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‘Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils’ Pre-Released In The Back To School Bundle

Indie Royale Splash

Saturday saw the launch of the new bundle from Indie Royale called “The Back To School Bundle”. The bundle runs from 15th of September until the 22nd of September and contains seven great titles which are as follows (click the names to find out more about the game):

The Back To School Bundle includes these seven quality games with the most impressive addition being the exclusive addition of Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils (Bunny Must Die!) from Rockin Android. It is a great addition with Bunny Must Die! as it is officially coming out next month making this is a great opportunity to get the game early and largely for a steal of a price, especally when bundled with the other six stellar titles.

Bunny Must Die! is a 2D exploration-based platformer resembling a lot of the old styled platformers of days gone by  in a distinct Japanese styling. Bunny must brave the depths of the Devils’ Labyrinth and overcome the powerful 7 Devils, in this hilariously over the top action platformer.

Find many magical items such as the Sylph Shooter and the Hyper Heels to allow you to battle through the difficult large connected map filled with unique enemies, traps and puzzles in your quest to save Bunny from this hell.

Bunny must die Screen shot

The Back To School Bundle really seems to be a great steal covering seven awesome titles making this a must for any indie game enthusiast and gamer alike. The Back To School bundle can be purchased here from the Indie Royale site.

However if you are unlucky enough to miss the bundle Bunny Must Die! is released on Desura on October 2nd. Also if you are interested in Bunny and her crazy adventures but would rather have it on Steam vote for it on the Greenlight Community project. For all the latest news as it breaks be sure to check back to The Indie Game Magazine.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils’ Pre-Released In The Back To School Bundle


Indie Royale’s ‘Getaway Bundle’ Offers Space War, Feminism & Wagons

The bundles, they just keep coming! Hard to complain in this case, though – Indie Royale’s latest entry, the Getaway Bundle, is an unusually eclectic bunch of games. This one includes zero-G arena FPS Shattered Horizon, sci-fi/mystery visual novel with a strong feminist angle Analogue: A Hate Story, wrestling-themed point-and-click adventure Da New Guys, neon-hued twin-stick shooter Waves and ultra-minimialist monochrome roguelike Miniflake. Oh, and yet another XBLIG refugee – the completely bonkers Super Amazing Wagon Adventure. Here’s the official video:

Well, there’s a mismatched bundle if I ever saw one, but it’s hard to complain about the quality of the games included. Having played and enjoyed all but Da New Guys (although I have heard reasonably positive things about it), it’s an easy recommendation price-wise. It’s also worth noting that an expansion has just been announced for Analogue: A Hate Story, which should help fill in some of the blanks in the plot, particularly the events leading up to the downfall of civilization on the colony-ship you’re investigating.

The only possible real low-point of this bundle is Shattered Horizon. Not for any quality concerns – it’s an excellent and sadly underrated game – but it was never able to really retain an online player-base. Fortunately they added bots in a later update to the game, but you’re largely limited to playing against them, unless this bundle helps kickstart the public server population once more.

There’s a base price, and a bonus higher price-tier with assorted goodies as always for Indie Royale, and no higher charity motive. This is just about promoting and supporting lesser-known indie developers. All the games are for Windows only, with the sole exception of Analogue, which is for Mac & Linux as well. Steam keys are available where possible, and everything else activates on Desura, as well as offering DRM-free downloads.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Royale’s ‘Getaway Bundle’ Offers Space War, Feminism & Wagons


Indie Royale Launch The ‘Gone Fishin’ Bundle

Indie Royale may not be as big and burly as other indie bundle sites, but they’re not really trying to be. Their mission statement focuses more on increasing coverage of obscure, lesser-known indie games. Today, they’ve rolled out yet another bundle of six for a variable Pay What You Want price-tag. Here’s what’s on offer this time:

So, first up is Sol: Exodus. An old-school (although leaning towards the arcade side of things) space shooter that I’ve heard an impressively broad range of things about. From what I can gather, it was rather ropey at launch, and through a series of major updates has improved significantly. It’s unlikely to dethrone any of the genre classics, but there’s a fair bit of spaceship shooting to be done here.

Second is All Zombies Must Die. Again, mixed vibes on this one. It’s a more open-world, involved sorta arcade zombie-shooter than it’s predecessor Burn, Zombie, Burn, and that seems to have been a bit of a double-edged sword. What it gains in freedom and variety, it loses in terms of sheer score-hunting focus. Still, reviews for it have been generally positive, and there are definitely worse ways to spend your time shooting virtual zombies.

