually, inevitably, every definition is met with a ‘game’ that tests its boundaries.”


Indie Royale’s New Year’s Bundle Pre-Order is Up; Hints At The Games

As expected, Indie Royale’s New Year’s Bundle is getting set for release here in the next few days (nothing specific just yet) and to accompany it a few days prior the guys have set up the pre-order page where you can, as usual, get the bundle right now for a minimum of $3.99 (although let’s try for at least $5 guys) and have the games delivered as soon as the bundle goes live.


A Bundle of Information on Indie Royale [Interview]

Last week, and Desura presented a new fortnightly event called Indie Royale. For those who haven’t checked it out yet, the idea is pretty simple. A bundle of 4 games are presented for a price of $2.00. As the bundle sells more the price steadily increases. But if users pay more for the game than the minimum the price will be reduced.

It’s definitely interesting to see how the indie games bundle market has expanded since the Humble Bundle started the trend a couple years ago.


Discussionware: The IGF Judging Process and Games

So the IGF submissions were officially unveiled earlier this week! As somebody who covers indie games religiously this is kind of like my Christmas only instead of getting to unwrap a bunch of presents and play with them I get to scroll through hundreds of games and write about them! Seriously, I love it. As such this week’s Discussionware is dedicated to the venerable “Oscars” of indie game development.

Now today’s Discuussionware is largely about the IGF’s judging process with is a bit of a controversy every year for indie developers who’ve been submitted due to the method of partial judgement.


An Indie Book for Indie Gamers

Our friend Mike Rose, who used to write for us here at, has actually been surprisingly busy. When he’s not writing for one of his usual outlets ( apparently he’s writing books about indie games.

250 Indie Games You Must Play is a brand new, physically published (not an e-book) book that highlights some of the best and most influential indie games ever created. Here’s the exact description:

A guide to the exciting and expanding world of indie gaming, this book presents 250 influential and fun indie video games. Whether you are a veteran of the indie game scene or have never played an indie game before, the book helps further your understanding of why indie games are so important in the entertainment industry. The games highlighted in the text encompass concepts and ideas that will change your perspective of what video games can be. Direct web links are provided so that users can play the games described.

At this point, I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to find another quality journalist who is more in tune with the indie game development space than Mike Rose. He’s a quality writer and his passion for indie games shows in the written word. If you’re looking for a fantastic guide to indie games, I’m positive that this one will be exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ll be reviewing the book just as soon as we are able to secure a copy. Until then, you can purchase the book directly from Amazon via the link below.

[, Amazon]


Only a Week Left to Enter Into the IGF

igf2011For any aspiring indie developers out there who are looking to turn their next brilliant idea into an award winner I’d just like to point out that IGF has updated to remind everybody via their website that you only have a single week left to enter the IGF which closes to entries on October 18th.

Simon Carless, one of the head honchos at Gamasutra, has informed us that they are nearing 200 entrees so far and expects that number to balloon in the last remaining days as most people don’t submit until the deadline looms.

As always, we can expect to see a full list of entrees come a few days after entry submission closes, complete with a description and video of projects submitted. Very exciting.

Good luck to all that enter. We look forward to seeing all of the results.



Indie Game Design Do-s and Don’t-s: A Manifesto

edmundmEdmund McMillen, the designer behind such games as Meat Boy, Spewer, Gish and Time Fcuk recently summed up his thoughts on Independent Game design.

The list is at called “Indie Game Design Do-s and Don’t-s: A Manifesto.” It touches on everything from honesty, risks, feedback and much more as well as spawning an interesting discussion in the comments section.

While not a designer myself, I think the list makes a lot of sense, especially if you look at it in context of what Edmund has done in the past.

As fans of Edmund’s work (see our Best of 2009 list), we’re excited to hear anything he has to say.