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Musical Shooter ‘Symphony’ Releasing Today

An interesting launch today – Empty Clip Studios’ brightly coloured musical shooter Symphony is currently rolling out on the major digital distributors, and even a few minor ones. Currently available on and Playism, it’ll be landing on Steam in a few hours as well. Word from those who’ve got their grubby mitts on review copies (people who aren’t me) has been positive, mentioning that the music/gameplay interaction is impressively strong. Here’s a gameplay trailer:

Shiny! I especially like the look of heavy weapons firing on the bassline – it’s both tactical depth and immersion in one. We’ll be trying to pin down a review copy of this one soon and seeing how it ranks against it’s musical action peers, such as Beat Hazard and the grand old king o’ the roost Audiosurf. The initial public reaction seems favourable though, which bodes well.

Symphony is for Windows PCs and is priced at $10 or your regional equivalent. The game is available to buy now or soon from GOG, Playism, Steam (where you can still get a 20% pre-order discount) and probably a few others. In addition to having it’s own built-in library of music, the game supports imports of your own music in just about every audio format known to man, including less common audiophile formats such as OGG and FLAC. Handy, if you’ve got as messy a music collection as mine!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Musical Shooter ‘Symphony’ Releasing Today


‘Resonance’ Demo Now Universally Available


It’s almost here, but that’s no reason to exercise a strict régime of patience. I speak, of course, of Resonance, XII Games’ imminent point-and-click sensation, whose free demo version has now been made available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Having previously only been playable exclusively through GOG’s exclusive four-hour preview version for pre-purchasers, Resonance can now be sampled by any would-be customers by clicking the all-too-obvious “Download Demo” link on Wadjet Eye Games’ official website. If you also need help connecting your mouse or locating the space bar on your keyboard, consult a technician. And so ends basic technical training for today.


GOG.Com Sign ‘Tiny & Big in Grandpa’s Leftovers’, Due June 19th

After the respectable successes of Legend of Grimrock and Botanicula, the recently indiefied and de-acryonymed has signed yet another up-and-coming studio and their first big release. This time, it’s Black Pants Games, and their upcoming third-person action/physics/puzzle game Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers. The game is available to preorder for $9 (a dollar off the usual price), and will be released in typically GOG-style DRM-free form on June 19th.

The core elements of Tiny & Big, as shown in the preview trailer below, are that you’re armed with three tools: An enormously powerful cutting laser, a pile of rope and bunch of rockets. You use the laser to slice the environment into blocks, wedges and other more managable pieces, and use the rope/rockets to hook, pull, push, drag or otherwise dispose of these pieces so that you can continue your quest to recover a pair of grimy Y-front underoos which are said to embue their wearer with terrifying cosmic powers. So, just another Wednesday, then.

There’s also some very silly onomatopoeia, as you can see. I’m not entirely sure what a ‘SMURTLE’ sounds like, but I’m sure it would be very impressive if I heard it. T&B: Grandpa’s Leftovers is set to be the first episode in a planned series of adventures for these unusual characters and their impressively laser-vulnerable world, but you can download and play the prototype ‘Episode 0′, ‘Tiny & Big in Up That Mountain’ from the developer’s site if you want a better idea of what the upcoming adventure will entail. Keep an eye on this info-stream for a possible review, assuming we can weasel some playable code out of the developers.


‘Blackwell Bundle’ Appears On GOG, All Four Episodes For Cheap

The Blackwell Bundle

The ghostly point and click adventures of the Blackwell series has just appeared on GOG as an entire bundle. How about that? Oh, there’s already a Blackwell Bundle on the Wadjet Eye Games website you say? Ah, but this one is better value for your money dear grumble goose.

If you haven’t already got the Blackwell series then that’s a crime in indie game world, but we’ll let you off as you can now pick the whole four part series up on This your last chance though, otherwise we’ll send the The Countess after you. That’s not a good thing by the way.

The Blackwell series has been appraised just about everywhere for its quality voice acting, intriguing plots (which get better with each episode), point and click puzzles and engaging characters. Yep, we have nothing but gushing praise for the series and as adventure games are making quite the comeback at the moment, we suspect the increased amount of the inquisitive may have the same reaction.

As mentioned, the Blackwell series has been available in bundle form before now, but this new one includes all four episodes rather than just three, and it’s $5 cheaper. Go figure! Bit of a bargain though so go grab it.

You can find out more information on the Blackwell Bundle over on the official GOG page.


