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New Hawken Trailer Teases a Bit of Story

Adhesive Games’ Hawken is probably one of the most ambitious and jaw droppingly gorgeous indie projects to ever surface, and despite the title making some waves n Hollywood, we’re still calling this one for the indie developers out there seeing as how Adhesive Games is funding this one entirely on their own.

Up until this point we’ve pretty much only seen the game as it was in a combat, multiplayer scenario leading many to believe that, perhaps, this game was going to be a multiplayer-only game. Well, I”m happy to report that Adhesive Games is taking the game in a new direction with the new trailer below.

While there isn’t as much action as some of the original trailers, this new one provides a hint that there will be more to the game that just blowing up your friends with some awesomely realistic mechs, it seems, as with most dystopian future stories, Hawken will be focused around the larger story surrounding a lack of resources.

Check it out below.




Flying M Games’ Young Gunner: Jordan Michalski [Interview]

This modeled zombie face that only a mother could love is one of the many creations of Flying M Games’ founder: Jordan Michalski. As promised earlier this week, I am presenting an interview with this fifteen year-old with a vision.

Throughout the interview, I’ve scatted a couple never-before-seen images Jordan provided of in-game footage to his latest creation: Surreal System.

Tell me a little about yourself. What’s your computer background?

Hello! My name is Jordan Michalski and I am a 15 year old game designer and founder of Flying M Games. I have been 3d modeling and animating for six years and programming for two. Being 15, many people look at me like I’m too young to be doing what I am, but I believe that it is not age that matters, but the determination and work I have put into the game that does. “Surreal System” is the first “serious” game project I have worked on and I hope it is, in the end, as much fun to play as it is to develop!

Where are you located and what are you hoping to accomplish with this project?

Flying M Games is located in the United States, however, we do have people as far as Poland helping on it as well!
We hope to create a game that is so compelling and interesting that the person playing it forgets they are doing so.
We want it to be more of a surreal expierience than of just another forgettable title! We want to show everyone the world we have imagined and the ideas we have had that have come to be known as “Surreal System.”

How many others are involved?

There are currently three other’s involved in the production of the game, an outsourced composer working on the soundtrack, and a freelance concept artist. I strive to maintain communication and overall positive moral with the team. Everyone currently working on the game loves to play as much as they do to develop! Creativity is key and our team is full of it! Every day we will come up with new ideas, new art, and new characters or settings that we believe will make the expierience even more enjoyable than it might have previously been!

Have you or the others involved made anything before this?

Nothing of this caliber before. We have all worked on previous smaller projects but none as serious as this one.

What are you thoughts on making an FPS game for touch/smartphone versus computer/console?

FPS games for the IOS are rare and sometimes not up-to-par with current graphics or gameplay. We want to completely change that. The UDK has made so much more possible for us than anything in the past. The graphics we are currently testing on IOS devices are breathtaking and the framerate takes no punch! A huge roadblock for us is the controls. On a coomputer/console, many different buttons do many different things.

On an IOS, this can’t always be the case. We are working hard on developing a way that the player has both multiple views, multiple HUD’s, and multiple configurations. That way the gamer can customize the game to fit his/her needs! We believe that the touch/smartphone industry will, one day, be just as powerful and amazing as the comp/console is today!

What special things do you want Surreal System to be remembered for?

We want people to remember it as, not just a game, but an expierience. We want everyone to remember S.S. for it’s
interesting story, graphics, and overall ideas. I personally also want people to remember that, even though you may be younger or less expierienced than other people, never quit! Always practice, always strive to be better, and who knows, maybe one day you might be the best there has ever been. Just never give up!

[Thanks for the interview, Jordan! Everyone new to the story be sure to check out the Surreal System trailer to get all caught up on Flying M Games!]


Death To Sprites! – A Freeware Retro FPS Roundup

The King is Dead! Long Live the King?

After approximately five million years in development, Duke Nukem Forever has finally surfaced, bubbling up from the earths core with a great and undignified noise, only to be greeted by disappointed fans and scathing critique. Supposedly a throwback to the early days of PC shooters, it led a great many reviewers to question whether there was any appeal to be found in the old-school in the first place.


Today Only: Shattered Horizon $5, Four-Pack $15 on Steam [PSA]

A quick note before I jump back into Comic-Con write-ups: Shattered Horizon; a gravity-manipulating FPS and an old DIYGamer favorite, is 75% off today as Steam’s latest Daily Deal. That would be just $5 for some very enjoyable orbital multiplayer action.

The discount also applies to the  bargain quad-pack, which means four copies can be had for just $15, or $3.75 each. Sale ends Tuesday morning (likely around 10 AM Pacific Time), so get on after it before yet another good PC game deal flies by.