Third is Cubemen. RTS meets Tower Defense in an abstract, blocky world populated by… well, little men made of cubes. Heard solid things about this one, and there’s much more of a competitive edge than usual for the genre, as you’re often going up directly against enemy forces, positioning your little cube-people in order to get the best weapon coverage while keeping covered from counter-fire.

Fourth is the weird one of the bunch. Squids is apparently a rubberband-flinging artillery puzzle RPG. One description I’ve heard is Angry Birds meets Final Fantasy Tactics. Never played it myself, but with a description that downright weird, I feel compelled to at least give this one a try. The art-style is bright and cute, and the theme already has me quietly humming ‘Under The Sea’ to myself. But you probably don’t have that problem… right?

Last is another pair of XBLIG refugees. This time, the Platformance series – Castle Pain & Temple Death. Cute little minimalist platformers with an interesting twist – the entire game takes place on a single screen, normally viewed up-close. You can zoom all the way out to see the entire game-world, and the level design takes advantage of this clever interconnectedness from time to time, with older areas being changed by your actions, opening new paths. Simple, twitch fun. Also rock hard and maddeningly frustrating. Not for casual play, then.

The first three games are all Steam activated (All Zombies Must Die being Steam-exclusive), while the rest are Desura-only. Sadly, the only games in this bundle to offer Mac support are Cubemen & Squids. Everything else is Windows only. As standard for Indie Royale, there’s some additional music if you’re willing to pay a few dollars over average, although any unlocked game-related goodies are usually covered by the base price.

Not Indie Royale’s greatest offering, but for a few dollars, it’s still good value. Check it out.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Royale Launch The ‘Gone Fishin’ Bundle


Rolling Sixes – GamersGate Launch ‘Indiefort Bundle 2′, 6 Games For $6

Here’s a must-have for bargain-addicted indie gamers; GamersGate are really set on playing ball with the bundling sites. The recent Humble Bundle and Indie Royale (still running) are impressive packs of games, and so is the Indiefort Bundle 2. It’s a strange set of games with clearly no shared themes or concepts, but that’s what makes this one so interesting. Let’s take a look at what your $6 (or more, if you choose to pay higher) will get you.

First up is 3079. Featured a while back in the Indie Royale Alphafunding bundle, the game is now complete and ready for prime time. It’s an unusual mix of styles – it’s a retro action-RPG set in a very Minecraft-esque procedurally generated world. It’s a bit on the clunky and ugly side, but there’s quite a bit of depth to be found here. What starts out as blind fumbling around the landscape eventually has you grappling-hooking around floating fortresses and shooting down aerial battleships.

Fortix 2 bills itself as ‘Reverse Tower Defense’. It isn’t. It’s Qix, but with Castles. Granted, it’s a bit deeper than that, but it still largely involves careful drawing of lines across the map to trap enemies and open up new paths for you to move across. It’s also a very polished and refined Qix clone, and we honestly don’t get too many of them around these days – it’s a derivative subgenre that seemed to die out in the late 90s when a bunch of strange knockoffs figured that adding porn to the mix would help it sell. Fortix 2 contains no porn, only dragons. Although I guess they are naked, if that’s your sort of thing. I ain’t judging.

Aztaka continues the ‘themeless’ theme by being a side-scrolling Mesoamerican themed platform action RPG. The art is great on this one, no question, although common complaints levelled at it are that the animation is occasionally awkward and the gameplay as a whole gets bogged down too much in RPG tropes and doesn’t really leverage the action/platform parts of the design. Still, it would be silly not to at least try it and judge for yourself if you do grab this bundle.

Fourth, and unquestionably weirdest, is Dark Scavenger. A surreal narrative RPG, reviewed here a while back. The closest possible point of reference would be the obscure DOS RPG Superhero League of Hoboken – a game where everything has a use, even if it’s not obvious or sane, and there’s plenty of offbeat, humorous text to wade through, even in combat. Playing as an alien ne’er-do-well, your goal is to explore a strange planet in search of the gear needed to get back into space. Released quite recently, it’s a surprise to see it in a bundle so quickly.

