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Stylish Shoot-’em-up ‘Skies’ Out Now On Desura

Indie studio Cuve Games have recently released Skies, exclusively via Desura. The shoot-’em-up title is the first release by the two-man French team, and boasts more than your average shooter; it includes an adventurous storyline, a trading system, ship upgrades, and some element of crew recruitment. Besides this, it is also very easy on the eye, as you can see for yourself in the trailer below.


Indie Intermission – ‘House Of Dead Ninjas’ A New Style Of Kung Fu Fighting

house of the dead ninjas

To round off the week I have found an older game but a highly fun one nonetheless. House Of The Dead Ninjas was developed by Megadev in association with Adultswim and has since been created into a fully fledged game available on Steam.

House Of The Dead Ninjas puts you at the top of this infinitely large randomly generated tower forcing you to run, jump, stab, and bomb your way to victory.

The game is hard as nails and with the constant constraint of the timer ticking down you must descend quickly to prevent the clock from running out. Of course as you move down the tower the enemies become increasingly more difficult making for a highly challenging platforming game.

Along with the highly addictive gameplay House Of The Dead Ninjas has some great sound assets, along with a fantastic retro style that suits the game perfectly.

house of the dead ninjas ss02

Average play time – 10 minutes

House Of The Dead Ninjas is a whole lot of fun and if you have managed to miss this game like myself you should definitely give it a go.

Be sure to play House Of Dead Ninjas online for free now. If you enjoy the game check out Megadev’s site for a list of their other games.

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Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission – ‘House Of Dead Ninjas’ A New Style Of Kung Fu Fighting


‘Race The Sun’ Beta Brings New Asynchronous Relay Multiplayer Action

Race The Sun SS01

Just last week Flippfly the creates of the upcoming futuristic racer Race The Sun finally announced their plans for implementing a new and creative asynchronous multiplayer feature into their game.

Race The Sun is a new type of racer that takes influence from such games as Wipeout in creating this futuristic racer all about speed. Race The Sun however differs as you are more focuses on getting your vehicle as far as you can in the time limit.

Flippfly have not taken the conventional route at all with this racer and it continues to show even greater diversity in the new asynchronous relay multiplayer they just implemented. Flippfly felt that standard ghost races or straight up head-to-head gameplay would be a little lacking and of course nothing too innovative so they went to the drawing board and came back with this novel idea.

The relay begins after a player finishes a single player game (i.e. dies), they are then able to share their race to start a relay. Flippfly have attempted to make the sharing as ubiquitous as they could across the many different different platforms the game will be available on so they opted for a hyperlink system.

The use of a hyperlink is great as it means you can share this with anyone who has access to a browsers and it will not be tied to any particular system, meaning you for once don’t have to hate your one Mac using friend.

Once a friend accepts your relay the real challenge begins as you must work as a team (ranging from 2-4 players) to clear all four stages. Each stage gets increasingly more difficult by increasing the speed and number of obstacles that you must overcome. Once your team finishes the race your combine score is submitted to a team leaderboard allowing you to compete asynchronously.

Although Flippfly are billing this new addition as an experiment I have high hopes for this rather awesome idea of implementing a rather different multiplayer experience for games to jump into.

Race The Sun is currently in beta and can be purchased from the official site for only $10. Be sure to check out the site and consider supporting Flippfly on their development of the game. If you would love to see Race The Sun on Steam vote on the Greenlight.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Race The Sun’ Beta Brings New Asynchronous Relay Multiplayer Action


Indie Intermission ‘Alphaland’ A Glitch In The System


Today I bring you a somewhat brilliant game that implements some great ideas into a rather interesting, minimalistic framework. Alphaland is the game and it has been created by Terry Cavanagh and Jona Skyratzes, two very talented developers and although Alphaland is over two years old it still contains some brilliant ideas.

Alphaland is an action adventure platformer that throws you into this unfinished world, a world full of holes… literally. You start out in some basic maze game and before you can make it to the end you find out this game does in fact have some serious bugs and so you are transported via the magic of glitches to this whole other world.

The world has been created fantastically to highlight the supposedly unfinished nature of the game with holes all over the place and even lines of code scattered about the level.

AlphaLand ss03

Average play time – less than an hour

Alphaland is a game that embraces the glitch and actually turns it into a gameplay mechanic that just works. If you are a fan of platformers then you can’t go wrong with this awesome little game.

Play Alphaland now on Newgrounds.

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Indie Links Round-Up: Aesthetically Pleasing


Today’s round-up includes Interactive Fiction awards, Guacamelee sales news and the current state of the PS Vita.

As Vita languishes, why is Sony still gunning for indies? (Gamasutra)
“Gamasutra’s UK editor Mike Rose ponders the larger role of his beloved PlayStation Vita in this opinion piece.”

This Game Looks Quiet, Beautiful, And Absolutely Fascinating (Kotaku)
“This is The Novelist, an upcoming indie game by veteran designer Kent Hudson. It looks kind of amazing.”