Here’s SH’s zero gravity trailer as a refresher:


Gish Developer Cryptic Sea’s First Person Hockey Game [Free Beta]

While Cryptic Sea slaves away at the IGN/GameSpy Open House, developer Alex Austin trades his balls for pucks in this quickly thrown together, fun experiment. He says Hockey? took about a week to create. After seeing it in motion, I walk away surprised that the concepts of two games I play very little could combine to catch my interest.

For this reason, I post about this hockey game and publicly ask more devs to experiment with lesser combined concepts to give everyone new ideas to entertain. Check out the game in motion:

I’m hoping DIYGamer’s resident hockey fan (Geoff, I mean you) checks this out to give it a more in-depth impression along with you readers. Tell me what you think after you try Cryptic Sea’s free first person Hockey? title.


Futile: Area 26, New FPS/Puzzler from Cyberlink Gaming

Daniel Carberry, lead developer at UK-based company CyberLink Gaming, has shared information about his team’s upcoming first person puzzler/shooter, Futile: Area 26. Unlike most games on here, it is set for a full PC DVD-ROM release, in addition to digital download from sources including Steam around September 2011.

“Using DX9 technology, we have achieved a stable and robust gaming engine that utilizes Pixel Shader 2/3 for increased shader effects,” states Daniel. Gamers will get to experience more than just 3D graphical effects when the demo drops June 25. “We wanted to release the multiplayer version to give users a chance to explore the maps in real-time combat online with each server supporting up to 16 players.”

While there’s not much gameplay to judge in this video aside from a few seconds of intense FPS action, the game’s graphical quality can be compared to some 3D I’ve seen on the PSP (maybe PSX era):

The developer states that players can use almost any object in-game to their advantage to build and construct. Futile features realistic modern warfare weaponary, professional narrative and voiceover, 30 single player maps with a unique storyline, and an online multiplayer with 8 maps supporting deathmatch and a team deathmatch.

DIY doesn’t receive many realistic, gritty games like Futile, much less any indepedent games that go the route of physical distribution. Those curious about Futile can read about it more on Cyberlink’s official site. Players can visit this portal to grab the demo or sign up for email notification of when the demo drops.

Feeling generous? Cyberlink has an 8-bit funding project for Futile. Included in the perks is securing a physical and/or digital copy of the game.


Trailer: E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy


A while back, I wrote about an indie project that, to be quite honst, looked a bit too ambitious. It was called E.Y.E. (no tag line at the time) and it was a first person shooter that looked really good, exciting even. I just figured that given the scope of the game, however, it would probably be cancelled, or forgotten without ever being completed.

Well, I was wrong. Very wrong, in fact, as Streum On Studio has persisted in their goal to get E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy released. Clumsy title aside, E.Y.E. looks to be one fantastic indie FPS.

[Streum On Studio]



Miner Wars 2081 Releases Public Pre-alpha Demo and Gains Intel Sponsorship

A shiny new cockpit, added in a recent build. Graphically tasty.

A shiny new cockpit, added in a recent build. Graphically tasty.

There’s more than one game in the works about making your fortune through bashing rocks until shiny things fall out. Ambitious indie outfit Keen Software have been hard at work on Miner Wars 2081, a sprawling space-combat genre-blend that seems to take as much inspiration from Descent, Allegiance and Red Faction as it does from Minecraft. Along with finally catching the eye of lumbering compu-giants Intel and an invitation into their Software Partner Program, they’re now offering a sizable playable demo to be updated in parallel with their Minecraft-esque 70% discounted preorder Alpha.


Mechwarrior: Living Legends v0.4.0 Released – Get Your Stomp On [Mod]

Mechwarrior: Living Legends

If you don’t already have it, it ‘s worth grabbing Crysis (or its standalone expansion Warhead) so that you can play Mechwarrior: Living Legends, one of the most impressive mods to come out in years, and winner of ModDBs 2009 Multiplayer Mod Of The Year Award. A major new version has just been released, adding new features, battlefields, a new playmode, new units, weapons and much more, as well as support so it’ll run on both ‘vanilla’ Crysis and the slightly updated multiplayer side of Warhead, Crysis Wars.


Oh Yeah… The Spire is Gonna be Good [Trailer]


Indie developers Raw Games just sent me their very first trailer for their upcoming indie FPS The Spire. Those of you who are regulars of ours will remember that I wrote about their game fairly recently and was gushing about the graphics then. To see everything in motion, however, makes a world of difference. This game is gorgeous.

As for the gameplay, it reminds me a bit of Portal and a lot of Half-Life 2, particularly because of the telekinetic abilities of the player to pull and grab things kinetically. Very interesting.

Anyway, the game certainly not due until next eyar at the earliest, but until then enjoy this delicious trailer:

[Raw Games, IndieDB]


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