Fifth in the lineup is Demise: Ascension. Rumored to be in Indiefort 1, but sadly not featured in the first outing, Demise is a labor of love. A Wizardry-style dungeon crawl RPG (with online support) that has been retrofitted, remixed, upgraded and expanded fairly consistently since the 90s. Understandably weak in graphics (it’s unashamedly a 90s game, but upgraded), but enormous in depth. There’s a genuinely complex 3D dungeon world here, and deep character growth, with elements like ageing and physical exhaustion playing into the mix.

They’ve saved the best for last, though. Contra/Abuse mashup Intrusion 2 has officially launched today, and (for the moment) exclusively via this bundle. We previewed it not long ago, and found it to be a generally great and impressively polished bit of platform shootery. There’s strong elements of Metal Slug, Abuse and Contra in here, plus a few new ideas and some absolutely fantastic boss design. Personally, I reckon that $6 is a good price for this one game alone. The fact that you get another five is just icing on the cake.

Interestingly, many of the games in this bundle are one-man projects, which makes every sale go a little bit further to the developers. It’ll be interesting to see whether this bundle moves enough copies to keep the developers chugging for a while longer. The discounts on show are an interesting mix, too. Normally, Demise sells at full retail price – clearly aimed high for a very specific niche audience – and it’ll be particularly interesting to see whether this opens it up to a wider audience. So, what are you waiting for? If nothing else, Intrusion 2 is worth the asking price. It might not have the budget of Konami’s latest Contra outing, but it has the soul.


‘Indie Royale Spring Bundle’ Is Alive and Well

Spring is coming for Northern Hemisphere dwellers, and the Indie Royale folks know just how to mark the occasion – with a new bundle, of course.

Coming just two weeks after the somewhat untimely April Fools Bundle, the Indie Royale Spring Bundle brings us six more games at a pay-what-you-like rate. Here’s what’s up for grabs this time round:

. Unstoppable Gorg (Futuremark) OUR REVIEW

. Depths of Peril (Soldak)

. Tobe’s Vertical Adventure (Secret Base) OUR REVIEW

. Inferno+ (RadianGames) OUR REVIEW

. Slydris (RadianGames) OUR REVIEW

. Ballistic (RadianGames) OUR REVIEW

Unstoppable Gorg, Depths of Peril and Tobe’s Vertical Adventure will all be redeemable through Steam, and you might recognise the three RadianGames products as components of the Quadtastic Launch Collection. Either way, you’ve got your almost obligatory tower defense game, an RPG, a 2D-platformer, two twin-stick shooters and a block-based puzzle game, all for the minimum price of £2.61 (subject to change as the average donation rises or falls).

Donors of more than $5 will also receive Danimal Cannon’s ‘Root’ album in digital form. It’s described as “one of the most acclaimed chiptune releases of 2011,” which sounds more than just a little bit smooth. If you’re interested in making a purchase, go to the official Indie Royale site before the closing date of 25th April.


It’s Getting Steamy In Here: ‘From Holland With Love Pack’

From Holland With Love Pack

Not to be beaten, Steam is hosting another gift wrapped indie deal this week in which all of the games helm from Holland. It’s another bargain and the chances of you not already having these games are a little higher.

So just on the back of reporting on the Indie Adventure Bundle, we then found out almost immediately after that Steam have another bundle or pack (or whatever you want to call it) that is worth looking into at least. Named the From Holland With Love Pack, this contains seven indie games all from Holland obviously and all quite different from each other. This will set you back just £7.99 rather than the £30.44 usual price. Bargain? Yes indeed.

So here’s what you can get for your money:

As with the previous Midweek Madness deal, the From Holland With Love Pack will expire at 4pm Pacific Time on Thursday 12th of April, so you better hurry up and chuck your money at the screen! Remember – if you already have some of the games then give them to a friend in order to share the indie game love.

More information on the From Holland With Love Pack can be found over on the official Steam page.


Indie Royale’s ‘April Fools Bundle’ Is Now Live

Indie Royale April Fools Bundle

The pre-order stage is over and now Indie Royale‘s April Fools Bundle is on sale, but what games are contained within this time?

For the next six days and counting, you can pick up five indie games from Indie Royale’s April Fools Bundle at a very cheap price. As always, the minimum price of this bundle fluctuates according to how much people are paying for it – go over the minimum and you’ll drop the price for everyone else and vice versa. If you do go over the minimum you’ll receive some bonuses as well though!

