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Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology announced for DSiWare

gravitationSo continues the slow drift of indie games to the mainstream download channels. Following the high-profile Wii ports of indie heavyweights such as Cave Story and La Mulana (and indeed the announcement of Diamond Trust of London for DS, several of Jason Rohrer’s early opuses will soon be bundled for play on the Nintendo DSi.

The Latin America based Sabarasa is publishing an anthology of 2007′s influential-yet-controversial Passage, forced-cooperation game Between, and Passage semi-follow-up Gravitation, the latter two both from 2008. Available separately will be Primrose, his iPhone puzzle game from last year.

To editorialize a bit, anthology releases like this, rather like a collection of short stories or short subject films, may soon be an important consumer model for showcasing unusual design concepts. Witness the success of Valve’s Portal, a critical darling (itself based on an indie game project) that many would have overlooked if not for its inclusion in Valve’s Orange Box. With the strict pricing models and content expectations of the commercial market, it’s hard for a small, original title to hold its own. But arrange several games around a theme, or an individual voice such as Jason Rohrer, and you’ve got the basics of an intriguing package.

Sabarasa has yet to confirm a release date; for now the Anthology is simply listed as “upcoming”.