Getting Down With The Kids: On Embracing Indie Games


If digital distribution can be likened to the gunslinging days of the Old West, then Steam is undoubtedly the sheriff in town. Sure, some may disagree with some of its principles, and others may find its policies a little heavy-handed at times, but they all respect it as the voice of reason in a hive of ne’er-do-wells and hoodlums.

Recently, though, a challenge has begun to pose itself in the face of Valve’s once undisputed position of authority. After several years of tentative baby steps, the men and women at, champions of DRM-free digital gaming goodness, are now ready to forge their own identity in the expanding world of digital distribution.

And what, pray tell, is set to be a major step along the way? Indie games, of course.

Just prior to GOG’s first foray into the indie games market, I was blessed with the opportunity to the company’s PR and Marketing Manager, Michal Dys.
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Check out for a large selection of older games and now new games too – the indie game section is a growing one, and can be viewed here.


‘SpaceChem’ Now Available On GOG With Free DLC


Critically acclaimed puzzle game from Zachtronics Industries (or Zach Barth for the more personal touch), SpaceChem, is now available to purchase on GOG and with the 63 Corvi DLC thrown in for the same price.

One of the best games of last year was most certainly SpaceChem from the wonderful Zachtronics Industries – who also created Infiniminer and thus birthed the idea of Minecraft. It’s a great game but it is also a tough one so you should have your brains ready for pounding – it is fun though, we promise. Though lines like this may make some people shy away: “combines the logic of computer programming with the scientific domain of chemistry, set in an original science fiction universe”.

If you are a bit of a connoisseur of the puzzle game and you haven’t given this one a bash, then we challenge you to get through it – yes “challenge”. If you buy it from GOG for the asking price then the good news is that you’ll get the 63 Corvi DLC for free along with it, just in case your brain hasn’t fully melted.

You should buy the game to support the developer if for nothing else, we spoke to Zach a few months ago and found him to be one of the most genuine people we’ve spoken to.

You can find out more information on Spacechem over on the game’s official website.


Amanita Apologize For ‘Botanicula’ Pre-Orders With Bonus Bundle


Some people weren’t happy with having pre-ordered Amanita Design’s latest game, Botanicula, for full price to then find out it was released as a pay-what-you-want deal on the day of release as part of The Humble Botanicula Debut. To make up for it, Amanita are issuing a Bonus Bundle for their pre-order customers which contains some free goodies.

Botanicula was released yesterday on a number of online retailers, two of which offered pre-orders to people a couple of weeks in advance. Those who did pre-order received their copy of Botanicula for $9 but with the launch of The Humble Botanicula Debut yesterday, those who didn’t pre-order could get the game at a much cheaper price. In fact, those who do buy into The Humble Botanicula Debut are able to get Botanicula and two other Amanita games at a $1 minimum or for $5 they can get Steam keys and another game plus a short film.

Due to this, a number of people were upset about the deal – having put their money forward before the game’s arrival when they could have waited it out and got the game at a cheaper price and with other games attached too. That’s not to say they didn’t get anything else alongside their copy of Botanicula, well, those who pre-ordered on GamersGate didn’t but those who did through received a soundtrack demo, photos, wallpapers and various artworks and sketches. Of course, they also got the game with a pre-order discount rather than paying the full price.

However, there’s no denying that those who pre-ordered got less and for a higher cost. As such, Amanita are aiming to make up for it by releasing a Bonus Bundle today for those who pre-ordered. This will contain the following:

  • Machinarium
  • Full Botanicula Soundtrack
  • Exclusive Botanicula art book

In a blog post on their website, Amanita explained the reason for the situation:

“We haven’t [had] much time to take care about business and logistics in [the] last few weeks because we were hard at work on the game fixing hundreads of bugs etc. so we made a mistake and let GOG and GG make pre-orders. We simply didn’t think about it and about the consequences, sorry for that.”

The slight upsetting part of the whole deal is that it has soured the game’s release ever so slightly so hopefully those who have been upset because they made a pre-order will find this apology adequate. The line from Amanita that kind of hurts to read is the following one:

“I hope it’s not that terrible deal for $9 you paid to support us so we can continue making independent games, we are very grateful for that!”

Of course, it wasn’t that those who pre-ordered were given a terrible deal – Botanicula at $9 with all of the delight it offers and with some extras (if bought from GOG) is a good deal in fact. The problem was that the pre-order actually backfired on those who took up on it rather than rewarding them as a pre-order should do (not all the time though of course).

More information on Botanicula can be found on the game’s official website.