Let’s have a look at what’s up for grabs in this latest iteration of the bundle then:

As previously stated, go over the minimum price and you’ll also receive Sexy Synthesizer’s “Japanese ’80s-style chip album” Rock: Deluxe Edition. Those who pre-ordered the bundle will also receive this bonus automatically.

Go grab your April Fools Bundle over on the official Indie Royale website.


‘ORION: Dino Beatdown’ Priced And Dated With New Trailer

ORION: Dino Beatdown

Spiral Game Studios have announced the release date, pricing and delivered a brand new trailer for their co-op dinosaur survival shooter, ORION: Dino Beatdown.

T-Rex’s have always been known as a formidable opponent in games, that’s just the rules. Luckily, in ORION: Dino Beatdown you can bring four mates with you into your battle against the prehistoric beasts. Dino Beatdown is a game that anyone who grew up with Jurassic Park will adore, just because there’s dinosaurs and that rules. Plus, those are some gorgeous looking dinosaurs!

Dino Beatdown is a co-op, class-based, first person shooter set inside an open world that supports up to five players. As you embark against the dinos, you’ll earn experience which can be spent on a number of upgrades to help you out in future tussles. We’re speaking jetpacks, medic guns and cloaking devices here. You’ll also have a nasty arsenal of weapons and vehicles (tanks!) to help you out as well.

Spiral have now announced that Dino Beatdown will be coming to PC via Steam and Onlive for $9.99 on April 20th 2012. (Pumps shotgun) Lock and load!

More information on ORION: Dino Beatdown can be found over on the developer’s official website.


‘Jolly Rover’ Developers Reveal More Details About ‘MacGuffin’s Curse’

“Swiping the Lupine Twine Amulet was supposed to be an easy heist. But when I accidentally put it on, I ended up with incredible strength and the worst body hair problem I’ve ever had.”

Brawsome and Green Stripe Snake, the two developers behind the lighthearted, point-and-click adventure, Jolly Rover, comes a “werewolf comedy puzzle adventure”. MacGuffin’s Curse is a puzzle game with “the logical challenges of the classic top-down Zelda games with the quick-witted dialogue and sidequests of a vintage point-and-click adventure”.

The player is Lucas McGuffin, a thief and werewolf. He finds himself in a high-tech lockdown and must find a way to escape and lift the curse. In order to solve these puzzles, players will have to utilize and master the two forms.

Since our last post on MacGuffin’s Curse, we’ve learned a bit more about the gameplay of the game. “MacGuffin’s Curse uses a unique puzzle mechanic which is similar to the classic puzzle ‘sokoban‘.” From what we’ve seen thus far, it seems that the skills that trade off between characters most likely alternate between traversing the environment and pushing objects around it.

A hint system similar to the parrot from Jolly Rover is also present in the form of P.I. Strump. What I really liked about Jolly Rover was that the hint system was accessed by giving crackers to the parrot. That way it kept me from relying on the hint system and using it only when I really needed it, keeping me from getting stuck in the plot. I’m sure Brawsome will have another clever way to work the hints.

MacGuffin’s Curse is currently being developed for Mac, PC and iPad, and will be released on April 19th. You can look forward to our review in the near future. To learn more, check out the MacGuffin’s Curse website or follow


Indie Royale’s ‘St. Patrick’s Day Bundle’ Is Live

St. Patrick's Day Bundle

As we half expected, Indie Royale have just released the St. Patrick’s Day Bundle which includes four games and as a bonus, two extra games and soundtrack.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Indie Royale present six games and a soundtrack as a bonus, all for a very cheap price if you want – or more if you’re feeling generous which will knock the minimum price down for others too.

Most titles are available for both Windows and Mac, as well as on Steam or Desura. There’s a couple of exclusives bunged in there too – DLC Quest and Lair of the Doer make their PC debut, while Vertex Vortex Remix Cortex is an exclusive release and is “a new puzzle re-imagining of Vertex Dispenser using just simple mouse controls”.

Here’s the lineup:

Those who pre-ordered the bundle or who pay over the maximum will also receive the NES-inspired 15-tracK OST from Daniel Capo, available in FLAC and MP3 file formats.

There are going to be more bonuses on the way too, so make sure to watch out for them as they come along and get your downloads on the go.

You can find out more information on the St. Patrick’s Day Bundle over on the official Indie Royale website.