Monaco developers wanted to add competitive Cops and Robbers, Thief vs. Thief modes (Polygon)
“The developers of Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine wanted to include two competitive multiplayer modes in the game but cut them because of issues with balance and quality, said creator Andy Schatz in a Reddit AMA.”

Guacamelee dominates April’s PSN charts in US and Europe (Joystiq)
“Sony reports that DrinkBox Studios’ side-scrolling luchador brawler Guacamelee emerged as last month’s biggest seller on the PlayStation Network, topping the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita sales charts in North America and Europe.”

The Monastery (Indie Gamer Chick)
“Yea, I know. The game is called “the monastery” in one of those strange cases where capitalization is denied. There’s irony in that, because the developers didn’t capitalize on solid 3D graphics to create something worth playing.”

Steve Gaynor On The Weirdness Of Gone Home (RPS)
“There’s a weird tension to Gone Home. On the one hand it should be the most normal thing in the world: an American household. On the other, well, it’s unusual for games to try and tell stories about everyday lives. But that’s precisely what it does, and that’s just part of what makes it so beautifully weird. I met Fullbright’s project lead, Steve Gaynor, and talked about that. This is how we got on.”

Live Free, Play Hard: Princess + Bomb = Cake (RPS)
“Princess + bomb = cake. Wasteland baseball brutality. Endangered hypertext preserve.”

IF News: The XYZZY Awards (and context) (
“The voting is over, the champagne corks have been swept out of the auditorium. (It’s a MUD auditorium, sweeping is quick.) The winners of the IF community’s annual awards for best interactive fiction of 2012…”

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Links Round-Up: Aesthetically Pleasing


Indie Intermission – ‘Orbfuscated’ Have You Got The Balls For This?

Orbfuscated  ss02

Today I was looking through some developer’s sites, only to stumble across one game that was rather great. Created for the last Ludum Dare Orbfuscated by Robert Shenton and a friend, I still don’t know how this one got by me.

Orbfuscated is a very interesting puzzle platformer  in which you take control of a rather ominous trench-coat wearing man who has a very peculiar weapon that allows  him to reveal these invisible platforms.

As the levels consist of mostly invisible platforms this trait is a pretty good one to have in this game, and of courses it makes things possible. Using this weapon you must fire the balls around the level to reveal the numerous platforms that will inevitably allow you to complete the level.

It’s a very interesting idea and does work very well as a puzzle platformer offering some very creative and fun puzzles to over come.

Orbfuscated  ss03

Average play time – 20 minutes

Orbfuscated is a very interesting game that offers a suitable challenge along with a very fun experience. The concept works very well in this environment and I do like the idea of limiting the number of balls you can use in a single reload, however I do feel two may be a little stringent.

Play Orbfuscated online now.

Be sure to check out Robert Shenton’s site to find more great games from him.

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Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission – ‘Orbfuscated’ Have You Got The Balls For This?


Mojang’s ‘Scrolls’ Now In Open Beta, Pre-Orders Grant Instant Access


Earlier today, Markus Persson, perhaps better known on the internet by his pseudonym “Notch”, simply tweeted the URL to Mojang’s next title, Scrolls. When the linked page loaded, the curious were greeted with a much more exciting message: “We’ve hit open beta! Scrolls is now on-sale!” And the Scrolls store has been bogged down ever since.

Announced in 2011, Scrolls is a digital collectable card game where players battle in a fantasy world, attempting to destroy their opponent’s idols. Lose three idols, and it is game over. Players collect resources in order to play other creature/spell/structure/enchantment cards and put them out on the battlefield. As Mojang continues to develop Scrolls, they promise to continually add in new “scrolls” (cards) for players to get their hands on. A built-in deck builder allows players to strategically construct a deck, based on what cards they own.

As of earlier today, Mojang has opened pre-orders for Scrolls at $20/£13/€15 respectively. Pre-ordering Scrolls grants instant access to the current beta build.

“It’s not feature complete,” Mojang comments in a related announcement, “but there’s still plenty to get your teeth into. Buy it at this discounted price and you’ll get future updates for free. It’s like that other game, the one with Creepers.”

The beta includes access to the game’s store, the twenty-five “trials” (challenge levels) currently available, the multiplayer trading community, the ability to participate in quick matches, challenge matches, and ranked matches, and finally players will be able to setup their personal profile. Players can immediately start earning gold to use in the Scrolls store (Mojang has made it clear that everything in the store can be bought with the earned in-game currency: gold) to unlock additional cards to construct new decks, or improve upon existing decks.

“You can access all our content and play Scrolls competitively without using our secondary currency – shards. They’re completely optional,” explained Mojang in store-specific update post from today. The post goes on to explain the various ways to attain scrolls, from weekly personal specials to expensive pre-constructed decks to randomly generated packs, there are plenty of options for players to spend their gold (or shards) on.