Via Amanita Design


GOG Host Exclusive DRM-Free Pre-Order Of ‘Botanicula’


GOG are beating the other digital distributors to the punch with their exclusive pre-order of Botanicula, oh and let’s not forget it’s DRM-free and comes with extra goodies.

We know you are all waiting for Botanicula to come out on Steam because that’s the ‘in’ thing to do. However, we would remind you that you could also grab it over on GOG right now – well, you won’t get the game right now – and you get more bang for you buck too. Look, we’re not taking sides or anything, but all Steam has going for it is the social side of it when compared to GOG, right? Oh and probably some achievements…wow. So why are we barking up the GOG tree? Let’s weigh up the pros.

You can pre-order Botanicula over on GOG now for just $8.99, which is $1 off the full price. Of course, to fit in with the GOG policy, this is a DRM-free version of the game and it also comes with 19 wallpapers, a soundtrack demo, 35 avatars, 22 artworks, 12 character cards, 3 author photos and 24 design sketches. So you see, you get all of that for what will probably a slightly lower price than it will be on Steam. Just saying.

No matter where you purchase Botanicula, we hope it’s going to live up to your expectations when it is released on April 19th! How about you purchase it from the developer themselves? Now there’s a thing.

More information on Botanicula can be found on the game’s official website.


Now On GOG: ‘Machinarium: Collector’s Edition’ & ‘The Whispered World’

The Whispered World

Now that has relaunched and is selling newer titles, we’re seeing a few classic indie titles being released with extra goodies and completely DRM-free of course.

We’re so happy that GOG is now stocking indie games and giving them the royal treatment. Treasure Adventure Game is on there for free with plenty of exclusives and you can pre-order the highly anticipated Legend of Grimrock through the distributor too. Of course, this was only the very start of what should be a healthy relationship and proving that is the release of two classic point and click adventure titles on GOG.

Amanita Design’s wonderful robot adventure title has been given the GOG treatment first and foremost, now being realised with the Machinarium: Collector’s Edition . This award-winning point and click adventure follows the journey of a robot named Josef, who was kicked out of the mechanical city and his girlfriend stolen. You’ll need to solve many puzzles on your way abck into the city and meet a whole cast of interesting characters. We scored Machinarium pretty highly in our review as can be read here.

This Machinarium: Collector’s Edition is available for $9.99 and comes with obviously a copy of the game as well as 8 wallpapers, the soundtrack, 8 avatars, 22 artworks and 114 design sketches. Grab it right here.

The other classic indie point and click adventure now available on GOG is The Whispered World. This lesser known title actually won the ‘German Game of the Year’ award upon its release and similar to Machinarium features a plush, fairy tale visual style. In this title, you follow the plight of boy-clown Sadwick and his caterpillar friend Spot, the former of which is stuck in the circus but is told through a dream that the world will end and it’s his fault. Sadwick, looking for adventure, decides that he won’t let the world end on his account and sets off to do something about it.

The GOG version of The Whispered World comes with 3 wallpapers, the soundtrack, a making of video, 26 avatars and 74 artworks and is available right here for $14.99.

To see the rest of the indie game lineup you should head on over the category page, just click here for your convenience.


‘Legend Of Grimrock’ Now Taking Pre-Orders With 20% Discount

Legend Of  Grimrock

Hugely anticipated dungeon crawler, Legend of Grimrock, is now available for pre-order and the release date and other release information has been revealed.

It was only a few days that Almost Human announced that Legend of Grimrock had gone gold and now here we are with all of the release information about the game you may ever need. For the uninitiated, Legend of Grimrock is an old-school dungeon crawler with plenty of modern incarnations to ensure the balance is just right. You’ll play as a group of four prisoners trying to escape their sentence by working their way through the dangerous dungeons and tombs of Mount Grimrock.

The release date of Legend of Grimrock is April 11th for PC and you’ll be able to purchase it from, Steam and from the developers themselves.

You can pre-order the game right now though and grab yourself a 20% discount at $11.99 rather than the launch price of $14.99. You can only pre-rder from or the developers though, the latter of which will grant you a Steam key. Pre-order folk will also get:

- A beautifully crafted game manual
- Legend of Grimrock world map
- Custom made grid paper to print out for all your mapping needs
- Grimrock theme music
- Wallpapers
- Art sheets illustrating foul creatures of Mount Grimrock
- Team photo

To celebrate this rather exciting news, there is a new pre-order trailer to get you pumped!

You can find out more information on Legend of Grimrock over on the official website.