The beta for Scrolls is now available for PC and Mac through the official Scrolls webstore.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Mojang’s ‘Scrolls’ Now In Open Beta, Pre-Orders Grant Instant Access


Interview With Simian Squared About ‘The Other Brothers’


Just the other week I was lucky enough to be able to interview Simian Squared  about their latest release The Other Brothers. The game has seen many ups and downs over its development cycle and the change in direction to publish initially on the iOS has been an interesting one.

The Other Brothers is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that has been created in a great retro style, really paying homage to the classic platformers of yesteryear. It’s great to finally see the game released as I find out a little more about the game and the people behind the game.

IGM: What gave you the inspiration to create a retro platformer?
Bjorn: We love platformers, it felt natural to create one and we felt we could bring something new to it.
IGM: Where did the idea for The Other Brothers come from?
Thomas: Many a late night with Bjorn on Skype lead to a crazy cast of characters and a little universe that simply couldn’t NOT be made!
IGM: Why do you feel The Other Brothers is suited so well to the iOS platform?
Rob: The answer is, it’s not. In fact, The Other Brothers is ENTIRELY designed for console and desktop markets. To fit all this into a mobile phone took a considerable engineering effort.
IGM: What do you feel The Other Brothers Will bring to the iOS platform?
Giuseppe: The vast majority of retro-styled platformers on iOS are direct translations of games from that era, you’re getting repetitive tiles and the same old “feel” with the gameplay.
With TOB, we’ve taken an aesthetic we love, evolved it and combined it with modern ideas to create an experience for today’s gamer – this isn’t retro. You’ve got nuanced movement, modern physics & interaction here combined with aggressive AI in exploitative, expansive levels. If that sounds like your cup of tea, give TOB a play!
IGM: How much of a setback was the initial failure to reach the Kickstarter funding goal, And how did it change your plans?
Giuseppe: Whilst we didn’t reach our goal, it was a fantastic chance to connect with fans and in turn they were able to help shape the game. Meeting the goal was sorely needed and definitely set us back but the campaign was definitely a positive thing regardless.
IGM: How supportive have the community been of the game?
Rob: The community have been incredibly supportive and appreciative, we’ve spent time getting to know them on forums and the overwhelming response is positive.
IGM: What was your decision to initially release the game on the iOS platform?
Thomas: It allows us to go with an episodic approach where we can take the time to really craft a quality title, and that allows fans to get involved as the game evolves and grows.
IGM: How does the game now in its complete form differ from your initial ideas for the game?
Bjorn: The game has certainly evolved from the original concept; initially it was rather linear but over the course of development the team have explored a number of avenues and I think we found the sweet spot.
IGM: Is there any plans to release The Other Brothers on Android overall or just the OUYA?
Thomas: We’re looking at the options at the moment and there are definitely a couple of great Android platforms we like the look of.
IGM: Can we expect the PC and OUYA versions to offer additional content over the iOS?
Giuseppe: We want to take advantage of the unique features that come with these platforms and definitely have a couple of things lined up to do so!
The other brothers level 8
The Other Brothers is currently available on iOS for $2.59. Find out more about the game on the official The Other Brothers site.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Interview With Simian Squared About ‘The Other Brothers’


‘Gunpoint’ Demo Released, Pre-Orders Open, Arriving June 3rd


Earlier this morning, Tom Francis, PC Gamer editor and game developer, and the rest of the Suspicious Developments, team proudly revealed the release date for their tactical stealth shooter, Gunpoint. After much teasing, Francis revealed that Gunpoint will launch on June 3rd, and immediately opened pre-orders through the game’s official website.

“I’ve been working on Gunpoint for three years,” Francis explains in the announcement, “and it could be a turning point in my life. If it does well enough, I will quit my job to become a full time game developer. I could make more games like this, hopefully better and more quickly.”

Gunpoint comes in three different packages: the standard edition, the special edition, and the exclusive edition. The standard edition comes with a DRM-free copy of Gunpoint and a Steam key for the game. The special edition contains the standard edition and the soundtrack, and optional developer’s commentary provided by Gunpoint’s designer, artist, and musician. The exclusive edition contains the special edition as well as a 40-minute “Making Of” documentary, a prototype pack, four additional musical tracks, and Beta access to future Suspicious Developments games.

Currently, Gunpoint is for Windows only, but the team is not ruling out expanding to other operating systems in the future. A level editor comes with the game, allowing players to easily create and share their creations.

Visit the official website to read the full announcement and purchase a copy of Gunpoint.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Gunpoint’ Demo Released, Pre-Orders Open, Arriving June 3rd


IGM Let’s Try- ‘Anomaly 2′

Anomaly 2 is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Anomaly: Warzone Earth. Maintaining the core elements of the original, Anomaly 2 adds new features to the single-player campaign and puts player’s skills to a test in a completely unique experience: the tower defense vs. tower offense multiplayer mode!

Anomaly 2

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